Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Lordi and Devin Townsend

Didn't even zoom my camera in, he was actually that close.:P

*Warning, I looked utterly awful on the night of Lordi and the few pictures of me from it are some of the least flattering pictures I've ever taken.T_T -Sob-*

So, this happened back at the start of May, a few days before we were meant to leave for Brighton. I was determined to save money for England since for the past month we'd been doing a pretty awful job of that by going out to eat every day and buying too much stuff.

But then, I found out that Lordi was playing. .__. And obviously, theres not a hope in hell I was going to pass that up. SO off we went and bought tickets two days before the show, which was on Saturday. And of course while we were in, we went and had bubble tea.:3 Which I believe I posted about.^-^

Anywho, Friday came and I was casually scrolling through facebook only to see someone mention that The Devin Townsend Project was playing on Sunday.. You can probably see where this is going.

The Venga Boys were also playing on Sunday and every inch of me wanted to go see them, but no one would come with me, and I was heart broken.

So, Saturday, the day of Lordi came. We went into town and met up with two friends, but the first stop was ticket master. Yeeeep, Devin Townsend Tickets. WHOOPS.:P

After that we all went for bubble tea, and our friends had never had it before so that was a new experience haha. I actually ended up getting two bubble teas because I asked the girl if she could make a strawberry and rose one with strawberry and lychee pobbles and it was so good I needed another one. Also had a sandwich.

I was doing a creepy smile so I tried to block it out. I don't think this is any less creepy. Also, my hand looks like it weighs about 40lbs. Wtf, random fat hand..D:
After a while we had to leave because we had to get ready for the show. Our friend gave us a lift. Turned out, having two bubble teas was a horrible idea because I started feeling very very sick on the way back. Got home, immediately walked to the bathroom and vomited up pink goo. Delightful.

After my goo vomiting. 

Headed upstairs, chilled out for a while and started getting ready. Then we realised we really should have left like 10 minutes ago, so I threw on some clothes at lightning speed, ended up with VERY sloppy make-up and looked horrible the whole night, and had to finish getting ready on the bus.T^T lol

Casually ripping up my tights on the bus~
Thankfully nothing had started when we got there. We hung around for a while, then it was time for the support band Kaledon to come on, so I, as usual, squeezed my way right up to the very front so I could literally touch the stage. They were an Italian band, power metal I believe, and I actually REALLY enjoyed them. I never expect much from the support band because over here they're usually dreadful, but Kaledon were really amazing and the singer's voice blew me away. We were standing with people we knew, one of which brought his cousin along. It wasn't long before I wanted to smash his cousins face off the ground. He acted as if he were about 11 years old, kept yelling abuse at Kaledon between songs, things along the lines of "We don't care about you, we want to see Lordi!" and other stupid juvenile shit that had me completely enraged. Still, I enjoyed the show. I'm not gonna lie, most of the pictures I took that night are pretty awful. The flash didn't work because the dry ice in the air just reflected everything back so any picture with flash was basically white, and I was too busy enjoying the show to play around with my camera. I basically just blindly pointed and clicked. Still, some pictures turned out ok.

He broke his snare from playing so hard haha~

They left and Lordi's crew started setting up the stage for Lordi to come on. Again, the cousin starts yelling abuse at them, telling them to hurry up and get off the stage, yelling about Lordi, and by this time Jake and I had had quite enough so Jake literally just turned around and yelled at him to shut the fuck up. And he did, not a single peep out of him after that. Just as well because I was ready to stand on him.

Do you know what its time for now?

Fangirl mode - Activate. I've loved Lordi for so many years and it was so amazing to see them live. Now, not to brag (thats a complete and utter fuckin' lie, prepare for A LOT of bragging in this post.XD) but I seemed to be rather popular with the band. Probably because compared to everyone else in the crowd I looked about 8ft tall and like a big creepy monster alien bahaha.

They started playing, I stood singing my lungs out and generally having a great time.OwO

They're both looking at me here haha <3

 Amen was lovely. He was throwing guitar pics out into the audience, and I happened to be standing right infront of him for the whole show (I was so close I fist bumped him at one point haha) and instead of throwing one in my direction, he handed it directly to me.^O^


Fuck you ass hole, sincerely with love!

Now, the next batch of images aren't zoomed in AT ALL, I was just that close to the stage haha.

