Saturday, 17 November 2012


Got more Sclera lenses!:D

Just some random pictures with no particular place to go, so here ya go!;D Click the "Read More" link at the bottom of this entry for all of 'em!:D


Over exposed webcam shot of dooom

I tried to do this when I was super ill so ended up doing a really half assed job, hence it looking shit.:C

Immediately after cycling four miles.:D And I wasn't even on the ground gasping for air, WOO!

Chopped up one of my wigs so I could have a fringe now and again.:3

Seriously in love with my new lenses.T^T I need ALL the sclera lenses.:3 <3

I forgot to add these pictures in my halloween post, Maria made goody bags for everyone who took part in the shoot.^O^

There were loads of sweets in that bag but I kinda ate them all before I could take this, oops!>O<

Cute sticker.:3 <3


  1. I want those contacts O____O

    Please do check out my style blog as well:

  2. you are sooo cute!and perfect gifts ^^