Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hello lovelies.^_^ So sorry for not posting sooner! (Was actually meant to post yesterday then was told I had like 3 hours to get ready for a photoshoot out of nowhere..x_x) Buuuut I'm here now.^-^

Basically the past while I've just been quite busy.o-o Friends have been over a lot, been out and about in town, etc.:3

It was my birthday at the weekend too, it was quite fun.^-^ Went up to my mums and had party food, saw my Granny and opened presents, then in the evening Aaron, Brittany and Chris came over. Brittany and I made cupcakes and a cake (plus the cake my mum made me.. LOTS OF CAKE) aaand then me, Brittany and Aaron practised our dance.>_> We're trying to learn this:

I'm sooo unco-ordinated, makes it really hard.XD But its so much fun.:3

After that the boys played video games and Brittany and I went upstairs, ended up staying up until 8am x__x. We were listening to old cheesy 80s and 90s songs, old school rave, punk covers of traditional Irish music and goodness knows what else. Some good examples would be "Cotton Eye Joe", "The Witch Doctor", some Cher songs, Whitney Houston, Cindy Lauper, Aqua, The Venga Boys, "Hey Baby (Will you be my girl)", "Country Roads"... Yeaahhh, you get the picture!

At one point I looked at the floor and was like "Well thats an awful lot of blood.."o_o And then realised I had managed to slice my foot open while dancing to the cha cha slide, so the room was pretty much painted in my blood, and THEEEEEN I cut open the other one while dancing to either S Club 7 or Back street boys. Can't remember which.

Argh blood!D:

I'm pretty sure at about 6am Brittany and I were bouncing on the bed screaming "OMG I NEVER WANT TO SLEEP, WE NEED TO DOOO SOMETHING, LETS GO FOR A RUN IN THE PARK!!"

So yeah, was a fun night.XD

Aaaand I got a new snake for my birthday! Honestly, I can't imagine many of you want to sit and read my rambling, so I will now leave you with pictures!^-^ LOTS OF THEM. K, byeee <3

Click the "Read More" link below for LOTS more pictures!:)

Odango hair.:3

bloody foot.;o;

SAMOYED PUPPY! Look how fluffy.;o; Someone buy me one!?

Biiiirthday.:3 Couldn't wear my circle lenses because one had dried up.;o;

LOL the cake my mum made me. Had to make sure there was nothing extra in it.O__O Lmao

My new baby! (And my face looks weird..;__;)

Tooongue. Looks like my bottom lip is huge or something haha!



I nearly fell face first into this water.;o;

The Beach at Sunset...

Haku the Leucistic Texas Rat Snake (And his dirty nose!T^T)



  1. I really like that skull neck tie/ ribbon you are wear in the GIF. :)

  2. awwww totally cute post!!!I love ur first and second outfit,I love ur white dress and hairstyle.I have the same white corset stockings!Also love samoyeds and want one so bad toooo <3

  3. I adore that first white dress! So so cute. As for the snake, I don't see how people can be afraid of them! I want a Samoyed puppy so bad too!

  4. Happy Birthday. You're pictures are beautiful as always! :)

  5. I tagged you for the Liebster Award:
    And a late happy birthday, by the way! That white/black outfit is absolutely stunning.

  6. Lovely pics, lovely blog :)

  7. she looks like a beautiful barbiedoll :) haha ..
    lovely pics ..

  8. You're pictures are beautiful as always :))

  9. totally cute post!
    You're pictures are beautiful as always!

  10. You're a very interesting person, I like your photos.

  11. I love your photos, it's unique and beautiful.

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  14. she kind of scary, but she also cool. its unique.. she got great picture.

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