He pointed and sang at me for most of "Who's your daddy?" and I pointed right back and sang  right back at him!OwO

Too louuuud~ lol

Couldn't get any decent pictures of Scarbie T^T

The black on my knuckles was from fist bumping Amen. I also touched Mr. Lordi's hands.:3

I almost caught that bunch of flowers but someone else who was tryna get them punched me in the back of the head and discombobulated me so I didn't end up getting them.T^T

As well as the pick Amen handed to me, he licked one then threw it straight up in the air. With me being directly infront of him and FAR taller than anyone else in the crowd I just reached into the air and caught it perfectly, it was amazing.-w- lmao.

The drummer also handed me a drum stick (he was throwing them into the crowd but, again, I got handed one.:D :D *gloat* haha.

Touching the stage

Afterwards we went outside and met Kaledon. They were absolutely lovely to chat to and were super sweet and gave us some picks and a free signed album.<3 And before they left they came over and gave us a beer each  haha.^_^ Beer is mega icky, so I just kept mine, I still have it here haha.:D

Pretty fuckin sure this is one of THE MOST unflattering pictures of me to ever exist.T_T But this is me with most of Kaledon :3
Hung around for a while after that, not much interesting to tell, UNTIL it was finally time.>:D

We waited by Lordi's tour bus and chatted with the security guy (He was dutch and at least a full head taller than me even IN my platforms, probably the tallest guy I've ever seen.:O)

And eventually the first person came out.:3 Now, it was slightly awkward because obviously Lordi doesn't release any unmasked photos, but when they came out, they were unmasked, so I was slightly worried I wouldn't be able to tell them apart. Turned out not to be a problem though.^_^ The first one we met was Ox, chatted with him for a while and gave him a hug.^O^

Then Amen came out and I chatted with him and thanked him for the pick etc. and gave him a hug too.:3

After that no one was around for a while, then Amen, Ox, Hella and Mana came out.^O^ Said hello to all of them, think I hugged them all (except for Hella, she was smoking and didn't really look like she was in hugging mood so I figured I shouldn't bother her.>O<)

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeen Mr. Lordi himself came out!OwO We spent ages chatting to him (and the other members any time they popped in or out) about various things, including Dark Floors haha. He was just about the nicest guy ever, I got two hugs, and as the whole band signing our tickets, Mr. Lordi also signed/drew on my arm.:D Haha. Obviously I couldn't get pictures of the band since they were unmasked, which I was gutted about, but still, I met them all so thats great.^__^

So over all, it was an utterly fantastic night.^O^ We figured the night was over so we left to go get a taxi. And thats when shit got weird.

We walked round to City Hall and called a taxi and sat down and waited. All was ok until some random chav walked by. (I don't know how to explain "chav" to people outside the UK. Its not the same was "wigger" or whatever people keep saying lol) He spotted us and immediately went "FUCK, you look awesome!" and sat down. Thats nothing new, happens a lot. However his pupils were dilated as all living hell and he started telling us how he had been trying to buy more drugs from some guy but he thought he was a cop or something and we were like Okayyyyy...

Then he started waving his hand around and saying "Can you see my energy?" and we're like "Nah mate, only you can see that...>_>"

Some more waving and babble, then hes like "Do you know what the energy is for?" and I'm assuming hes going to say something about spiritual healing or something, but then he looks at us all intense and hes like "You know... Satan? Like.. the Devil?" and we're like ..........Suuuure..?

And that was where it began. Next thing I know hes going on about Satan being "The Father" and he tells us that we're all born with some sort of devil energy in us that we can use to do things, and how weird it was that we hadn't learnt to use our satan power yet.x_x

He kept saying "Only the son shall see the father" the whole way through it, then asked if we wanted to know who "The Son" was. And what do you know, apparently HE has seen Satan, which makes him the son. Apparently the "form" satan showed himself in was a little dragon with big pointy teeth.>_>

Then he started saying something along the lines of "Soon 'The Seven' will give me the power and we will rise against the lamb".

I was just trying very very hard to keep a straight face through all of this and any time I didn't look interested he'd get all twitchy and annoyed and be all like "You think I'm crazy don't you!?" and I'm like "No no, you clearly know what you're talking about.>_>"

Thankfully he didn't note the sarcasm. Then he got annoyed because we didn't know how to use our satan power and said he should just take it away from us if we weren't going to use it.

The police must have been aware of him being involved with buying and selling drugs, because the next thing you know, the two worst actors in the world show up. It was two undercover police guys asking us if they could buy drugs from "us" (really him) and it was so cringey, I felt so sorry for them.XD Must have been their first night on the job.

