Thursday, 13 September 2012

Glad to be back!

I've missed my laptop and my blog so very much, and I'm excited to get into the swing of things! I've been keeping myself busy since I've been away, but now that its time to write about things, I find myself very lost and I can't quite seem to remember anything I've been doing! But I'll try my very best, at the end of the day, this post will probably mostly be pictures!

So, I suppose one of the more notable things happened RIGHT after my laptop died. People from tumblr etc will already know, but incase theres anyone reading who isn't aware, we got some new additions to the family!:) Two baby rats!^O^ I say babies. They were when I got them, but they're growing up so fast! Picture time!:D

First day home! Look how teeny!

Baby brother and sister!

Aha, FOOD is how you make them pose for a picture!

So hard to get them to stay still! 

Dear lord, I'm sorry about the messy picture arrangement.XD I really have to see if I can find some sort of tutorial because I can NEVER get my pictures to sit how I want them to!>O< Haha

Technically, both rats are female. However, I was told they were male (LIARS) and although I managed to come to terms with the fact that Bambi is female, Pon has just always felt like a little boy, so he will forever be referred to as "He" haha! 
Oh goodness, what else.. I did a short vlog recently, short mostly because it ran out of battery without me realising, so here is that, since I update a little in there:

I'm sorry this blog is so messy!XD I promise I'll try to make future ones a little more organised.:3

The vlog probably sums it up about as much as I really can think, so I'll stop my rambling and leave you with a dangerous amount of pictures.:D Bye lovelies, will post a new blog very soon!^-^<3 Also, I've just figured out how to use the "read more" feature, so I neatened up my blog a little, always look out for a "read more" link at the bottom of posts for more pictures.:3

Click the "Read More" link below for LOTS more pictures!:)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hilarious Late Night Adventures!

I'M BAAAACK!:D My laptop is FINALLY back, let the blogging begin ! I'll try my best to get a kinda proper blog about whats been going on lately with lots of pictures soon, but for now, I need to tell you all a story about last night.XD

So, yesterday I went off to pick up my laptop. The place that was fixing it was weeeiiird.o_O It wasn't a proper shop, and it was in this huge medical park. Kinda a hospital but spread out over lots of buildings in these huge wooded grounds. So basically the perfect setting for a horror movie haha.

When I first dropped it off we were driving in like "...This can't be the right place.. There are nurses and doctors everywhere, they're going to think we're stupid.." buuut apparently it was the right place! Its a place that usually deals with insurance and the guy couldn't figure out how we'd found them lol.

So I picked that up, came back here and of course remained glued to the screen for the rest of the night.

I happened to be browsing facebook at about 1am and noticed a friend of mine (one of those people you know, but you've never ACTUALLY went and hung out with) had posted she wanted a driving buddy for late night adventures, so I was like "Aww that sounds fun, if you're ever heading anywhere count me in". A while later another friend of mine, who I was best friends with years ago and we used to have all these insane adventures, also commented. One thing led to another and next thing I know, friend number two (Aka Roseanna) is on the phone telling me her and Suzie (friend number one) are coming to pick me up.

So off we went at around 2am, and the first place we headed, of ALL the weird places I could end up at twice in one day, was the weird hospital place. We were barely in the place when the first heart attack of the night happened, a suicidal rabbit hopped out infront of the car with a mouth full of grass and other tasties, got confused and ran around in circles, so we were all screaming, thankfully he found his way and hopped away unharmed. Not far down the road the exact same thing happened again. Suzie was convinced she hit that one, especially when she saw something lying on the road on the way back up, thankfully it was just horse poo.

SPEAKING OF HORSES. That was our first stop of the night, and by far the funniest thing that has ever happened in the history of ever.

We found a horse field and spent some time patting them and stuff. Then roseanna tried to get on one, but couldn't get herself up because it was too high. Me being all gangly and lanky attempted and I actually hopped up and onto the horses back perfect. I sat there, feeling pretty damn triumphant. This feeling lasted exactly 3 seconds.

The horse suddenly realised it was not wearing any sort of saddles, restraints etc.

It started to walk and I was like "...Hm. If this thing doesn't stop walking, how will I get off?"

Then it started to speed up and I was like "........I've made a terrible mistake"

Next thing I know the horse starts running off down the dark field at full speed and I'm there on its back without any sort of reigns or saddle, haven't been on a horse since I was about 9, like "Well, I'm going to die tonight".

I don't know what made me think the best idea would be to try to slide off the back, but it seemed like a perfectly good idea when I was travelling at high speed on some random horse at 3am towards a dark foresty side of the field.XD So I tried to shimmy my way down to the horses bum. Just as I was starting to have doubts about this plan, the horse bounced its butt up into the air and I went sailing off into the night.

Apparently I actually managed to briefly land on my feet before falling down to my bum. Ended up skidding/bouncing along on my bum about 5 feet down the field after the horse.XD

Of course this all caused me to nearly go into cardiac arrest, but that didn't stop it being the funniest thing in the entire world. All three of us were unable to breathe from laughing, I thought my heart was going to explode.XD

I don't think any night out will EVER manage to top that!

So after we'd stopped crying with laughter we eventually got back in the car and decided to go to a play park. Headed to park number one. To get to the play park bit, you had to walk through this big forest with no lights, so we were walking along using our phones as torches, getting fairly far in, when Roseanna starts talking about The Walking Dead (which I haven't seen, but I know enough about it to be like DAMNIT ROSEANNA! lol) so we were like oh god why did you have to bring that up. I swear, it was literally the MOMENT I said "Yeah, I'm just waiting to hear the weird noises now-" that we heard  big crack in the trees. We all looked at eachother until someone finally said "did you hear that?" That was it, we went SPRINTING all the way back to the car, and not a single one of us is in shape, so it nearly killed us.XD

We left and found another park that wasn't in the middle of a forest. After a while of messing around there and being huge kids we remembered that there was an outdoor paddling pool aaaall the way in Bangor. SOOOO to bangor it was! Got there and walked to the place only to find that our beloved childhood paddling pool that was full of memories has recently been filled in.;o; Heart broken!

We found another little park next to the sea and spent some time playing and talking there, then found the sweetest little silver tabby cat ever.;o; For some reason he hated Roseanna and Suzie and wouldn't let them anywhere near him, but he loooooved me!^O^ SO CUTE. I wanted to take it home so bad.;o;

So other than more driving around everywhere and lots of talking, that was my friday night.XD Got in at about 5am with a very sore bum, but it was a hilarious night.^-^ More adventures in the future are in store!:D Haha

Glad to be back, hopefully someone missed me!:P

Byeee! xx