Tuesday, 23 October 2012


But I'll get to that~ Its taking me aaaages to write this because I'm constantly being distracted and can't seem to focus on any one thing for more than 30 seconds. Which is why I don't blog nearly as often as I intend to!x_x 

Anywho! Yesterday Jake and I set out on the fairly long walk into Belfast to head to craft world because I've been seriously been needing some halloween crafty time. The walk in would have been ok, but about half way there I think I took some sort of reaction to the stockings I was wearing, which is odd because I've worn them before with no problem. But my legs started getting really itchy, like REALLY bad. Tried to ignore it because I didn't want to be fussing with my stockings walking down a main road haha.

Finally got to craft world and it got A MILLION times worse, I couldn't even think of what I was there to get. My legs were really burning, it felt like they were on fire, it was utterly unbearable.D:

Managed to focus through it long enough to pick up the bits and pieces I wanted and paid for them (YAY FOR FANCY NEW PAYPAL CARD) and immediately rushed off to primark to buy some new cheap tights.x_x The ones I got were actually very pretty. Luckily there was no queue for about the first time ever so I bought them then rushed off to the changing room to put them on. When I took my stockings on my legs were bright red and patchy (not to mention covered in pretty deep scratches from me trying to stop the itching), it looked an absolute mess! Popped on my new tights, legs still felt a little bit odd but it was a million times better, you have no idea.

After that we headed to Pound World, which is the best place ever, especially at halloween, to pick up some spooky snacks for our halloweeny craft night. I also got these, which I wore the whole way home

Crazy eyes.o-o I can see forever..

I don't know what makes it creepy, but it was good.

So we watched Harry Potter while eating our snacks and making things, it was a lovely night.^w^

Later on however I got extremely weepy, I don't know what set it off, but the flood gates had opened and I was crying at pretty much everything. I was talking to my mum on facebook and mentioned that I'd started crying because I thought I'd bought wotsits earlier and I'd just remembered that I infact had not (I REALLY like cheesy things ok??)

There was no reply after that message so I figured she'd gone to bed since it was about 4am. About 20 minutes later there was a knock on our window (and considering the area we live in, I assumed it couldn't possibly be anything good, but I got up to investigate anyway)

There was my mum standing at the door with a HUGE multipack of wotsits! Not to mention 3 shopping bags filled with other goodies, including the most amazing teeny tiny halloween cupcakes ever.O-O

So that was adorable.;o; My mum is amazing haha. And I finally got my wotsits.<3

Was actually going to write the blog entry after that but it was like 4:30 so I ended up crashing into bed and passing out instead.

Today was semi-productive, got a few things sorted that I'd been meaning to for ages, about to make some more crafty things now, and I'm just after watching Casper for the first time in years. MY HEART PHYSICALLY HURTS.

Really enjoyed walking about today, the leaves are beautiful and you can really feel the excitement of halloween in the air. That sounds cheesy, but honestly, it just feels different. 

So thats it for now! Sorry for the crappy boring pictures! I shooould if all goes to plan be doing a little "photoshoot" this week, so stay tuned for that!^_^ Also have some other fun things coming up if fundages allow for it.

BAIIII lovelies!OwO

Sunday, 21 October 2012


By the time this was taken my dreads were all over the place in a giant mess on top of my head from rollin around on the floor like a tortoise

So, this is the result of a mixture of things. First the explanation for why I'm in some wasteland in the middle of the night.

So I got a bike recently (did I mention on here I got a bike?o_O I definitely posted on tumblr and facebook, but just incase, some incredibly kind anon bought the bike off my wishlist!*w*)

SO, the past few nights I've been going out on little cycles. Kinda limited in areas I could go because there are quite a few bars in our area, and LOADS of chavs, and goth + bike draws a lot of attention, particularly on friday and saturday nights when all the scumbags are drunk and out on the streets.

Buuuut last night, I decided to venture in a direction I've never ever went in my two years of living here. So I set off, kinda looking like a lanky wednesday addams with striped tights and platforms. Went zooming around trying to remember what direction I'd came because I didn't want to get lost. I was near some strange fancy building when a taxi pulled over and asked if I knew if it was the <insert strange name> building. I was just like "I have no idea, I've never been here...D:" He already looked concerned but after that he rolled up his window and drove away haha. Escaped mental patient on a bike? Yep.