The son of Satan obviously gets very nervous and twitchy at them asking about drugs, he got all pale and weird looking and was like "Nah man nah, you're a cop. You're a cop" and one of the guys did this really awkward nervous laugh and was like "Oh my god no I'm not" and then to try to convince us further pointed to his other friend (who, by the way, ACTUALLY had one of those stereotypical police man moustaches which I found far too funny and was pretty close to rolling around on the floor laughing) and he was like "I shouldn't even tell you this right, but like, he actually USED to be a cop, but hes not anymore and hes like the biggest druggy I know" and I'm just there like *face paaaaalm*

Eventually the gave up but a police van pulled up and parked right infront of us and just kinda sat there watching us for ages.

I actually told him "Nah but like, we ACTUALLY don't do drugs anyway" and he got like, really really annoyed and was like "WTF, why don't you take anything!?" and I'm sitting there kinda thinking, "HMM, LET ME THINK" because this guy is sitting there drugged up to his eyeballs telling us hes the son of satan and the whole situation was just hilarious.

But he was getting awfully twitchy and it was clear by this point that the taxi we ordered wasn't coming, so Jake called another one while I tried to keep Satan's son somewhat calm.

Can't tell you how bloody glad I was when the taxi showed up and he kinda slunk away into an ally. He was actually hinting that he wanted to come back with us at one point and we were like nooooooope...O_O lol

So. As you can imagine, it was a bloody interesting night.XD

Outfit for the night.

Woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck and just kinda lay around all day until it was time for Devin Townsend.

We headed off and I expected it to be a nice quiet show with only a handful of people because I didn't think many people over here knew who he was. I was wrong. So very wrong. The place was fuckin' packed and really humid.x-x Met up with a friend and we went and sat down and had a drink. Suddenly I got an alert on my phone, only to find out the hotel room that we'd booked in London (where we'd be a couple of days from then) had been booked over, and we had to find a new room. So as you can imagine with me already feeling pretty tired and crappy, that did not improve my night, so we sat there for a while and I tried to find a new room. We didn't bother go watching the support band, which I felt bad about because I know its hard for lesser known bands, but I just wasn't in the mood. After they went off and everything was nearly ready for Devin we headed over towards the stage. There was no way I was going to try to get up to the front this time because I hurt everywhere (which is a shame because during the show he kept going riiiight down into the audience and letting everyone hug him and stuff which was lovely.

I have to say, other than the absolutely AMAZING music, I enjoyed the show because he just seems like the nicest, most down to earth guy ever.

We tried to find a place to watch but I could hear people behind me bitching if I stood infront of them (ahh the joys of being tall) and it was making me really nervous and uncomfortable, so eventually I just ended up standing in this little corner near the bathrooms (which turned out to have a great view of the stage and was handy for if I needed to nip into the bathroom for some air).

Despite me feeling like crap, the show was amazing, I really really enjoyed it. It was actually Devin's birthday that night and a bunch of people in the crowd had made him this HUUUUUGE birthday card thing, so that was lovely.:) As he was leaving he walked right by us and was giving everyone handshakes and Jake patted him on the shoulder and thanked him. From where I was, all I really could have done would have been to pat him on the head, but I didn't think that would be appropriate so obviously I didn't.XD

It was pretty great regardless of all the stuff that had me feeling less than wonderful.:3

Also, one of the times when I went into the bathroom for some air, I went and sat in a stall because I was getting weird looks from standing next to the sinks. So I was just kinda sitting there and decided to play around with my camera, but I accidentally took a picture so all you hear is a very loud shutter sound and the flash going off underneath the stalls.>___> I'm sure THAT looked interesting *face palm* XD

SO, thats pretty much it. I couldn't really get any decent pictures because people were constantly trying to get past me and stuff so I kinda gave up.x-x Sorry!:C



  1. OMG Im jealous you saw Lordi D: They seem awesome!
    That chav who was babbling about Satan crack me up ahaha lmao.
    Thanks for the blog post! XD (The most I've read in like 3 weeks)
    I look forward to the next one! ^.^


    Sounds like the best night...until that weird dude came along...And that thing with the cops sounded hilarious.

    Wow...That was fun to read. Thanks for sharing. Kinda made me feel a little better...

  3. My dad & mum brought me up to Lordi when I was little ;3; I'm soooo envious of you! UIDNWN, I should start following their dates or else I would've come to Belfast just to see them fuuuuu♥
    ''little dragon with big pointy teeth'' I died.
    I hope your feeling better now & thank chu for sharing!♥

  4. you punish & torture your Black Opaque Tights ..Elizabeth