Monday, 31 December 2012

Practically 2013..

Toxic Tears
Fair warning, I'm just going to stick random pictures of myself from the past clatter of weeks through this post with no other reason than breaking up the text haha.

Where has the time gone? Its been about a year since I created this blog. One year and 56 posts.. Not even NEARLY as many as I'd hoped to do. I was planning at least double that! I suppose that can be one of my New Years Resolutions right?

Speaking of which, who is making some this year? I'll probably have a fair few myself! The first one being the same as half of everyone else making resolutions - LOSE WEIGHT haha. I've eaten so much over the Christmas period and I've definitely packed on the pounds, I don't dare weigh myself right now haha. I practically haven't stopped eating since about a week before Christmas, I feel very very heavy and sluggish.x_x Haha. So hopefully with eating the right things and some work outs I should be able to shift it off pretty quickly.

But thats enough with the resolutions, I plan on making a proper typical resolutions post when its actually the new year.:3

So for now, I guess its time to talk about Christmas.^_^ I don't have that many pictures from Christmas because I looked utterly hideous in almost every single one.-_- Humph.

So I'll probably post them at a later date when I can bring myself to look at them.XD

Christmas was actually really lovely. Went to mums on Christmas eve to spend the night and had party food and watched movies etc. We went to bed at around midnight but I don't think I managed to sleep until about 4am.x__x Which meant I woke up at like my latest ever on Christmas at about 11am.>O< We got up and went into the living room to open presents.^-^ I got some really lovely dresses, make-up, plenty of chocolate etc. Then I had to rush down and get a really quick shower, then we went to my uncle's house for Christmas Dinner.:3 Sat around watching movies and talking while we were waiting for everything to be cooked and you have NO idea how excited I was when it was finally dinner time.XD

Toto and I on Christmas Eve.:3 Incase you can't tell, shes a (currently very grouchy) bearded dragon.

I have a pretty awful record with Christmas, a whole tonne of them have been absolutely horrible, and in the space of about 5 years I think I had Christmas dinner twice. So this time I was the first one finished, despite being amongst my mum and nanny, my two 6ft+ uncles and Jake who usually eats at the speed of light. I had the same amount as everyone else but they still pretty much had full plates and I was completely finished haha.

Later we went back to my mums, everyone except me and my nanny had been drinking a loooot of wine so my mum and Jake both went and napped for a while, so I headed round to see my dad.:3 Spent some time there, exchanged gifts etc, then later I went back to mums. Jake was still pretty much dead to the world but me and my mum made more party food and sat in her room on the waterbed watching As Good As It Gets, which was actually quite a fun movie.^O^ Jake joined us later and we started watching How To Train Your Dragon but the player stopped working, so we all eventually went to bed at 4am and woke up suuuuper late the next day. So we got ready as quickly as possible and went to my uncles again for boxing day dinner, which all went pretty much the same as Christmas but without the presents and less wine haha.

Christmas Eve make-up.:3

My mum's friend came round later with her new baby, which I held and did not break, which for me seems quite the accomplishment haha.

So yeah, thats just a brief run down, otherwise it will probably BE 2013 before I'm done writing this.

I'll be back tomorrow or maybe the day after with a proper new years post.:) Until then, enjoy far too many pictures haha.:3 Bye lovelies, and Happy New Year!

Was trying to take a picture of my outfit, didn't think my derpy face was in the frame.XD

I look so stupid when I smile.-_-

My hair and a pretty bow.:3 Its quite long now, but I really hope I can grow it much longer next year!


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