Friday, 3 May 2013

Another wonderful two weeks!

Monday's Face/Make-up

Whoops~ Totally meant to write this on Sunday but a few things annoyed me, pair that with my hormones suddenly doing a massive whoosh and you have me in one awful mood never wanting to do anything again haha. And I've been getting distracted between then and now. Like, I started writing this on Monday, right now its Thursday and I'm still only on the "monday" section of the post.XD

But I'm feeling pretty good so I may get this done now, although I don't think this week will be as busy as the past few because I've already been spending too much money and I go to London in a week and a half so I better cut it out.x-x lol (This section isn't even relevant anymore because I just went and bought Lordi tickets, WHOOPS, so much for not spending money bahaha)

SO. We'll start with:

Monday. We headed in because I wanted to get the new MAC NW10 because its so much nicer than the NC15. After that we'd planned on going to a little Korean cafe for lunch but after having a quick look at the menu outside we didn't actually see very much we were interested in, and since we were in the area we decided to just go to Sakura again instead since its been my favourite restaurant since I was 14.:3 (I totally just realised I haven't done the three year anniversary post yet, I'll do it tomorrow but for the record we went to sakura for that too)

ANYWHO, we sat down and a waitress we hadn't really met before came over to serve us, but the waitress we'd had the last time we were in (who was hilarious and absolutely lovely) spotted us and came straight over and ended up kinda taking over which I found really amusing. I think I'm always going to try to go in when either her or our other friend is working because shes just great.


As usual the food was utterly delicious and it was very hard not to just spend like £50+ again but we kept an eye on it this time around haha.

After that we headed out and I wanted to go to the Asian Market we'd never been to before to get some Pocky so we headed there. Turns out you couldn't pay by card unless you spent £10 or more, so this happened:

(Also that multipack happens to contain squeezy versions of one of my favourite things ever and I squealed with joy when I saw them)
I forgot to take a picture of my outfit which sucked because I really liked it.T^T But I'll wear it another time.:)

Tuesday was a boring day because I had dull adult things to deal with that took up most of my day, but I still had a nice walk and saw some ducks so it wasn't a total loss.:3

Wednesday I had a photoshoot. I got up pretty early and headed over to the Asian market to try to get some cornsyrup (We don't have corn syrup in the UK, you generally only find it in special stores) but they were totally out of stock so I tried like three different foreign food stores on the road (its the section of Belfast where most of the foreigners live) and none of them seemed to have any, and quite a few of the stores were rather unfriendly so I didn't fancy hanging around too long.

So I rushed home and Aska had decided to show up early so I zoomed inside. Improvised and managed to make some decent fake blood with food colouring and fairy liquid, which sucks because you can't put it in your mouth like you can with corn syrup. Got my clothes on, sclera lenses in and foundation on in LITERALLY about 4 minutes, which has to be some sort of record. Ran out and jumped in the car to head to the location. I hadn't been there since I was about 15, it used to be one of our favourite places to shoot. It was this HUUGE abandoned mill/factory with loads of awesome rooms, but its been completely refurbished and its all functioning and fancy and boring now, which made me sad. Thankfully, the creepy old ass attic is still dusty and old and horrible as ever, so we headed up there. Had a hard time getting the huge ass 200 year old scythe we were using up there because the hole wasn't much bigger than my laptop screen lol.

Got up and started it all. I had two rules: Don't get it in my dreads, don't get it in my eyes. Well of course he poured it over me and it immediately got in my dreads, eyes, mouth and even up my nose, so that wasn't much fun. Especially with it being made of soap.x-x haha

Long exposure = Blood looking too orange.:(

The shoot went ok other than that. Was kinda waiting the whole time to be called fat (hes done it a few times plus I thought I'd actually GAINED weight from the last time we shot) but then out of no where he was like "Have you lost weight?" and I was like o____O I don't.... think so? And he was like "No, you have. You look good" so I was utterly confused, but pretty damn pleased hahaha.

It was pretty hard since the place was dark and he wanted a very long depth of field, so we were working with exposure lengths of 10 - 25 seconds, so a lot of shots ended up blurry, but we got some good ones (one of which is posted here) so I'm pleased.

Got home at like 5pm and by that point I felt horrible.XD I'd spent all day in a big dusty attic trying to hold awkward poses while not moving a muscle, had soap in my eyes, nose and mouth and hadn't eaten anything so I basically wished for death by then lol. But I still had fun on the shoot.:3

After the shoot. Fun fact - the red stains didn't come off my face until Sunday/Monday. x-x Had to wear A LOT of foundation to cover that up.D: lol

I complain about the shoots but I love Aska really, I've been working with him since I was 13 or 14 and its always an interesting experience.:')

Thursday was super fun. I'd won a free lunch for two at this really nice little bar/restaurant the week before with some silly facebook competition, and we finally had a moment free so we headed in for that. It was utterly delicious~ I got macaroni and cheese (Quoth the boyface: "I can't believe you ordered mac and cheese) but it was fancy as hell macaroni and cheese with truffle oil and stuff, and he got a sandwich (also a fancy sandwich) so I'm not as white trash as I sound.:P The exact meal was "Macaroni & cheese, truffled salad & toasted soda unsalted butter rock saltand it was delicious.-w-

