Thursday, 31 May 2012

BBQ Picnic Fun.^O^

We were being.. rappers.. or something. I didn't have time to style my hair, and I'm STILL depressed about it.;o;

Hiiii guys!^_^ Not sure when I'll get posting this since the internet is dead AGAIN, but right now it is Tuesday.>_< Haha.
Sunday was a super lovely day! I was up pretty early cooking because it was PICNIC DAY! I made a really yummy tofu pasta salad, something similar to tamagoyaki, and prepared lots of veggies and eggs and stuff.^_^

So we waited for Chris, Aaron and Britney to arrive. Nipped over to the shop and brought Yuki with us because it was such a warm day and the shop is literally at the end of the street. He was very well behaved.^_^
Everyone arrived so we headed to Tesco for sweets, baps, dips, drinks etc, then to Iceland for disposable BBQs and a massive bag of BBQ meat.
Not sure what was going on here!

Got everything down to the house then headed out to the park.^O^ Bit of a walk when its as warm as it was and you have to carry a tonne of stuff, but we got there eventually, and there was (almost) no one in the spot we'd chosen. We had our own little clearing. Unfortunately there was some creepy half naked guy and some guy with him, but they were far enough away not to bother us, at least there were no kids or anything.
Jake was bench pressing me and I fell.>O<
We put down the blanket (purple satin, such goffs.) and set up the BBQs. Chris and Jake abandoned their man duties and poor Aaron ended up tending to the food for most of the day.>_< Lmao
Everything was super tasty though. I ate wayyyyy too much but it was all just too good!
We spent ages eating, drinking and being merry, then somehow ended up cartwheeling, front flipping, and generally being twats.XD I'm pretty sure the guys were being sumos at one point.>_>
Britney couldn't stay because she had work the next day, so she had to go home, the rest of us went back to me and Jake's house to stay over. Where we continued eating. I felt like I was going to be sick by the end of the night.x__x
So yeah, over all it was an awesome day.^O^ Next stop: BEACH TRIP I DO BELIEVE.
And now, I will leave you with more ridiculous pictures.

Click the "Read More" link below for LOTS more pictures!:)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Updates and LOTS of new pictures!

人間の人形 化妆

Hiyahh! Thought it was about bloody time I did another blog post! I've been surprisingly busy!o-o Its going to be kinda hard to right this because Yuki is zooming around the couch and likes to slam his face off my keyboard, but he'll tire himself out soon and curl up for a cuddle. Which by the way, means that YES, hes finally home with us! But I'll get to that.:3

So, last saturday a bunch of people ended up coming over.:) Guys from Jakes band, one of their girlfriend's, and her friend (both of which I already know from years ago in Belfast). Was actually a very nice night.^O^ Listened to music, watched anime, played with Kagura and everyone loved her. No one was quite as willing to hold Kokoa haha.

The other night, was very grumpy.XD

This week has been boiling hot.x_x Sunday, wasn't so bad, we were in town job hunting (and I got a cute new lingerie set.^-^) and it was quite a nice temperature. Monday was ok too, and a very exciting day!OwO

We went into town to drop off some more money on Yuki (the Burmese) and it turns out we thought we had to pay more than we actually did, so that was him paid off!:D And since Kokoa (the baby boa) is in a massive 5 foot tank, which isn't needed for a teeny baby of her size, we decided to bring Yuki home that day! (We're getting him his own tank next week). We originally put him in with Kokoa, and WOW was she excited. He went straight in and squished himself right into the water dish and spilt water EVERYWHERE (after us playing with him for a while), then we popped Kokoa in. She usually just sits on her branch, but she just wouldn't leave poor Yuki alone.XD She kept spying on him, crawling over him, climbing on the branch above his head then falling on top of him, sitting on his face, and eventually when she tired herself out, curled up beside his water dish. Awhhh I think someone has a crush!XD

Me and Yuki last night, my face was icky so I was hiding it! lol

(Real time update - Yuki just stuck his tongue in my mouth, and now he has strapped my arms to my side so I can just about type, but my nose is itchy.D; lol)

We decided to pop Kokoa in with Kagura overnight, simply because Yuki is so much bigger than her, we were afraid he might sit on her and squish her.x_x

Found Kokoa and Kagura all curled up together in the hide the next morning.>w< Shes in another wee tank now until we get Yuki's next week.