So I was zooming by this big ply wood.. fency wall thing when I noticed there was a conveniently Kaya sized hole in it so I peaked inside. I decided that from what I could see in the pitch black, it might be an interesting place for a photoshoot, but I had no torch or place to put my bike, so I kept it in mind, explored the area a little more then came home (Oooh the hill on the way back nearly killed me. My legs were burning and I couldn't breathe. When I got back to the house and got off the bike I could barely walk, my legs felt like jelly)

So tonight since its a sunday and all the chavs are hungover and hiding under their rocks Jake and I ventured out into the night to explore the place I'd found, and this time I brought my phone so we could use the camera light.

It does indeed, from what we could see, look like a place that would work perfectly for one of my little "photoshoots", so I'll be going back there fairly soon I think! Preferably during the day. We'd been inside the place for about 30 seconds before I stood on a rock or piece of rubble and fell right over. Literally didn't even try to stop myself, I felt the wobble and accepted my fat. Apparently it looked hilarious because Jake was laughing his ass off despite being worried I'd hurt myself. Just a bit of a scraped up knee, but I didn't get any holes in my stockings. SUCCESS.

State of yeee~ *Belfast references*

As for my outfit, I'm planning on maybe making some new dreadfalls soon. I used to literally live in them but in recent years started irritating me. But I think I'm ready to welcome them back into my life. However these dreads are like the first ever pair I got when I was 13/14 and have definitely seen better days. They're all lumpy and fuzzy and velcro-like haha. I want some nice long thick red/black/blonde ones I think.:)

But since I was wearing my old faithful dreads and was hit with a massive wave of nostalgia I decided to dig out the ol' fluffies again too!:') I think some day soon I'll dress up as my former self properly, complete with the make-up, lenses and ripped tights galore. I rather miss it.:3

Thats it for nowww~  Except one more thing under the cut, go click!;D

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Already a week into October!

Where is the time going? Everything is happening much to fast and I don't like it at all! However, I do love October! Which is why I wish it would slowwww down! How has everyone elses October been so far?^_^

For me, everythings been pretty good.:) Started off on the 1st with a nice healthy day. Good healthy fresh food and swimming! On our way walking to the pool is started absolutely pouring down, which briefly dampened my mood (ho-ho-ho!) until not one, but TWO huge beautiful rainbows showed up in the sky! The stronger of the two was the brightest I'd ever seen a rainbow, it really looked like someone had painted the sky. It was absolutely stunning and just made me unnecessarily happy haha!

Swimming was good fun, I adore being in the water.^-^ I think I managed to do about 20 lengths (in a 25m pool). I wanted to do more but Jake wanted to go home so I eventually got out of the pool against my will.

The day after that, I, for some reason, seemed to be having some sort of early mid life crisis and was miserable all day, thankfully it only lasted a day haha! On wednesday I spent most of the day trying to organise a camping trip, and its going pretty well so far!:) I just need to sort out a day with everyone and we'll be ready to go!

I'm so unbearably excited about it! I haven't been camping in years and I adore it.:) Its just so hard to find people who'll go because everyone whines about it being too cold or not having straightners, blah blah, crap excuses! Personally I can't wait.:)

Out for lunch!

Thursday was a really nice day! Went for lunch in town in a place I've been dying to go for ages because it looks so nice from outside. It was so strange! It served hot food and amazing ice cream and all sorts of other tasty things, but it also sold American groceries and candy (which, in the UK is very bizarre). So odd! But the food was great and I got some laffy taffy, a three musketeers truffle crisp bar and amazing ice cream.>w<

After that we went around town and I got some nice new cuddly PJs and big soft fuzzy slipper socks.:D So ridiculously cosy!

So I haven't been doing a huge amount, but I'm happy.^_^ Ooh also, I got some new Jeffrey Campbell Damsels!:D Loooove them!

So thats about it really for now!:) I'd love to know, what kind of posts would YOU like to see? Let me know and I'll do my best.:)

Bye lovelies!

Click below for more pictures!