Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Me and Dr. Haze :3 I look.. derpy haha

It is time for me to finally do this post because it has been... 20 days! Since I went and saw it, and I keep putting it off and I need to just sit down and do it. I have such a short attention span, its awful haha.

SO! On the 8th, Jake and I went to a show called The Circus of Horrors. I'll get straight to it and just say - WOW. I really, REALLY enjoyed it! I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I always say I'll do these things and never get around to going or buying tickets or whatever, but I got the tickets on the day. (was surprised at how decent our seats were considering! Could have been better, but they could have been far worse!)

So Jake and I got ready and walked into town, which went much smoother than I expected considering the area we live in and the fact that I was dressed for the occasion haha!

We got there early so we hung around the venue for a while. They were selling merchandise and stuff but we were totally broke so he just waited. We were one of the first people through the door so we found our seats and sat down. While we were waiting for everyone to get into their seats, they had a fog machine on and the whole stage and surrounding area was completely filled with fog and they had strange creepy music playing with absolutely delighted me and really got me in the mood.>:3

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I underlined that last bit for emphasis because it delighted me *cackle* Most people in the UK will understand the horror of chavs.

So, the show started and a tall bald man began announcing the show and did a joke with a member of the audience to run through the safety procedures etc.

The whole show itself was amazing. I can't exaaactly remember what order each act went in, but I'll run through some of them anyway.

They had a band playing and quite a few musical numbers which was fun, and the "evil twin" act started off by doing a rope and aeriel hoop act, which was really good, especially when I realised that the thing I thought was a wire was actually just a stray bit of string and neither of them had any safety harnesses on.

There was also a woman who was suspended by the ceiling from a hook attached to her hair. She swung around etc, then she went off for a while and came back, she was lifted again, spun around extremely fast, then sparks exploded out of a harness on her hips for this big swirly sparky display.OwO It was amazing. I was too sucked in by everything to take my own pictures of the show, so I'll head off to google in hopes of finding pictures!

Circus of Horrors Hair Suspension Act
There was a group of.. Acrobats I assume they're called? And they did really well, as well as skipping over skipping ropes lit on fire, jumping through hoops lit on fire, limboing under limbo poles that, you guessed it, were lit on fire! Lots and lots of fire haha!

There was a magician act from a dwarf (Is that still politically correct? If not, let me know). He did a few things, including opening a bottle of beer with his eye, but perhaps the oddest part was when he walked around the stage with a Henry Hoover attached to his.. erm.. man parts. I thought maybe it wasn't really on there because his robe was covering it, but then he lifted up to show that it was well and truly on there.O-O Bahaha

Different costume, same hoover. You get the idea. LOL
One of the funniest acts of the show was when the main girl I suppose? The one that sings?o-o announced that they needed a volunteer from the audience (I nearly launched out of my seat, but I was too far away even if I was what they needed haha) and said he needed to be a big strong man. She picked some bloke out and dragged him on stage.

He was sat down on his own little thrown and she began to sing "These boots are made for walking" while walking her fingers across him. She half peeled a banana, put it between his legs and shoved them closed to hold it in place. Then she put a sack on his head, so this poor guy had no idea what to think. When she took the sack off his head a minute later, he looked down to see the banana had been bitten off riiiight down to his crotch. What he did not see while the bag was on his head, was the dwarf come out from the side of the stage and bite the banana LOL.

So she sang some more, then placed his hands infront of him, outstretched and open, before putting the bag on his head. All of a sudden, the tall bald man, who at the start had been in a suit, came launching out from the side of the stage wearing something that looked like it was from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (It involved fishnets and some very small pants) and my god did he shake it. He shook his ass (and... everything else) for all he was worth, gave it a proper jiggle. I was nearly crying from laughing, he really really went for it. He then went over to this guy, who was still blind, and shook his ass and plonked it RIGHT in this guys hands, and just as he was giving it a little squeeze they whipped the bag off of his head.XD I was howling. I can't find any videos of it, so you'll just have to believe that my description did not do it justice.:P

One of the more "serious! acts they had was Hannibal Helmurto.

Hannibal Helmurto from The Circus of Horrors shows off some of his body modifications
He started off buying showing some of his mods (Everyone else in the audience was freaking right out over his split tongue etc, me and Jake were kinda like meh.. we know people who have that done.. LOL.

He started off his act by putting a large hook through his septum. The guy next to me turned and asked me what he had put the hook through, I pointed to my septum piercing and he turned white as a sheet and turned back around to tell his girlfriend, which made me cackle a bit haha.

He then attached the hook to a massive very heavy looking slab of wood and picked it up and swung it from his septum. More panic from the audience haha.

Other than his mods, Hannibal is the worlds best sword swallower. He actually has two floating ribs to allow him to swallow wiggly swords.;o So he swallowed lots of different kinds, it was really interesting, definitely enjoyed it.

Another thing that really shocked me was that they had a real wolf man!:O As far as I'm aware, thats an incredibly rare genetic mutation, so it was amazing to see one in person.

His act was to walk up a "stair case" made of five razor sharp swords. It looked like he was about to fall at one point and I swear I nearly had a heart attack, I think I held my breath for like a minute and a half.x-x

But he did it, and he was fine.:3

Jesus 'Chuy' Aceves the "Wolf Boy" suffers from a rare condition called Hyper Trichosis
There was one point where the lights all went dark and the "evil twins" came forward with a book, and suddenly a song started playing. Now, to most people, it was just an average creepy song. To people who have seen the "Hush" episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it was a whole other level of creepy.

^ That song. lol

A while later, the same guy who had been walking around with a hoover attached to his junk came back on stage, while "Ring of Fire" was playing. We were curious to what he would do, maybe jump through a hoop that was on fire? NOPE. Down went the trousers and he stuck a tube up his ass, which began firing out sparks perfectly timed with the music. (Get it? Ring of fire.) So that was interesting.XD

I really should have written this the next day so I could explain everything in better detail lol.

There was lots more singing and fire.

OOH and two people (Who I'm going to assume were a couple) did an amazing act with a whip. How anyone can be that precise with a whip is beyond me. Especially when the guy whipped coasters out from under a candle one by one without the candle toppling, and then whipped the flame out perfectly. It was awesome.

The same couple (I think) also did an awesome roller blading act on this teeny platform.

The evil twins also did a silks performance, which made me sad because I've been wanting to learn that foreverrrrr and that only made it worse haha!

There were a few more acts, a bit of fake blood and gore, and over all an amazing time was had. Nothing I can say will explain how good it was, so if they're coming to your city, I HIGHLY recommend going to see them, because it was glorious and while everyone else in the audience was mostly freaked out and had this face the whole time: "D:" I was there like "8D WHEEEEEE".

I loved every minute of it and now I'm genuinely considering running away and joining the circus.;__; Haha.


I'm... something alright baha. I was going to wear my Sclera Lenses, but I wanted perfect vision for it since we weren't too close to the front

My outfit for the night~

I wasn't ready for this picture.D; I look MEGA crap and kinda like I weigh 50lbs more than I actually do, but other people wanted pictures, so I didn't want to hold her up. Everyone kept commenting on how tall I am baha. My hair was so stupid here.T_______T
Done~ ;D


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