Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Hair!

Hi, I'm Nightmare Barbie! I'll be terrorizing your dreams tonight!

Hellooooo! So most of you are probably already aware but oh well. NEW HAIR.:D I didn't actually dye streaks in my hair, I grew the shaved bits I have out to about 2 inches, bleached them, then had some blonde weave sewn in haha.:3

We went in last friday to get it done. We were going to head straight there, but we met an Irish Gypsy selling books on Hare Krishna yoga or something, but we didn't have any change, so we decided to go into the continental market and promised we'd come back and buy one. Obviously she hears that all the time and was convinced we weren't coming back. So we went in and split a massive german hot dog thing (bratwurst I think?) but it was like £4.50 so we still only had 50p change.>__< So we thought alright, we'll get some fudge. We literally only bought 4 little chunks of fudge and a strawberry lace thing, passed it to the woman for her to weight it. It cost £7.80 T________T What in the actual hell. I love that place but christ, its an absolute rip off. Ridiculous.>_O

So we headed back and she was ridiculously happy and impressed that we kept our promise, I loved her haha.:3

We headed down to get my hair done, but the woman was out and wouldn't be back until 5 (it wasn't even 4 yet) so we headed back into Castle Court (which is a shopping centre here) and wondered around eating expensive fudge, looking at make-up, etc. We went to otherside for a while to see Stu and chatted, then eventually it was almost 5 so we headed back. She wasn't there yet, but we waited for a while and she eventually arrived.

She started feeling around in the back of my hair to take out my "extensions" and was completely shocked when she realised I wasn't wearing any and that it was all my own hair.:P She spent ages playing with it and telling me that in all her time being a hair dresser she hasn't seen anyone with hair like mine haha.:D

So she started cornrowing my hair (which was kinda sore.>O<) lol. One of the kids there was watching me for a while and I didn't seem like a huge wimp by showing it hurt, but it backfired and I probably just looked insane since I tried to smile instead but my eyes were all wide so I probably kinda looked like this OuO Lmao.

It was sewn into the braids with a needle and thread and was all done pretty fast to be honest.^-^ So now the under part of my hair is all blonde and stuff.:3

Went to Cornucopia the next night but didn't end up staying long because Jake was in a crappy mood, he seems to have some sort of undying hatred for Cornucopia.T_T lol

So thats all really~ Now I'll just spam you with pictures and a video.:3 BYE.


First few are from the day before I got the blonde put in.:)
My friend was complaining about me not smiling in pictures. THIS IS WHY, I LOOK WEIRD. lol.

(P.S, since the last pictures I posted, people are STILL comparing me to Valeria/Human Barbie/Human doll.. .___. Halp, what happened?XD)


  1. I think you look beautiful with your natural eyes instead of contacts. Cute hair. Looks very nice. Definitely worth the pain hehe.

  2. you totally look like a Gothic Barbie doll O.o ♥

  3. I love your new look. I think it has a great effect that comes along with it. It suits you very very well. Amazing! :)

  4. but your smile is so sweet!?

    you look fantastic:)