Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Whhhoooo is the worst blogger in the world?

Yeah that would be me.>O< I'm sorry! <3 I would say I've been too busy, but thats not true. I just haven't felt in a bloggy mood.:( And its not something I want to force myself to do.>O< Honestly I don't even know if many people read these blogs, but with the warmer weather hopefully on the way, I'm hoping I'll find my inspiration again.:3 But its about time I shared some pictures and stuff here, and if any stories spring to mind on the way through them I'll include them.^_^ The year started off kinda crap with my head getting all frazzled, I just wanted to escape from everything.T_T

But of course thats not an option, so one night when I felt especially crap (I think it was like, January 10th?) Jake came out with me at 3am, I didn't even get changed, I just went out in my pyjamas haha~ We walked around for a while and listened to this strange little bird that was out and about singing a really pretty song at 3am at night in January. It was bizarre, but sounded lovely. We snuck into a park and walked through the trees for a while then sat down on the swings and just sat swinging under the stars talking about everything and anything for an hour or two. Being January everything was twinkly and covered in frost, which was beautiful but after a while I felt like my butt was going to freeze up and fall off, so we headed back home. I didn't feel so bad anymore after that night~

What eeeelse? I dunno, I'm just going to start adding pictures to this post and see if anything fun springs to mind in the process, so click through to read more for like 3 months worth of pictures and hopefully some more babbling.:3

First up, we have a photoshoot I did recently, and you can watch the behind the scenes video here:

Not a huge amount to tell there, I think the video and pictures are enough.^_^ NEXT~

I think this was the first picture I took this year, but I look really weird. My head is all long and my nose looks huge and buh.o_O

These ones are from a couple of weeks ago when it snowed.:)

The next bunch of pictures and videos are from when we went to Holywood for the day.^O^ It sucked at first, on the way to the train station it was raining, we were cold and soggy, Jake was grumpy and over all I was in a very bad mood, but once we were on the train the sun came out and things picked up quickly.^_^ It was in February so it was still properly FREEZING and Holywood is by the sea, so its even worse and super windy, so the first thing we did when we arrived was nip into a cafe for hot chocolate and paninis, which was lovely.^_^

Eurgh another weird picture.-_-
 I'm queen of taking pictures that look nothing like me.
 Didn't help that I had to brighten this one so much to make it even look human.
After that we set off so I could show Jake some places he'd never been before, as well as trying to snap a few pictures.^_^ The first place we headed was this big steep hill, I can't remember what its called though. Maybe the mote/moat or something. Whoops haha! It was this day I learned not to eat so much white bread because it makes everything, especially my face, awfully puffy.x_x

After that we headed up to explore this really long road with loads of big fancy houses.:3

Next, off for a walk through forest.:3 And we met a really lovely man! We were walking through the forest and there was this guy ahead of us on the path with a bin bag and a litter picker just kinda staring across the trees down the hills. We got a bit closer and he started talking to us and pointed out this tiny little bird hopping up the tree. He told us it was called a Treecreeper and we all just stood watching him peck at the moss for a while~

We talked a little more and saw the bird again as we were leaving, he told us to have a nice day, gave us the most genuine smile and told us he had the best job in the world. It was so nice, it made me really happy.^O^ <3 There should be more people like him in the world.

Over all it was a wonderful day. Heres a silly video with too much slow motion because I'd just got my new camera and video editing software so I got really carried away.XD

The next lot are just a bunch of random photos, nothing special, just be getting too click-happy with my camera haha~

We got two new rats by the way!:) This is the new female, Fae.:3 

Adorable bows gifted by Eerily Adorable on etsy! Check them out!

Kisses from Fae.^O^

I was playing around with a bunch of different effects and this somehow ended up looking like a painting.o-o

Most recent, this was taken yesterday.:)

Dodgy background editing? Check.

I got these as a present from a fan on facebook recently!^_^

I got slightly carried away with the deco app on my phone.... Again.

Those came from the first video I took with my new video camera, it was just a quick test.:)

Took this on the bus the other day.^-^ I look weird.:O

My nanny's dog at Christmas with his new toy.:P
From a party recently.:) I think I'd been awake for like 24 hours by this point.
Aaaaand we'll finish this with some fan art.:3

PHEW, DONE. This took like three days haha. I actually have even more to blog about, but that can be done over the next couple of days in smaller doses because I HIIIGHLY doubt a single one of you made it this far into the monster post. But if you did, leave a comment and let me know? Thanks lovelies, I hope to be around more often!>_< The summer is coming in so I'll be more active and motivated and will actually be doing things other than sitting wrapped in an angry ball of blankets shivering haha!



  1. Facespam sucks...but youre rats are cool

    1. I agree the rats are cool. But 'facespam'? I think Kaya is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen :P I dont mind it :)

  2. I made it to the end!!aha =^,^= Keep blogging! XD

  3. that doggie pic is TOO cute!and I love your most recent pic <3

  4. Yep - read all the way to end, and I appreciate the "face spam" - if you don't mind, I get make-up inspiration from you! :)