Saturday, 19 May 2012

Make-up Tutorial, Jakes Birthday and other stuff!

Hello lovelies.^O^ I've had a lovely week, I hope its been the same for the rest of you!

So, last friday was Jakes birthday, so we went into town.^-^ Went to the reptile shop, had lunch, then went to the cinema. I really wanted to go see Dark Shadows, but since it was Jake's birthday he got to choose, and he chose the Avengers. I'm not going to lie, I was absolutely dreading it. Generally super hero movies aren't my thing. Didn't like bat man, didn't like the hulk. The Spiderman movies were really the only ones I'd liked, so I was prepared to be bored out of my mind through the whole movie. I was so wrong.XD I actually really really enjoyed it, and it was pretty damn hilarious. Actually just finished watching "Thor", another one I previously would have tried to avoid watching, but after the Avengers I gave it a shot and it was also really good.^-^ So that was nice.:3
Just before going into the movie.^_^

Tuesday was Jake's band rehearsal. Last time I was bored out of my skull, hungry and cold the entire time, so this time I was prepared! I'd filmed a make-up tutorial earlier the day and saved it to edit together for when we were there, brought a magazine, some tasty food and extra jumpers incase it was cold again. Managed to keep myself entertained through it, didn't drag on nearly as bad as the last time.>w< Guess I'll have to film another tutorial or something before the next one. Although I already have a few tutorials planned that I need to get on top of anyway! Got quite a few requests!

Also, someone requested an outfit video, but I have very little patience, so rather than spending the whole day putting on different outfits and changing my hair and make-up to fit the outfits etc (which I know some people do, and it sounds exhausting..x__x) I'm just filming clips of my outfit before I go out anywhere and stuff, so it'll take a while before that goes up.>w<

Anywho! On Wednesday we went up to my mums, and as a surprise she'd arranged a kinda late Birthday party for Jake.^O^ The living room was decorated with balloons and "Happy 21st Birthday" banners, there were sweets and crisps and other nibbles in lots of little dishes around the room, my nanny had come down too, and Toto was out storming around the living room as usual haha.>w< Brought Bubbles out for a little while too. Mum made this special pasta she always makes, it is the best stuff ever.x_x And she had a cake too.^_^ Was a really nice day.:3

One of my outfits during the week. It was really rainy and windy, so I wore a lot of layers, which is why I look so bulky.T^T

Went into town on Thursday to get some stuff for the Boa's tank, and to see Yuki.^_^ It was my first time getting him out myself. Every time the owner of the shop tries to take him out of his tank he gets angry and tries to bite him (has succeeded a few times too..) but I went in to lift him out and he was fine.^O^ Not a problem from him at all. Although right after I'd lifted him out and had him in my arms he kinda just looked at Jake and let out a really long hiss.XD

Tuesdays outfit. The camera flash made my eyes go funny, so lets just pretend I'm winking or something.;o; Don't know why I'm standing so odd..o_O

I can tell already hes a momma's boy.:P Hes so lovely, I can't wait to get him home! Hes so cuddly.;o; <3

Yesterday we went into town to get some things we needed, and actually bought a few nice things for ourselves because somehow we've managed to save a lot of money this week.o__O I'm still not really sure how haha.

Make-up yesterday

I was too lazy to make much of an effort yesterday, I think I kinda looked like a hobo haha.>_<

Then last night my friend messaged me on MSN and asked if Jake and I wanted to go round to another friends house for a few drinks and some J-pop, so we headed over there for a while, was a nice evening.^_^

Yesterdays outfit. Super lazy.x_x 

Now I'm just making lunch, then we have to pop up to Tesco. So yeah, thats what I've been doing.^_^ Don't really have any good pictures, might try to get out tomorrow or something and take some.:3 K, thats me done.

Hope everyone is doing good! Chuu~


  1. i love the skirts in pictures 1 & 2. they are gorgeous!

  2. I always love your make up and reading your posts so I have awarded you the Laine Blogger award. Check out my post here for more info :) xx

  3. love ur skeleton sweatshirt and ur pink and black makeup,amazing stars eyebrows ^^