There was this ridiculously hipster girl there (it looked like tumblr had thrown up on her) and she kept giving me really dirty looks and EVERY time I looked over her friend was properly staring at me and I was just like ....Rude.:| lmao but oh well~ Also had a delicious drink called "Detox Juice" and it tasted amaziiing. I was about ready to pop after.>w<

After that we headed up to the same Asian Market as Monday (it has really cool stuff but christ some of the employees are rude..:/) because I wanted more pocky and jelly drinks. And we ended up finding a bunch of other delicious looking treats I'd never tried before and got those too lol

This was my outfit for the day. I need to remember not to stand with my legs like that, it gives me really weird looking fat knees, whut.XD
We were walking back to get the bus and we passed by this little furniture store that almost looks abandoned and Jake pointed at the window and was like "HOLY SHIT!" and I was like what?o_O When I first looked all I saw was the painting in the window because it was a bright day and it was dark inside so the window was really reflective. But then I looked a little closer

Lets get a closer look at that thing next to me shall we?

Sweet jesus hes scary.XD I instantly fell in love with him and wanted to take him home to live in my attic, but I went back to ask about a price and it turns out hes not for sale.:( Hes the store's lucky mascot and they call him fuzzy wuzzy haha. Hes a fertility god. I could tell by his MASSIVE wang (that you can't see in the picture)
Over all it was a pretty damn good day I must say!

Friday I swear we did SOMETHING, but I can't for the life of me think of anything, so maybe it was just a lazy day after all haha. But thats ok because Saturday was super super busy. Speaking of which:

I look awfully strange from this angle.

SATURDAY. Wooo Saturday was a busy day. We got up and got ready and headed into town. First stop: BUBBLE TEA. On Thursday when we'd been walking back to get the bus we passed by a shop called "The Little Cupcake Cafe" thats actually been open a long time but I'd never got around to going in. Well, as we were passing I suddenly noticed a huge poster in the window advertising that they now sell bubble tea and I nearly fell over/had a heart attack because I've wanted to try it for years but of course, being in Belfast, we don't have ANYTHING cool, so it was a pretty big deal. However I was still full from lunch so we decided to go on Saturday, and thats exactly what we did.

We went in and ordered (which was difficult because there were about a billion different options) and I eventually settled on a milky strawberry bubble tea, with some strawberry "pobbles" or bursting pearls, as well as the normal tapioca pearls.:3 It was utterly delicious and I'm now hooked, I've been 4 times in the past week and I'm going again tomorrow haha~

This picture really doesn't show the glee I was feeling inside, because if it had of I would have looked terrifying and given you all nightmares. I was about to explode with joy.:D But I tried to look normal for the picture hahah
Jake however, does not care if he gives you nightmares.

Plus hes much less terrifying than me.;D
They also had another thing I've wanted to try forever but couldn't because Belfast sucks. MACARONS.:D

They were delicious and also bought me glee, but I got kinda boring flavours (since when does blue represent peanut butter!?) but I still enjoyed them and went back during the week and got a nicer one.

Again, still trying not to let the terrifying amounts of joy show. And oh would you look at that, my hand was STILL stained red.>_<
I also had a "cake truffle" which was delicious but like the size of my fist and super dense, so I only managed one small slice then had to wrap up the rest to take home.XD

After that we headed to City Hall only to find all sorts of stuff was going on. Fire jugglers and breathers, people on stilts, Narnia was playing on the huge mega TV and there was a ramp set up for people doing BMX/skateboard/rollerblade/etc tricks, it was crazy. And of course I was instantly mobbed and ended up with like 100 people asking to take pictures of me haha. I also got pictures with some of the performers.:3

Not bad for whipping out my phone at the speed of light and snapping a picture, eh?
I get all the girls~
Mandatory picture with anyone who manages to be taller than me. These guys were utterly hilarious, I loved them.
After finishing up taking pictures with everyone who asked etc we headed home. A while after getting back I started feeling absolutely horrible and ill and shaky (most likely due to consuming a tonne of sugar and nothing else then forgetting to eat later too) so I wasn't sure if I wanted to go out that night or not. But Jake took me to the shop and I got wotsits, mac and cheese and these crispy ham and sweetcorn pancake things and they made me feel a little better, so I ate those, stuck in some different lenses and we headed off to Cornucopia (local goth night) for the Rocky Horror Picture Show themed night there! Sometimes Cornucopia is super super fun and other times only like 5 people turn up and its kinda crap, but with it being a themed night quite a lot of people turned up. We walked in and immediately saw Stacy and Nigel (which was a shock because I've never EVER seen them there.XD) so the night was immediately saved because I knew I could speak to them.

