Monday, 22 April 2013

Busy busy week!

The dreads are back!

Eek, if I don't update now I don't know when I'll get a chance! Last week was pretty damn busy and it looks like this week will be the same, I'm already booked up until Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday, and no doubt I'll end up finding something I need to do on Thursday and Friday too.x-x

I love it though. I did literally nothing all winter and it was wreaking havoc on my moods, now that I have stuff to do I'm feeling much better.:)

So, where to begin? The start of the week wasn't too bad, so I'll start there.

Monday was the one day where I didn't really have to do anything at all, so I just pottered around taking silly pictures (I just know how much you all LOVE face spam.;D Haha sorry Anon!;P) and relaxing up in my attic, which I hadn't done in a loooong time. So it was a very chilled out day, nothing to report.:3

Tuesday was terrible.x__x Pretty much everything that could have went wrong, went wrong, so Jake was in an absolutely terrible mood. Luckily, I am in fact Super Woman and managed to sort out basically everything, so the grumpy moods didn't carry into the next day. Yes, I am a genius~

Wednesday definitely made up for Tuesday, because it was awesome.TwT We headed into town to meet a guy from Malaysia who also speaks Chinese and Japanese because we're interested in Japanese lessons, and it turns out we won't even really need them, so instead we can just self teach at home then meet up with him every now and again and chat to him (in Japanese where possible) and he can correct us and help us out, and he told us Northern Ireland actually has its own little Japan Society group type thing, so we're going to look into that.^_^ I was really surprised haha.O-O So we sat chatting with him for a while (and I had possibly the worst hot chocolate I've had in my life, they didn't even get the order right.x-x) and it was lovely, hes a really nice friendly guy.:3 He looked kinda surprised when we came and sat down because he didn't know what we look like and people never really expect, well, me bahaha.

After that we parted ways and headed back down into town. We were just going to go home but the line for the bus was like a mile long and I was so not up for squeezing onto a tiny bus with a bunch of gross sweaty chavs, so we walked around for a while to see what was open. Everything in Belfast closes at like 5 or 6, but Victoria Square stays open later so we went to a cafe in there and had paninis and muffins haha~ Then we eventually went home and when I got back I found out I'd won lunch for two in a place in town that I really love.>:D So over all it was a great day haha~

Thursday was also quite fun. Jake had to meet some musicy people for musicy discussions so we headed off to Voodoo. We were there first so I sat there quite happily with my Strawberry and Lime Kopparberg until people showed up.

 My crippling shyness got the better of me and I didn't want people to feel like I needed to be included in the discussion (plus it was all about instruments and stuff anyway which means very little to me haha) so I just kinda hid and played on my phone and probably looked incredibly rude bahaha. Some of the guys left a while later and I was actually able to engage in a conversation with the remaining guy without feeling like I was going to hyperventilate, so +5 points to me lol. After that we considered going somewhere to eat but after dandering around VS and checking out the various food places there wasn't much we were in the mood for so we decided to just go home and get chinese and watch some movies. Unfortunately we'd just missed the bus and the next one wasn't for another 45 minutes so we decided to just walk home because neither of us fancied hanging around for that long.

Friday was a day of getting lost and faaar too much walking.  I also received a package from the wonderful which filled me full of glee.^O^ Jakes computer broke on Tuesday so we had to take the hard drive somewhere. The apple store tends to be pretty fucking useless when it comes to older models, so I said we should just skip that step and take it to the guy who fixed me laptop because hes fantastic. Its not actually a shop and he still doesn't know how I got his number.XD I barely even know, its not listed online.

Unfortunately, his office is in a ward smack bang in the middle of a mental hospital out in the ass hole of no where that no buses we could get go to, so a lot of the journey was walking. Its actually the same place I fell off the horse at 3am in > THIS POST so it was fun being back there.XD

Also saw an interesting looking abandoned house. I'm hopefully going to learn to drive soon, and when I do, I'll finally be able to go explore all these places I've been finding for years haha.

After that we went to the Asian market and got a whole bunch of tasties, then into town to get elastics for my dreads, then finally made it home haha. Spent the rest of the day relaxing and Jake finished making my dreads.

Did you know the writing on that bottle roughly translates into SWEET NECTAR OF THE GODS!? Ok maybe not, but thats what it SHOULD say.

Saturday we were meant to be going to a Hanami/Sakura viewing party thing but the alarm didn't go off and we woke up way too late to get there in time, so we couldn't go, we were both pretty heart broken. So instead we spent the whole day installing my dreads. We watched the newest Resident Evil movie. It wasn't as good as the others, and there were some kinda silly bits, but I enjoyed it anyway. I adore those movies. We also caught up on How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. Unfortunately Jake always puts dreads in WAY TOO FECKIN' TIGHT so I had a massive head ache all day and got the worst night's sleep ever because I couldn't lie down properly unless I had this little pillow stuck in under my neck so my head wouldn't touch the pillows. Not fun at all.>_<

Sunday the headache was mostly gone, but had been replaced my intense itching, which still hasn't stopped.>_O GAH. But it was a good day because we headed down to this cool little place I found when I was exploring at like 4am one night for a little photoshoot, and we got some great shots that I was pretty pleased with (I'll be putting them all in a seperate post later on tonight, keep your eyes peeled!) and we even found a tiny little abandoned building that looks like it caught on fire. It looks like it was some sort of studio because there were scripts, miles of tape and film spindles lying all over the place, and a room with acoustic treatment all over the walls. Very odd~

SO, that was my week, and now I'm about to head out into town again.:3 I'll leave you with a couple of bloopers from yesterday and the rest of the pictures from the week.^_^ And I'll be doing Jake and I's 3 year anniversary day post this week too.

OK, BAI.:3 <3

Blooper One (Don't worry, I was wearing shorts under there!)

Blooper Two

Boyfriend paparazzi catches a wild Kaya in her natural habitat.

This doesn't look like me at all. .___.


  1. You look awsome! I love your makup!

  2. Love the pics! :)

  3. I know this is an older post, but I have to tell you that I love your hair with the two braids in front. Also, you're very creative with your makeup and clothing. I like it a lot!

    Xo, Bunny

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