Friday, 27 April 2012

Just popping in with a few pictures from today!

Doll Hair!
Its spring and I'm feeling goofy and girly :3
Helloooo~ No massive updates today really, thought I'd just drop in some pictures from today.

Today was busy, had to drop a deposit in for our new snake, go to the Asian Market, Tesco, the butchers, and we still didn't even get everything done!T^T Buhh.

Enough from me, more pictures.^_^

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Style Inspirations!

Toxic Tears
Keeping things personal with a picture of me from yesterday. Wish I'd gotten a picture of my full outfit.T^T

So, as you may well know, I don't stick to any one style. I can't just be one silly little label, there are so many different styles out there that I like to put in a big bowl, mix around together and throw on myself.:)

Thats not to say my style will represent every single fashion that I like ALL of the time. Sometimes I may look straight up goth, others, I may look about as far from goth as you can get, and everything inbetween. So I thought I would make a post about a few of my favourite styles! So lets begin.:3

Theres quite a lot, so click through and read more

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Life Updates

Hellooo~ ヾ(^∇^)

I'm back for another long overdue post.>O< So I suppose I should start with Easter since I did say I would be updating with that.(。-_-。)

I was waiting to get pictures back from my mum, but that doesn't seem to be happening, oh well.D:

Buuut Jake, my mum, my granny and I all went up to this big amazing forest in Newcastle (Northern Ireland) which is pretty damn far away and I ended up feeling extremely car sick, but I survived..x__x'

I made cupcakes for it.^_^ They were super tasty <3

But yeah, we got up there and went for a walk until we found a good spot, so we stopped for a picnic, Jake and I ate while my mum went hiding eggs everywhere for us to do an Easter egg hunt.>w<' And yes, this was entirely my idea. I don't think I'll ever grow up.(*´∀`*)

So once all the eggs were hidden we set off to find them, got lots of tasty things!^O^

Here is all my Easter loot.:D (Got 2 of some eggs.)

Not too bad eh?:D

So that was lovely.^_^ Had a really wonderful day.

Recently I haven't been doing a huge amount. Been in at the reptile shop a lot, I've cuddled with so many snakes in the past couple of days.:D Our royal python and boa constrictor, plus two burmese pythons and a carpet python. I love them all, wish I could take them all home.:(

But actually, one pretty boy should be coming home with us soon.OwO LOOK AT HIM!

Isn't he lovely!?

Hes only two years old and kinda small for his age, but once we get him and start feeding him often, hes going to get MUCH bigger. I love him!

Also, I've decided that I'm going to apply to some modelling agencies soon. I know, I know, its VERY unlikely as my style would probably be a problem, but it couldn't hurt, right? So for a week or two I'm going to work suuuuper hard on my diet and exercise and try to get lots of new pictures taken that would look impressive to an agency, then apply.:)

I'm not expecting much out of it, but I think it would be fun anyway.^O^ And it would be cool if it did work out. I'd love to be able to go to places like London and Tokyo for photoshoots. Hell, I plan on doing that regardless of what happens with the agencies, it'll just mean I'll have to find my own way there.:P

Pretty Nails with one of my cupcakes.^_^

So other than all that, not much else to say! I will try to keep updated more often, just depends what I've been doing.:O OOH also, hoping to learn Japanese and Mandarin soon.x__x Going to be haaard. Especially the Mandarin. I know bits and pieces of Japanese already and don't struggle with it too badly, but Mandarin melts my brain.D;

Ok, now I'm done!

Have some new pictures.^O^ Byeeee <3

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Been far too long since my last post!

Sorryyyy! I've just not had anything of interest to say haha.>_< Still don't have a huge amount but I'll see what I can stretch out.:3

So, tomorrow its Easter, so I'm pretty excited about that.^O^ It would be more fun if I'd had more money, but hopefully it'll be good anyway.:3 Especially since something else is happening tomorrow - Jake and I will have been together for two whole years.:O <3 So yes, tomorrow will definitely be a day of fun, whatever happens.:3

Ginger Bread Easter Egg that Jake decorated for me, aww.>w<

Got a few Easter eggs here and I think my mum has some for me too.OwO Will take a picture of them all tomorrow haha.^_^

Speaking of pictures, I need to get some new ones. Perhaps tomorrow..? Will see.:3

Think I've kinda been holding off taking new ones because I have a TONNE of stuff coming in the post soon (Well, soonish. Its all coming from Hong Kong which takes ages *sob*) and have lots of fun make-up and outfit ideas, so everything else seems boring right now.D:< Haha
Just some of the stuff I'm waiting for.:D Hurry hurry hurry!

Once it all comes through I'm going to do more tutorials and stuff on youtube I think.^__^ Hope it arrives by next weekend, hopefully going to Cornucopia (Goth club, haven't been in months) and I wan't it in time for then.>_>

Just finished watching Ponyo for the first time, no idea why its taken me so long. It was adorable <3

Speaking of Ponyo, I'm currently trying to learn this dance:

Simply because its adorable!>w< But I, unfortunately, am the LEAST co-ordinated person in the entire world, which makes even the simplest dances impossibly hard for me haha.

Was trying to learn it in the gym today, was upstairs on my own, video up on the laptop which was plugged into the audio system so the song was blasting, didn't realise some guy had walked in behind me, and theres me flailing around like a fool. The look he gave me...ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ

He wasn't leaving and I wanted to learn the dance, soooo I decided to try to get him to leave. Aka, started playing Cradle of Filth very loudly through the massive speakers. Unfortunately he had headphones in so he didn't care. Thankfully he left pretty soon, but some girl came in immediately after and kept giving me dirty looks. But she didn't have headphones, so Babylon A.D by Cradle of Filth got rid of her pretty damn fast.>_> Haha. So the music went from that, riiiight back into the video's music.>w<
Also got this cute Hello Kitty bag.:D I need a really big bag and my Cyberdog one is starting to look a little dead..D;

Also, it would appear that its that time of year again. My need for bright colours is creeping back in.>__< Haha. I'm currently working on making a new dread wig. Not bored of my black dreads just yet, but I want to have it ready when I do fancy a little change.;3

So thats about it, I should be in with another little update and hopefully some pictures either tomorrow or monday.

Until then, I hope you all have a good Easter and put yourselves into a chocolate coma :D