Thursday, 3 October 2013

I miss blogging!T_T

So, this is my attempt at a little update. I did have my laptop back briefly in June, only for it to break almost immediately again.T-T and I still haven't had a chance to get it fixed, which is horrible.D; So, since my last update a whole tonne of stuff has been going on! I had a pretty fun summer, some nice days out and fun parties and stuff.:3 Went down to Dublin last month for a shoot with Melissa Hayward and Baz Black, as well as a fantastic photography team, so that was super fun.:3 Can't post the pictures yet, but I have this little preview shot ^_^

And I went down to Dublin again recently with my mum to see Rodger Waters perform The Wall live, which was AMAZING by the way, can't even begin to describe it, ugh, so good! That was also the day I introduced my mum to bubble tea and got her hooked haha!

And, shock of all shocks, I got a job! Was so unhappy about it at first but I've settled in better now and a lot of time it's quite slow, so I get to just sit around scrolling through tumblr, so now that I've got used to it I've chilled out a bit and don't mind it so much.

It helps that I got my first pay check on Saturday.;D And Jake got paid on the same day. Neither of us were meant to be paid until Monday, but it came through early, so when I got out of work at 2, we immediately headed into town and did a tonne of shopping.:D Got all sorts of nice things, including an ipad!:D Which is how I'm writing this post.:3 And then I got home and did a bunch of online shopping.^_^ Tuesday was a super fun day. Went to get my hair done (had the undercut outgrowth cornrowed back, it's a super annoying length right now) although the girl was running late so I had two hours to kill. So I went and got the 4G issue with my ipad fixed, then went shopping. Bought a super pretty striped bag and a new dress and a huge cosy jumper.:3 Then I went to my usual bubble tea place but since it was a super cold miserable day I got a hot chocolate with a shot of rose syrup and marshmallows (it tasted like Turkish delight and was AMAZING) then I went to my hair appointment. Then I came home to find a bunch of packages waiting which always makes me super happy.

Wednesday was also delightful. I thought I'd just spend a day relaxing, and I did for the first while of the day, got some more packages including Jake's giant ass TV, then got dressed and headed out with my mum for bubble tea, and after that we headed to Boojum and got tacos.OwO It was a really fun giggly day.:3

 So I'm having fun. A bunch of us are going out for sushi at the weekend too which is lovely because its been a while. 

So that's a very brief update of what's been going on the past month, I'll just add a bunch of pictures now.^_^ Remember, I have Instagram which is updated basically daily, so check it out.:3 Username is xToxicTears.

These are from a really fun day out in Bangor in the summer.^_^

^ LOL at my face.


  1. I love these photos. You look like you had a nice summer. :-)

  2. First picture!! Love the fashion!! and Hair!!!

    恵美より ♥