Sunday, 21 October 2012


By the time this was taken my dreads were all over the place in a giant mess on top of my head from rollin around on the floor like a tortoise

So, this is the result of a mixture of things. First the explanation for why I'm in some wasteland in the middle of the night.

So I got a bike recently (did I mention on here I got a bike?o_O I definitely posted on tumblr and facebook, but just incase, some incredibly kind anon bought the bike off my wishlist!*w*)

SO, the past few nights I've been going out on little cycles. Kinda limited in areas I could go because there are quite a few bars in our area, and LOADS of chavs, and goth + bike draws a lot of attention, particularly on friday and saturday nights when all the scumbags are drunk and out on the streets.

Buuuut last night, I decided to venture in a direction I've never ever went in my two years of living here. So I set off, kinda looking like a lanky wednesday addams with striped tights and platforms. Went zooming around trying to remember what direction I'd came because I didn't want to get lost. I was near some strange fancy building when a taxi pulled over and asked if I knew if it was the <insert strange name> building. I was just like "I have no idea, I've never been here...D:" He already looked concerned but after that he rolled up his window and drove away haha. Escaped mental patient on a bike? Yep.

So I was zooming by this big ply wood.. fency wall thing when I noticed there was a conveniently Kaya sized hole in it so I peaked inside. I decided that from what I could see in the pitch black, it might be an interesting place for a photoshoot, but I had no torch or place to put my bike, so I kept it in mind, explored the area a little more then came home (Oooh the hill on the way back nearly killed me. My legs were burning and I couldn't breathe. When I got back to the house and got off the bike I could barely walk, my legs felt like jelly)

So tonight since its a sunday and all the chavs are hungover and hiding under their rocks Jake and I ventured out into the night to explore the place I'd found, and this time I brought my phone so we could use the camera light.

It does indeed, from what we could see, look like a place that would work perfectly for one of my little "photoshoots", so I'll be going back there fairly soon I think! Preferably during the day. We'd been inside the place for about 30 seconds before I stood on a rock or piece of rubble and fell right over. Literally didn't even try to stop myself, I felt the wobble and accepted my fat. Apparently it looked hilarious because Jake was laughing his ass off despite being worried I'd hurt myself. Just a bit of a scraped up knee, but I didn't get any holes in my stockings. SUCCESS.

State of yeee~ *Belfast references*

As for my outfit, I'm planning on maybe making some new dreadfalls soon. I used to literally live in them but in recent years started irritating me. But I think I'm ready to welcome them back into my life. However these dreads are like the first ever pair I got when I was 13/14 and have definitely seen better days. They're all lumpy and fuzzy and velcro-like haha. I want some nice long thick red/black/blonde ones I think.:)

But since I was wearing my old faithful dreads and was hit with a massive wave of nostalgia I decided to dig out the ol' fluffies again too!:') I think some day soon I'll dress up as my former self properly, complete with the make-up, lenses and ripped tights galore. I rather miss it.:3

Thats it for nowww~  Except one more thing under the cut, go click!;D

Black eyes make everything better

Sclera lenses = New best thing ever


Yeah, expect a review and about a billion more pictures soon!

Ok, now I'm done. BAI


  1. I enjoyed this post :3
    You're just too cute!

  2. I just love these black lenses!!! <3

  3. I always love reading your blogs, your cheerfulness is contagious. ^^