Getting Yuki home was fun though.x_x Had to carry him home, and its a fair walk. Yuki is HEAVY.

So glad to have him back though.<3

Outfit from the other day!

On tuesday two of Jakes band members came round for a sort of mini practise, AAAND dropped a new snake off for us.^_^ We've named him Oogie. Hes a californian king snake. The old owners gave him to us because he bites too much, so they didn't want him.

I actually managed to get him out quite a few times without a single bite, but this morning he got me.XD Literally didn't feel it though. But just as I was writing this, he got Jake by the finger and WOULD NOT LET GO. He was attached to him chewing away for about 10 minutes before we finally got him off, and he probably would have stayed there much longer.x__x Haha. Was trying to take pictures but they weren't very good coz Jake kept yelling at me to help get him off.>_<

I love him to bits though, hes a funny wee thing! Hes (usually) fine when you have him out, but if you come near his tank, its a different matter. I mean, hes not even doing it defensively. He will hunt you down. When I walk past the tank he chases my feet.XD Bawh.<3

Writing this is actually taking ages because I'm super tired from how warm its been recently.x__x

Yesterday we went out to take some new pictures. They aren't great, because the location doesn't fit the outfit, but it was the only nearby place we could get to yesterday.;o; Oh well! The pictures will all be at the end of this post (and scattered through it).

Today was nice.^_^ Went into town, got this really cute playsuit/romper type thing from Primark. Its actually from the PJ section, but I've seen similar things on some Japanese fashion websites for a lot more money.o_O So I will probably end up wearing it out and about.XD Plus it'll be great for this weather, its really light and amazingly comfy <3

After that we headed to the reptile shop for a while. Theres a poor wee beardy in there who has a really deformed spine that leaves a massive hunch in it.;o; I want to take him home and call his Quasimodo and love him forever.<3 I might actually get him when hes older if he continues to eat well and lives ok. Found the poor wee thing stuck on his back today and he couldn't get up!!D: But I rescued him.<3

Yesterdays outfit.

After that we headed towards the Asian Market, but it was suuuuper hot so we nipped into Filthy McNasty's (yes, that is the ACTUAL name of the bar..) and I got a nice cold Strawberry and Lime Kopperberg.<3 Yum yum!

So good on a hot day!

Then it was time to brave the heat again.D: Finally got to the market, by which point I thought I was going to faint and it felt as if my lungs were collapsing.;^; I don't do well in the cold, but I'm certainly not built for heat. I get sick, dizzy, lose my appetite and can barely move.>O<

Its suuuper late now (got caught up watching Kawaii International) so I'll probably finish this post tomorrow~

Fast forward to today (saturday) and I'm back! So yeah, got stuff from the market then headed home, but we stopped in the park for a nibble.^_^

LOOK WHAT I FOUND! Frickin love Hello Panda.

Today we were in town for a while, no pictures because it was just too hot for me to make any effort so I looked crap.T^T lol. We're hoping to have a nice BBQ/Picnic tomorrow in the park with a few people, so that should be nice.^_^

Thats really it for now! So I will leave you with pictures.:3 Bye lovelies.<3

Click the "Read More" link below for LOTS more pictures!:)

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Make-up Tutorial, Jakes Birthday and other stuff!

Hello lovelies.^O^ I've had a lovely week, I hope its been the same for the rest of you!

So, last friday was Jakes birthday, so we went into town.^-^ Went to the reptile shop, had lunch, then went to the cinema. I really wanted to go see Dark Shadows, but since it was Jake's birthday he got to choose, and he chose the Avengers. I'm not going to lie, I was absolutely dreading it. Generally super hero movies aren't my thing. Didn't like bat man, didn't like the hulk. The Spiderman movies were really the only ones I'd liked, so I was prepared to be bored out of my mind through the whole movie. I was so wrong.XD I actually really really enjoyed it, and it was pretty damn hilarious. Actually just finished watching "Thor", another one I previously would have tried to avoid watching, but after the Avengers I gave it a shot and it was also really good.^-^ So that was nice.:3
Just before going into the movie.^_^

Tuesday was Jake's band rehearsal. Last time I was bored out of my skull, hungry and cold the entire time, so this time I was prepared! I'd filmed a make-up tutorial earlier the day and saved it to edit together for when we were there, brought a magazine, some tasty food and extra jumpers incase it was cold again. Managed to keep myself entertained through it, didn't drag on nearly as bad as the last time.>w< Guess I'll have to film another tutorial or something before the next one. Although I already have a few tutorials planned that I need to get on top of anyway! Got quite a few requests!

