Sunday, 4 March 2012

A very enjoyable sunday!

I had a lovely day today, went for a little trip to Holywood for lunch and a walk around the forest that I spent most of my time in around the ages of 10/11. It was really nice to go up there, I was always in Holywood when I was younger since thats where my school was and most of my friends lived up there, and I practically lived at their houses at weekends and holidays.^-^

Make-up today.:)
Mind you, it certainly could have been a better day. Jake insisted on going to the gym beforehand, so we didn't get there until really late and it being sunday, everything was closed, so we'll have to go up another day soon so I can visit all the places I had planned.:3

Got the train up and had a little look around, once I realised everything was closed, we went for lunch. Just in Nero's, next time when we actually get up on time I definitely want to pop into a little place I remember going when I was younger.:)

Got a really tasty chicken pesto panini and a hot chocolate, was so good.^_^

After that we popped down to the leisure centre to see if they had any martial arts classes for Jake, and they actually do Tae Kwon Do which is what he does now, so we got a contact number for that.

And after that, it was off to the forest!

Outfit today.:)
Had a nice walk around, showed Jake all the places I used to hang out. Me and my friends used to sit by the river and light a camp fire every single night and just sit and talk, listen to music and generally have a good time. Some of my fondest memories are from this place.^_^

Also collected some different flowers to press.:D Its something I used to do when I was a kid, think I'll take it up as a hobby again.^-^ Had a good walk around the place, the hills nearly killed me though, being doing a lot of work in the gym to tone up my bum, and my ass is KILLING me now haha!

Picture from the forest..
After that we walked down a road I haven't been on before, the houses are actually AMAZING. There was one particular house I really wanted to take a picture of, it had a huuuge drive way, amazing old fashioned lamps, fountains, and a massive custom gate with the letter "F" on it, which I'm assuming is someones initial. Like I said, was going to take a picture, but there were security cameras at the gates so I thought I better not, but if you go to google maps and type in something along the lines of "134 church road Holywood BT18 9BZ" and go to street view, you should be able to find it. Holy wow, I so badly want to live there! I want to know who owns it, surely it can't just be any random person.o_O Anyone know how I can make a lot of money!? haha

I'd honestly really like to live in Holywood. Its such a nice area, definitely something to look into for the future.

So yes, I had a wonderful day, I was planning on going to the beach too but it was very windy so we decided against it. The weathers getting better, but the wind is still bitter cold. Will get back some day soon so I can do everything I had planned.:)

So thats about it for now! I'll leave you with a few more pictures from today. Hope everyone is doing well~ x

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  1. Great pics! Looks like a fun day :) Love that top and those tights you were wearing.