Thursday, 13 September 2012

Glad to be back!

I've missed my laptop and my blog so very much, and I'm excited to get into the swing of things! I've been keeping myself busy since I've been away, but now that its time to write about things, I find myself very lost and I can't quite seem to remember anything I've been doing! But I'll try my very best, at the end of the day, this post will probably mostly be pictures!

So, I suppose one of the more notable things happened RIGHT after my laptop died. People from tumblr etc will already know, but incase theres anyone reading who isn't aware, we got some new additions to the family!:) Two baby rats!^O^ I say babies. They were when I got them, but they're growing up so fast! Picture time!:D

First day home! Look how teeny!

Baby brother and sister!

Aha, FOOD is how you make them pose for a picture!

So hard to get them to stay still! 

Dear lord, I'm sorry about the messy picture arrangement.XD I really have to see if I can find some sort of tutorial because I can NEVER get my pictures to sit how I want them to!>O< Haha

Technically, both rats are female. However, I was told they were male (LIARS) and although I managed to come to terms with the fact that Bambi is female, Pon has just always felt like a little boy, so he will forever be referred to as "He" haha! 
Oh goodness, what else.. I did a short vlog recently, short mostly because it ran out of battery without me realising, so here is that, since I update a little in there:

I'm sorry this blog is so messy!XD I promise I'll try to make future ones a little more organised.:3

The vlog probably sums it up about as much as I really can think, so I'll stop my rambling and leave you with a dangerous amount of pictures.:D Bye lovelies, will post a new blog very soon!^-^<3 Also, I've just figured out how to use the "read more" feature, so I neatened up my blog a little, always look out for a "read more" link at the bottom of posts for more pictures.:3

Click the "Read More" link below for LOTS more pictures!:)


  1. Welcome back sweets! x

    Adorable ratties ^-^

  2. Welcome back! your so beautiful! The rats are so cute *-* I've always wanted a rat but my pet bird Nut-Nut hates little things that move hehe❤

  3. Stunning outfit!!I have the same striped tights and I love ur makeup on first photo ^^

  4. OMG you have rats??? I loooove them so much I hate it when people this they are gross or pread diseases! They are so adirable, i have a sphynx rat!

    Beautiful photos, I really love the picture in the black and white sweater :)

    1. :O!! SPHYNX RATS <3 I want one so bad but its like impossible to get them over here.;o;

  5. Welcome back darling,
    That last simple looks suits you very well, it's a bit more god-like, really nice

  6. Wow, you look stunning! And those star-eyebrows are just so cool. I will have to try them out myself. :D

    Have a lovely day!

  7. Your rats are absolutely adorable! Is the lighter of the two looks like a dumbo. Is he/she? I have two little dumbo girlies (which you can see on my blog if you like)

    You look great, as always

    1. Hiyaa! Hehe, thats actually why I chose her!>w< But I don't think she actually is one, because shes from the same litter as the little black one haha.^_^ Eee I'll go have a look see now!:3 Thank you! <3