Thursday, 30 May 2013

3 year anniversaryyy

Doing this now before I forget because I also have like two other huge posts backed up SO I'm just going to make this a short little one with some pictures.^_^

For me and Jake's 3 year anniversary we went to our favourite ever restaurant, Sakura. It was utterly delightful and we ended up spending wayyyy too much money, but its fine because lots of delicious sushi and fruity non-alcoholic cocktails were had, as well as a generally wonderful day.^O^ Pictures~

Potato face.

Yum yum. Most of the food was devoured before I could be that annoying person taking pictures of their food, but oh well.:P

Not a huge post but it was a lovely day and needed some mention!:3 Eurgh, now onto the other 3+ entries I have backed up.x-x Wish me luck~

Friday, 3 May 2013

Another wonderful two weeks!

Monday's Face/Make-up

Whoops~ Totally meant to write this on Sunday but a few things annoyed me, pair that with my hormones suddenly doing a massive whoosh and you have me in one awful mood never wanting to do anything again haha. And I've been getting distracted between then and now. Like, I started writing this on Monday, right now its Thursday and I'm still only on the "monday" section of the post.XD

But I'm feeling pretty good so I may get this done now, although I don't think this week will be as busy as the past few because I've already been spending too much money and I go to London in a week and a half so I better cut it out.x-x lol (This section isn't even relevant anymore because I just went and bought Lordi tickets, WHOOPS, so much for not spending money bahaha)

SO. We'll start with:

Monday. We headed in because I wanted to get the new MAC NW10 because its so much nicer than the NC15. After that we'd planned on going to a little Korean cafe for lunch but after having a quick look at the menu outside we didn't actually see very much we were interested in, and since we were in the area we decided to just go to Sakura again instead since its been my favourite restaurant since I was 14.:3 (I totally just realised I haven't done the three year anniversary post yet, I'll do it tomorrow but for the record we went to sakura for that too)

ANYWHO, we sat down and a waitress we hadn't really met before came over to serve us, but the waitress we'd had the last time we were in (who was hilarious and absolutely lovely) spotted us and came straight over and ended up kinda taking over which I found really amusing. I think I'm always going to try to go in when either her or our other friend is working because shes just great.


As usual the food was utterly delicious and it was very hard not to just spend like £50+ again but we kept an eye on it this time around haha.

After that we headed out and I wanted to go to the Asian Market we'd never been to before to get some Pocky so we headed there. Turns out you couldn't pay by card unless you spent £10 or more, so this happened:

(Also that multipack happens to contain squeezy versions of one of my favourite things ever and I squealed with joy when I saw them)
I forgot to take a picture of my outfit which sucked because I really liked it.T^T But I'll wear it another time.:)