Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Shameless picture spam

This is pretty much just going to be a spam of a tonne of pictures haha.:) Yesterday I redyed my hair black and on Friday I should be getting something slightly new done with it (don't worry, I'm not cutting it off!)

I also had dinner with my dad yesterday. I looked very very casual for it, so I took a couple of pictures, and the response over the past 24 hours has been.. strange.O-O

About 50 people have referred to me as a "doll" in some way, whether it be saying I look like a doll, dollfie, comparing me to the Ukrainian living dolls and Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasiya Shpagina etc, and one strange guy even said I look like a sex doll..D: *hides*

Someone said I look like a human sex doll in this picture and that its "a huge compliment".... Help?D:

I mean, its certainly a compliment, dolls are made to look, well, perfect, but I'm just kinda like... Whut? LOL. Like, I've dressed up "dollish" before, for instance for this photoshoot but like, these pictures were just me looking super super normal. Especially since I have very minimal make-up and my skin and the lighting were good so they're practically untouched in terms of editing.XD Oh well, not complaining!^__^ Its just so odd.:) But I'm hugely flattered :3

Oh well~ Aside from the creepy sex doll comment, most people seemed to really like them, so I thought I'd try to re-do the make-up etc today (Although I decided I was too tired and cold to get properly dressed) so I took about 5 million pictures, all of which kiiinda look the same.XD

I'm sorry I look like.. really sad or half asleep in all of them.O-O I took a bunch smiling but I just look insane.

If you're interested, you can see them by clicking through to read more.:3

I have really long hair.O-O I could make a nest from it hahah

Also, I made tacos for the first time. And they. were. GLORIOUS.OwO


  1. I think it's the blank expression that makes you more doll-like in those pics. Also your skin looks perfect, almost like porcelain.

    1. Possibly! You can blame my camera flash for making eye eyes go all drowsy for that.D: LOL

  2. You have absolutely wonderful hair :)
    It's true, you look like a doll, I think because of the pale complexion and the big blue eyes :)

  3. Yay for tacos! Liking the black hair - have you ever thought about a deep red?

  4. awwwwh you are so unbelievable wonderful!!!Like a living doll <3