Also, someone requested an outfit video, but I have very little patience, so rather than spending the whole day putting on different outfits and changing my hair and make-up to fit the outfits etc (which I know some people do, and it sounds exhausting..x__x) I'm just filming clips of my outfit before I go out anywhere and stuff, so it'll take a while before that goes up.>w<

Anywho! On Wednesday we went up to my mums, and as a surprise she'd arranged a kinda late Birthday party for Jake.^O^ The living room was decorated with balloons and "Happy 21st Birthday" banners, there were sweets and crisps and other nibbles in lots of little dishes around the room, my nanny had come down too, and Toto was out storming around the living room as usual haha.>w< Brought Bubbles out for a little while too. Mum made this special pasta she always makes, it is the best stuff ever.x_x And she had a cake too.^_^ Was a really nice day.:3

One of my outfits during the week. It was really rainy and windy, so I wore a lot of layers, which is why I look so bulky.T^T

Went into town on Thursday to get some stuff for the Boa's tank, and to see Yuki.^_^ It was my first time getting him out myself. Every time the owner of the shop tries to take him out of his tank he gets angry and tries to bite him (has succeeded a few times too..) but I went in to lift him out and he was fine.^O^ Not a problem from him at all. Although right after I'd lifted him out and had him in my arms he kinda just looked at Jake and let out a really long hiss.XD

Tuesdays outfit. The camera flash made my eyes go funny, so lets just pretend I'm winking or something.;o; Don't know why I'm standing so odd..o_O

I can tell already hes a momma's boy.:P Hes so lovely, I can't wait to get him home! Hes so cuddly.;o; <3

Yesterday we went into town to get some things we needed, and actually bought a few nice things for ourselves because somehow we've managed to save a lot of money this week.o__O I'm still not really sure how haha.

Make-up yesterday

I was too lazy to make much of an effort yesterday, I think I kinda looked like a hobo haha.>_<

Then last night my friend messaged me on MSN and asked if Jake and I wanted to go round to another friends house for a few drinks and some J-pop, so we headed over there for a while, was a nice evening.^_^

Yesterdays outfit. Super lazy.x_x 

Now I'm just making lunch, then we have to pop up to Tesco. So yeah, thats what I've been doing.^_^ Don't really have any good pictures, might try to get out tomorrow or something and take some.:3 K, thats me done.

Hope everyone is doing good! Chuu~

Monday, 14 May 2012

*Disney Eye Circle Lens Review*

Hello! I'm back with another circle lens review.

Click above for these lenses.

I'll admit, when I first opened them up and saw them, I wasn't very impressed and thought they wouldn't look good, but I couldn't have been more wrong! I ended up adoring these lenses.

First up, some basic information!

Type of Lense:One Year Disposable
Material:Etafilcon A UV features: 70% 95% UVA UVB
Packaging:1 piece in a vial
Water Content:48%
And here is the lens design:

The pattern looks kinda floral to me, which is really cute.:3 The reason I originally didn't like them, was because of how many gaps there were, but when I put them in I realised this was actually a good thing! They still give a very dark dolly eye, but those gaps allow in little peeks of natural colour, which actually just makes it look like your eyes are SUPER shiny and sparkly, which gives a really cute innocent look. I think its adorable!

They definitely make your eyes look massive! I keep getting picture comments asking what photoshop I'm using to make my eyes look so big, when in reality, its these lenses! (and a little bit of make-up trickery)

So if they're good enough to make my eyes look so big they look photoshopped, they're big enough for me!:D

Next up, some comparison pictures, all taken in natural light.:)

One lens in, no make-up

Both lenses, no make-up

Both lenses with make-up!
Look how pretty they are!

