Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Monday, 22 April 2013


>>>(+20 MORE)<<<

Busy busy week!

The dreads are back!

Eek, if I don't update now I don't know when I'll get a chance! Last week was pretty damn busy and it looks like this week will be the same, I'm already booked up until Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday, and no doubt I'll end up finding something I need to do on Thursday and Friday too.x-x

I love it though. I did literally nothing all winter and it was wreaking havoc on my moods, now that I have stuff to do I'm feeling much better.:)

So, where to begin? The start of the week wasn't too bad, so I'll start there.

Monday was the one day where I didn't really have to do anything at all, so I just pottered around taking silly pictures (I just know how much you all LOVE face spam.;D Haha sorry Anon!;P) and relaxing up in my attic, which I hadn't done in a loooong time. So it was a very chilled out day, nothing to report.:3

Tuesday was terrible.x__x Pretty much everything that could have went wrong, went wrong, so Jake was in an absolutely terrible mood. Luckily, I am in fact Super Woman and managed to sort out basically everything, so the grumpy moods didn't carry into the next day. Yes, I am a genius~

Wednesday definitely made up for Tuesday, because it was awesome.TwT We headed into town to meet a guy from Malaysia who also speaks Chinese and Japanese because we're interested in Japanese lessons, and it turns out we won't even really need them, so instead we can just self teach at home then meet up with him every now and again and chat to him (in Japanese where possible) and he can correct us and help us out, and he told us Northern Ireland actually has its own little Japan Society group type thing, so we're going to look into that.^_^ I was really surprised haha.O-O So we sat chatting with him for a while (and I had possibly the worst hot chocolate I've had in my life, they didn't even get the order right.x-x) and it was lovely, hes a really nice friendly guy.:3 He looked kinda surprised when we came and sat down because he didn't know what we look like and people never really expect, well, me bahaha.

After that we parted ways and headed back down into town. We were just going to go home but the line for the bus was like a mile long and I was so not up for squeezing onto a tiny bus with a bunch of gross sweaty chavs, so we walked around for a while to see what was open. Everything in Belfast closes at like 5 or 6, but Victoria Square stays open later so we went to a cafe in there and had paninis and muffins haha~ Then we eventually went home and when I got back I found out I'd won lunch for two in a place in town that I really love.>:D So over all it was a great day haha~

Saturday, 20 April 2013


Terrible phone picture complete with chubby bunny cheeks.:P

 Hoorah, just this post then one more, and I'm all caught up and properly up to date.:3

SO, Easter was super mega fun. As usual, my mum put up with the fact I am really about 5 years old for our annual easter fun.:D

So first we headed up to my nanny's house and had a "picnic" in the back garden, since thanks to the crazy weather mood-swings everywhere was snowy and wouldn't have been much good for picnicing. Lots of tasty food = Very happy Kaya.-w- Especially when it was a bunch of my favourites, and some awesome stuff I'd never tried and I got to take all the left overs home and feasted on them for ages bwaha~

Picnic food on my SWEET Hunchback of Notre Dame plate I've had since always. I'd actually been telling Jake about it like three days before this haha.

After that we headed up a big hill/mountain foresty place until we got to the right spot, because it was EGG HUNTIN' TIME. Jake and I headed off for a walk with my nanny's tiny fat little dog who really wasn't amused by all the hiking, so that my mum could hide the eggs (and I wish I'd been there to see that, because thanks to the snow and everything she slipped and fell about a hundred times and was covered in mud by the time we returned)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Whhhoooo is the worst blogger in the world?

Yeah that would be me.>O< I'm sorry! <3 I would say I've been too busy, but thats not true. I just haven't felt in a bloggy mood.:( And its not something I want to force myself to do.>O< Honestly I don't even know if many people read these blogs, but with the warmer weather hopefully on the way, I'm hoping I'll find my inspiration again.:3 But its about time I shared some pictures and stuff here, and if any stories spring to mind on the way through them I'll include them.^_^ The year started off kinda crap with my head getting all frazzled, I just wanted to escape from everything.T_T

But of course thats not an option, so one night when I felt especially crap (I think it was like, January 10th?) Jake came out with me at 3am, I didn't even get changed, I just went out in my pyjamas haha~ We walked around for a while and listened to this strange little bird that was out and about singing a really pretty song at 3am at night in January. It was bizarre, but sounded lovely. We snuck into a park and walked through the trees for a while then sat down on the swings and just sat swinging under the stars talking about everything and anything for an hour or two. Being January everything was twinkly and covered in frost, which was beautiful but after a while I felt like my butt was going to freeze up and fall off, so we headed back home. I didn't feel so bad anymore after that night~

What eeeelse? I dunno, I'm just going to start adding pictures to this post and see if anything fun springs to mind in the process, so click through to read more for like 3 months worth of pictures and hopefully some more babbling.:3