Sunday, 7 October 2012

Already a week into October!

Where is the time going? Everything is happening much to fast and I don't like it at all! However, I do love October! Which is why I wish it would slowwww down! How has everyone elses October been so far?^_^

For me, everythings been pretty good.:) Started off on the 1st with a nice healthy day. Good healthy fresh food and swimming! On our way walking to the pool is started absolutely pouring down, which briefly dampened my mood (ho-ho-ho!) until not one, but TWO huge beautiful rainbows showed up in the sky! The stronger of the two was the brightest I'd ever seen a rainbow, it really looked like someone had painted the sky. It was absolutely stunning and just made me unnecessarily happy haha!

Swimming was good fun, I adore being in the water.^-^ I think I managed to do about 20 lengths (in a 25m pool). I wanted to do more but Jake wanted to go home so I eventually got out of the pool against my will.

The day after that, I, for some reason, seemed to be having some sort of early mid life crisis and was miserable all day, thankfully it only lasted a day haha! On wednesday I spent most of the day trying to organise a camping trip, and its going pretty well so far!:) I just need to sort out a day with everyone and we'll be ready to go!

I'm so unbearably excited about it! I haven't been camping in years and I adore it.:) Its just so hard to find people who'll go because everyone whines about it being too cold or not having straightners, blah blah, crap excuses! Personally I can't wait.:)

Out for lunch!

Thursday was a really nice day! Went for lunch in town in a place I've been dying to go for ages because it looks so nice from outside. It was so strange! It served hot food and amazing ice cream and all sorts of other tasty things, but it also sold American groceries and candy (which, in the UK is very bizarre). So odd! But the food was great and I got some laffy taffy, a three musketeers truffle crisp bar and amazing ice cream.>w<

After that we went around town and I got some nice new cuddly PJs and big soft fuzzy slipper socks.:D So ridiculously cosy!

So I haven't been doing a huge amount, but I'm happy.^_^ Ooh also, I got some new Jeffrey Campbell Damsels!:D Loooove them!

So thats about it really for now!:) I'd love to know, what kind of posts would YOU like to see? Let me know and I'll do my best.:)

Bye lovelies!

Click below for more pictures!

My mum and I took my granny's dog for a walk

Toto does not appreciate ear muffs. Perhaps because she doesnt have real ears.


  1. It´s amazing how times goes by, isn´t it? Lately I have the impression that it even runs away from me, ahaha.

    May I suggest more outfit and lifestyle posts?

  2. I am waiting on the last two weeks of October to really live this amazing month since i will be on vacations, and this first week was too hot to be consider October even here in my country.
    I do envy you for having the courage to camp, myself I love nature but i do find camping quite stressfull, maybe it as to do with the company/place.
    On sugestions, let me see, the outfit/lifestyle posts of course, like you usually do, so as some reviews and some tags.
    That shoes are so amazingly stunning, they are great, how are they when it comes to walking?

  3. just wonderful photos as always!!!I love ur shoes ^^