Friday, 11 May 2012

Wigs and Reptiles and Marathons, Oh my!

Ahhh I actually wrote this on wednesday (its now friday) but I forgot to post it.>_< So I'll just add little date markers in and add some extra.:3

Hellooo!~ Glad to finally have a chance to post, have been so busy..;o; Its been fun though.
We spent a lot of last week cleaning and tidying, because on Saturday we picked Jakes dad up from the airport because he was staying with us for a long weekend. So that took up most of my time haha! It was good fun though.:)

On Saturday night we just relaxed, Jake caught up with his dad, we watched some movies and had a pizza etc, nothing too fancy.

Sunday was showing Jake's dad around Belfast, different shops we go to, and got Jake some stuff he would need for monday. I also made looaaads of really nice spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, with extra extra garlic!:D Yay.

Monday didn't start off fun.-__- The last thing I wanted to do was get out of my warm cosy bed at 7:00 am to go out in to the cold wind and rain, but I forced myself up and off we went.>O<
And if you're wondering why - Jake decided he was going to run the Belfast Marathon, without having trained at all. It was a pretty crap day for it, which was a shame, but we went down anyway, hung around for a while and it finally begun, so we watched him cross the start line.
A marathon is 26 miles, which obviously takes quite some time, so Kevin and I got some breakfast then went home for a while and just watched TV and stuff for a while.

Got a new wig!

A couple of hours later we headed back out into the miserable weather to wait for Jake to cross the finish line.

We waited for a while, then eventually saw him coming in. We were about 3km away from the finish line, so we ran along side him until the end (Which I thought was funny, since I was wearing platforms etc and I bet a couple of people wondered if I'd ran the entire thing haha!)
I think he came in in just over 5 hours, we were both really proud of him.^_^

Needless to say, he had a hard time walking after that.XD Hes only just about able to walk today without being in complete and utter agony haha.

I started off today with cinnamon oatmeal and honey, a cup of cherry and cinnamon tea, and some yoga.:3 After eating so much junk over the weekend, it'll be a nice change to get back to healthy food.>O< Haha

Me with Bubbles the Tarantula.:3 

Right now I'm sitting in an alt shop in town because Jake's agreed to play for a band and one of the guys works here, we're just waiting for the drummer to show up or something so we can head off for the rehearsal. I'll be home by the time I post this since they have no wifi here.;^;  Unless they have it wherever they're rehearsing. So thats about it for now, kinda just threw in some random pictures I've taken between now and the last time I posted, so yeah.:3

Actually, now we're at the place they're rehearsing, was kinda worried because the building itself was pretty run down and terrifying, but the actual room isn't bad at all. Except I'm bloody freezing, but I'm pretty much always cold so no change there.D:

Outfit from the other day. My skirt poofs out funny and makes my hips look huge.:c And I need to tidy..o-o'
And of course, there is no wifi.;_; Buh. K, thats actually it.

Today was spent mostly at the reptile shop, which actually ended up being a tonne of fun, because I just cuddled with EVERYTHING.>w< I held a milksnake, got Yuki out for a cuddle (the burmese we're taking home soon) a little tortoise, stroked the big old bosc (hes probably wayyyy too heavy for me to lift) held a chameleon for ages because he was the funniest little guy ever, and this poor little leopard gecko that someone had neglected and he got seriously underweight.;o; Little anorexic lizard. But hes in safe hands now, it'll just take a while for him to gain the weight back. I think thats all.. Ooh no, wait, a really rare type of Kingsnake too.:3 NOW thats all haha. As you can imagine, had loads of fun!:3
My little chameleon friend!


So yeah, thats all for now!^_^ Its Jakes birthday today, so we're off into town!:D Byeeeee <3


  1. love ur wigs,they are wonderful and adore ur cute little chameleon ^^

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  3. You are looking so beautiful and adorable. I really loved your wig and fashion statement.