I'm really bad at speaking to people I don't know, ESPECIALLY at cornucopia because the music is really loud and I can't hear about 90% of what people are saying which sends me into a horrible internal panic and I just want to crawl under a rock and die, plus a lot of people who go there can be awfully eccentric and hard to hold down an actual conversation with, but Stacy and Nigel are both quite "normal" and easy to talk to, so we sat with them almost the whole night. I chatted away with Stacy (difficult with industrial so loud that you can feel it pounding in your chest) and if she was at the bathroom or anything, it turns out Nigel is exactly the same as me when it comes to speaking to people hes not super familiar with, so we were able to talk to eachother about how awkward we both are and exchange "avoiding conversation" tips, so that worked out oddly well.XD

I didn't get too many pictures because I basically stayed in one place the whole night. That is, until it got to the very end of the night when they FINALLY started playing all the Rocky Horror music, and my favourite song from Shock Treatment (terrible movie, great songs) so I immediately bounced off to the dancefloor, completely sober to mime along to "Sweet Transvestite" and "Toucha touch me" or whatever. I also did the most awkward mime/dance/whatever the hell of my entire life with a strange fella dressed as riff raff to "Damn it Janet" that I'm still suffering cringy embarrassing flashbacks from, but ah well it was fun and everyone else was so drunk that I doubt anyone else even remembers LOL.

Then it was time. Oh yes, you know what time. TIME WARP! Twice, to be exact. I danced along to the whole thing both times, COMPLETE with falling down on the floor at the end of the song (only me and one other guy were committed enough to do it, and I think only I did it both times.XD) After that we headed out to try to get a taxi, but it wasn't happening. Stacy and Nigel live really close to us, so we decided we may as well all just walk back together. It was one hell of a walk, especially with me in my huge platform and Stacy in her wedges, but we made it back safely. I immediately collapsed onto the bed and felt like I was gonna die haha.

Sunday was spent relaxing and eating tasty food since I was exhausted and my voice was totally gone, so nothing of interest to report there lol.

Monday I went to my mums for dinner and watched random stuff and had a lovely time.

Tuesday we went into town again. We had a reason, but I don't remember what it was. All I know is, we got bubble tea again and a far nicer macaron, so I was happy.:3 Also got some mega tasty Irish Stew. Went for blueberry with pearls and mango pobbles this time.^O^

Delicious pobbles I keep speaking of.

Giant Macaron!

No outfit or make-up post because I suck and forgot to take pictures (again, pity, I liked how I looked)

Wednesday was nice and lazy other than a cycle in the park (it was a beautiful day) and a quick trip to the Asian Market.:3

Thursday we went into town again because I decided I wanted to go see Lordi on Saturday (tomorrow/today) so we nipped in, grabbed the tickets, then, you guessed it, went for bubble tea.XD Non-milky melon flavour with strawberry and passionfruit pobbles this time.

It was amazingggg. And Jake got a grape flavour one that was even more amazing so I'll be getting one of those soon lol. Also forgot to take a picture of my outfit again (seriously, I've arranged such nice outfits recently, need to start taking pictures.D:) but I got some silly ones of my hair and stuff when I got home.:)

Friday (Today) was spent doing nothing at all other than booking the last hotels/train tickets/coach tickets, and now I'm all ready for next week. I'll try to get a post in before I leave for England because a fair bit will be happening between now and then anyway.


If you read this whole thing, please please PLEASE leave a comment, this took so much work.XD (You don't need to have an account, comments can be left anonymously.)



  1. rabih mayassi3 May 2013 at 19:13

    dont know what Irish stew is made of but it sounds healthy. plus , i liked the ducks scene that saved the boring day from being a total loss :)

  2. Ok. I managed to read all of that, and it sounds like you had a rather fantasmic fortnight. (I actually had to take a break from reading halfway though!) Some lovely photo's there... and the foooods.. dear god, I didn't know such delights existed! So, I am duly envious of what I can only fathom as sheer taste bud ecstacy. :D

  3. Wow youve had a busy time, i really like the blog and belfast is clearly awesome! I know someone who has one of those african figures for sale ill find out how much they want and let you know on facebook! ;)
    Kev OB

  4. haha sounds like you had an awesome week :D to bad that creepy statue was not for sale :(

  5. Great post :) sounds like a super busy week. I love your contacts, they suit you so much and your hair is so pretty ^_^ I'm sorry that 'Miss Tumblr' was staring at you so much, it sucks when that happens but she's probably just jealous because you look so pretty! <3
    I've never tried Bubble Tea either, I really want some now after seeing your pics!

  6. I merely just chance upon you blog from tumblr and my god! I absolutely love it! You seem so down to earth and really unique in your personality and fashion sense. I will continue returning to your blog to read your posts regularly from now onwards. Thank you and stay awesome!!

  7. LOVING the week posts! XD I dont know what to say other then keep it up! I love reading about your life...not like a stalker way though :S paha

  8. Wow! Great pictures, I just love the colour of your lenses in the first picture, those are pretty nice. Next pair the white ones, is also nice and scary.

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  11. I like that you see the world, You and Jack seem like really fun and super nice people to hang out with, and I love how you have anxiety like myself but still manage to express yourself. I loved how you said that you completed to falling down to the TIME WARP! Twice. LOL I thought I was the only one that gave 100%. ^~^ YAY I am not alone.

    I also am going to try a bubble tea, I seen them around but never really knew what it was until you explained it and shown what the flavor pearls were, So thank you for that.

    I also would like to wish you and Jake, The Best!!!


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