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Ok, I'm finally doing it. I finished resizing pictures and I've been procrastinating by sobbing over season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but I am finally doing it, so yeah! So, if anyone actually makes it the whole way through this, could you perhaps leave a comment? Because with all the picture resizing this has taken foreverrr.:3 You don't even need an account to comment, it can be done anonymously now.:D

So lets begin shall weee? So, Halloween was supposed to begin the Friday before with a trip to Funderland, followed by all sorts of fun and a shoot in Holywood on the Saturday, but then on friday just before we started getting ready to go, Jakes dad phoned and suddenly announced Jakes sister was flying over and staying on saturday night, so aaaaaaall the plans went flying out the window since we had to tidy up and sort out the guest room. Pretty sucky because funderland is only here once a year and I haven't been since I was about 16, but it was nice seeing Phoebe anyway. We went in to pick her up on saturday and we got there before her. We were waiting and I was meant to go and get her when they arrived so Jake wouldn't have to deal with his mum, but I ended up getting mobbed by a massive group of the sweetest chinese tourists everrrr and got caught up taking pictures with them for ages so I didn't even see them arrive, oops.D; Awkward situation was only brief though and we headed off.

She had to leave on Sunday which was a shame. About an hour before she left I got a call from a friend asking if we'd come to a Halloween party, which left like, an hour to get ready for it and I did not have any sort of costume so I stuck some gore to my forehead quickly and Roseanna came and picked us up.

I'm going to warn you, under the "read more" link at the bottom of this post (I can't figure out how to make it bigger and more noticable on here) there will be much more of the story and A LOOOOT of pictures, so be prepared!

So! We all set off in the car, I got the whole back seat to myself because I'm lanky enough as it is, add massive platforms into the mix and I need an absurd amount of leg room! We got lost pretty bad on the way to the party, and Roseannas driving kinda terrifies me at times.XD Right after that picture was taken I was looking at my camera and since everything else was dark and the screen was bright, it was all I could see. Next thing I know, Roseanna went over a speed bump, I hit my head on the roof and then found myself in the seated position but lying on my side.XD

We managed to find it eventually and headed in. Not a huge amount was happening so I just ran around causing mayhem with my camera and taking everyones picture. I won't put them ALL in this blog because it would be insane, but they're all on my facebook.

We'll interrupt my typing for photospam number one!
FINALLY found it!

I loved this guys costume and stole his head later in the night.

I like this because it looks like I stood on something to take it. I didn't, this was just me standing up LOL


Adventure time guy!

Group Shot
This group shot was what made people realise I had a magical remote control for my camera, at which point Tanya (the girl dressed as a lady bug) started running around the room pointing at things with the camera while I randomly clicked the remote.XD

So the party continued, I continued to harrass people with my camera and chatted to people for a while. I can't even remember what we were talking about to be honest haha.

Jake and I did take over the music for a while, which meant MAXIMUM THE HORMONE.
Jake being a loser and air guitaring.:P


Being an emo because I took a picture of him being a loser and air guitaring.:D Nyahaha
Some more pictures that don't really have any explanation.. Remember, this is only Sunday and we have to get the whole way to Thursday! Feel free to go get some snacks or pee or whatever, you're gonna be here for a while.:D

After a while, Roseanna and I got bored and I was craving Wotsits really reeeaaaally bad, so we decided to head out on a drive to find a 24 hour shop. I wondered around the shop getting some odd looks because it took me ages to find where they had the crisps. Eventually found them and grabbed two bags of wotsits as well as some chocolate.OwO

As we were driving back the cops pulled us over and asked for Roseannas license. There was one on either side of the car and I swear, the one on my side must have thought I was drugged up to my eyeballs. I was sitting there wearing my sclera lenses so my eyes look weird and huge, munching on wotsits with a daft smile on my face and waved at him with the same smile.

He looked uncomfortable and kinda walked away to see what the other guy was doing. He spent aaaaaages spying at her license with his little torch and talking to the other guy while me and Roseanna sat in the car laughing. They finally gave it back and we went back to the party. Roseanna said she had to go home because she had work in the morning and she'd give us a lift. I asked Jake if he wanted to leave but he was determined to stay and said we could walk home.T__T Bare in mind we were ridiculously far away from where we live and it was freezing outside.

So we stayed for a while, it sucked Roseanna was gone because she was the person I knew best there, but I chatted to Tanya. Everyone started playing this super confusing drinking game that hardly anyone seemed to know the rules to. I joined in but I seemed to be quite good at it because I barely ended up drinking anything haha. I think it was called "kings" or something. I still don't fully understand it. Nothing majorly eventful happened for the rest of the party, except for a guy dressed as one of the guys from LMFAO doing the shuffle which delighted me.

We managed to get a taxi back with someone who lived near us, which I was super grateful. I was not about to walk god knows how many miles home in the dark in the freezing cold with no coat and 7" platforms.

Here are the rest of the pictures from that night


I stole this!
And this magical glowy thing, ooooh.
I did some little things on monday and tuesday, but nothing super interesting so for the sake of trying to cut this down we can skip that.

So, wednesday I woke up feeling pretty damn ill which wasn't good because I had a photoshoot to go to and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it. Thankfully I got myself together and headed off.

Got to the shop looking like a hobo with pretty make-up feeling a bit flustered. The make-up artist changed my eyebrows a little and the hair stylist just kinda straightened the front of my hair a little, but over all not much needed done so they were pleased haha!