They're also super comfortable! Of course, you should always pay attention to the instructions with your lenses, the only time they ever bother me is if I leave them in far longer than recommended, they'll feel a little annoying, as with any lenses, but if you follow the instructions, you'll barely notice them in your eyes! I often forget I'm wearing them then can't figure out why people are so fascinated by my eyes!

I would most definitely recommend these lenses, they're very pretty and give the perfect doll-eyed look!

As I've mentioned before, the company themselves are fantastic and extremely helpful.:) I'll leave you some pictures of what the lenses look like when worn.^_^

Friday, 11 May 2012

Wigs and Reptiles and Marathons, Oh my!

Ahhh I actually wrote this on wednesday (its now friday) but I forgot to post it.>_< So I'll just add little date markers in and add some extra.:3

Hellooo!~ Glad to finally have a chance to post, have been so busy..;o; Its been fun though.
We spent a lot of last week cleaning and tidying, because on Saturday we picked Jakes dad up from the airport because he was staying with us for a long weekend. So that took up most of my time haha! It was good fun though.:)

On Saturday night we just relaxed, Jake caught up with his dad, we watched some movies and had a pizza etc, nothing too fancy.

Sunday was showing Jake's dad around Belfast, different shops we go to, and got Jake some stuff he would need for monday. I also made looaaads of really nice spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, with extra extra garlic!:D Yay.

Monday didn't start off fun.-__- The last thing I wanted to do was get out of my warm cosy bed at 7:00 am to go out in to the cold wind and rain, but I forced myself up and off we went.>O<
And if you're wondering why - Jake decided he was going to run the Belfast Marathon, without having trained at all. It was a pretty crap day for it, which was a shame, but we went down anyway, hung around for a while and it finally begun, so we watched him cross the start line.
A marathon is 26 miles, which obviously takes quite some time, so Kevin and I got some breakfast then went home for a while and just watched TV and stuff for a while.

Got a new wig!

A couple of hours later we headed back out into the miserable weather to wait for Jake to cross the finish line.

We waited for a while, then eventually saw him coming in. We were about 3km away from the finish line, so we ran along side him until the end (Which I thought was funny, since I was wearing platforms etc and I bet a couple of people wondered if I'd ran the entire thing haha!)
I think he came in in just over 5 hours, we were both really proud of him.^_^

Needless to say, he had a hard time walking after that.XD Hes only just about able to walk today without being in complete and utter agony haha.

I started off today with cinnamon oatmeal and honey, a cup of cherry and cinnamon tea, and some yoga.:3 After eating so much junk over the weekend, it'll be a nice change to get back to healthy food.>O< Haha

Me with Bubbles the Tarantula.:3 

Right now I'm sitting in an alt shop in town because Jake's agreed to play for a band and one of the guys works here, we're just waiting for the drummer to show up or something so we can head off for the rehearsal. I'll be home by the time I post this since they have no wifi here.;^;  Unless they have it wherever they're rehearsing. So thats about it for now, kinda just threw in some random pictures I've taken between now and the last time I posted, so yeah.:3

Actually, now we're at the place they're rehearsing, was kinda worried because the building itself was pretty run down and terrifying, but the actual room isn't bad at all. Except I'm bloody freezing, but I'm pretty much always cold so no change there.D:

Outfit from the other day. My skirt poofs out funny and makes my hips look huge.:c And I need to tidy..o-o'
And of course, there is no wifi.;_; Buh. K, thats actually it.

Today was spent mostly at the reptile shop, which actually ended up being a tonne of fun, because I just cuddled with EVERYTHING.>w< I held a milksnake, got Yuki out for a cuddle (the burmese we're taking home soon) a little tortoise, stroked the big old bosc (hes probably wayyyy too heavy for me to lift) held a chameleon for ages because he was the funniest little guy ever, and this poor little leopard gecko that someone had neglected and he got seriously underweight.;o; Little anorexic lizard. But hes in safe hands now, it'll just take a while for him to gain the weight back. I think thats all.. Ooh no, wait, a really rare type of Kingsnake too.:3 NOW thats all haha. As you can imagine, had loads of fun!:3
My little chameleon friend!


So yeah, thats all for now!^_^ Its Jakes birthday today, so we're off into town!:D Byeeeee <3