Thursday, 30 May 2013

3 year anniversaryyy

Doing this now before I forget because I also have like two other huge posts backed up SO I'm just going to make this a short little one with some pictures.^_^

For me and Jake's 3 year anniversary we went to our favourite ever restaurant, Sakura. It was utterly delightful and we ended up spending wayyyy too much money, but its fine because lots of delicious sushi and fruity non-alcoholic cocktails were had, as well as a generally wonderful day.^O^ Pictures~

Potato face.

Yum yum. Most of the food was devoured before I could be that annoying person taking pictures of their food, but oh well.:P

Not a huge post but it was a lovely day and needed some mention!:3 Eurgh, now onto the other 3+ entries I have backed up.x-x Wish me luck~


  1. Happy Anniversary! all the food looks so yum! :)

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  3. Heya!! I am a very recent but HUGE fan of yours, and I just wanted to wish you guys a happy anniversary (even though it may be extremly late) :P

    - <3 Cammie (fellow alternative)