The many ridiculous faces of Kaya while waiting for her boyfriend to get ready..
Got changed into the first outfit and began shooting. I was still feeling quite ill and because I'm so tall I kinda had to keep my legs bent for a lot of the pictures, which starts to really kill after a while and I started feeling super dizzy and ill, but I didn't die so all was well. The photographer seemed really pleased with me and after the first outfit was like "You've done this before haven't you?" so I was pretty pleased that he knew haha.:3

The other girls for the shoot were lovely and I had a nice time chatting to them while someone else was being shot, and Jake had fun nerding out with the guys. Maria (the shop owner) had set up a big table of cupcakes and sandwiches and all sorts of tasty nibbles, plus beer and cider for whoever wanted it, so that was nice. I didn't have any yet though because I was already MEGA bloated from being ill (nearly cried when I saw one of the behind the scenes shots, I looked pregnant haha) plus I didn't want to smear my make-up everywhere.

Changed into the second outfit and shot that. Everything I wore was suuuuper short and I didn't have any tights, so I was mega self concious because I never have my thighs on show.XD

Once we'd finished shooting I headed straight for the food table and grabbed any random sandwich. I was going to try to eat it all carefully so my make-up would be intact. No such luck. One bite and all the meat came out of the sandwich and attached firmly to my chin with a good ol' dollop of some sort of spicy mayo. Niiiice. Here are the two pictures from the shoot that I liked~

For Bella Muerte Belfast

For Bella Muerte Belfast
The shoot was for Bella Muerte in Belfast. They have a store in the city centre, but they also sell stuff online, so go check them out HERE.

I thought we'd be going home pretty much immediately after, so I didn't wear anything nice since I thought I'd be getting ready to go out anyway. So I was wearing like, some leggings and about three jumpers haha.

We ended up staying there for ages after the shoot nomming and chatting, which was nice. We all decided to go watch Silent Hill. We went to get tickets but it was sold out, so we got tickets for the later showing. While we were waiting we headed over to Filthy McNasty's for some cocktails and stuff. I was pretty sad that I wasn't dressed up and felt pretty lame being out on halloween looking so crap, but I enjoyed myself anyway because the bar was COVERED in fake spider webs and they were playing fun halloweeny theme songs. Things like the buffy theme, tubular bells (the exorcist) the halloween song, music from 28 days later, etc. I LOOOVED it. I wish there was a bar that was like that all year around. I'd probably live there!:3

Had a baileys and Maria bought me a yummy cocktail (I haven't the slightest clue what it was, but it was nice.:3)

So when it was nearly time for Silent Hill we headed back over to the cinema, grabbed our popcorn and took our seats. Juuust as the movie was starting, some IDIOT chav decided to start on one of the employees. Chavs really are like animals when they fight. They puff out their chests trying to make themselves look bigger, the arms go out like a gorilla and they do some sort of weird head bobbing thing to seem intimidating. Bloody weird, I should write a documentary on chavs.

Anyway, I was furious at this guy for being so rude and stupid, if it had of continued I probably would have thrown one of my shoes at him (considering I had my spiked damsels in my bag, it would have done considerable damage haha) but after storming out after the guy and coming back and sitting down, he was thrown out anyway.

The movie... dear god. I went in with such high hopes, the first movie was one of my favourite movies ever so I was so excited. Shouldn't have been. So bad. SO SO BAD. I won't go into it all, I might make a separate blog with a proper review, but it was TERRIBLE. Seriously. Don't waste your money.D:

After that we went back to Filthy's and I had another cocktail.:3 We chatted for a while and eventually Jake and I went home because he was tired and I'd started feeling pretty rough.

I look so odd. I think it was the eyebrows..

Inside the Filthy Chic cocktail bar

I got sad because I wasn't dressed up, and like any true goth I had theatrical fake blood in my bag, so this was my attempt at joining in on the fun.>___<

By the time we got back I felt TERRIBLE. I had the worst head ache I've ever had, my whole body ached and my flesh hurt to touch. I was so sore I couldn't even lift my arms and I couldn't get warm.

I couldn't figure out what was wrong but I think I was really really dehydrated because I'd barely drank anything at all, and what I had drank was alcohol. So I guzzled down as much water as I could manage and we went to bed.

The next morning I was still feeling pretty lousy but I wanted to go to Holywood to make up for Saturday, so I drank even more water and eventually got ready. Holywood was a bit of a flop to be honest. I left it really late so the light wasn't going to last long, my hair and make-up were half assed and looked crap so I wasn't in much mood to do a little shoot anyway, which was a shame because I'd been planning it for like a month and now its kinda too late for it.:( Boo! Plus when we got there it was UNBEARABLY cold. I took some pictures of the graveyard before we ended up running off to a little cafe for some food and hot chocolate, which was nice.

I had the spoon in my mouth and it looked weird.

This is us being cold waiting for the bus.
After Holywood it was time for my annual halloween party with my mum.^O^ I'm still a massive kid so ever since I was little shes had little parties for me.:3 Be prepared, I'm about to spam you with a billion pictures of the decorations she put up! (funny thing is, she didn't buy any Halloween decorations. It was almost all stuff from my old room.XD It pays having a goth as a daughter sometimes!)

Add caption

My dad haha.:D

So we had a yummy dinner while watching Donnie Darko and my mum made up a little party plate of sweets for each of us!^O^ <3


Ok, so that was my halloween! If you managed to read the whole thing, or even just look at all the pictures, leave a comment! Tell me what you did, what your favourite halloween candy is, whatever!:D

Bye lovelies, and well done to all who survived this post.XD


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