Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Suddenly extremely wrestless

I'm usually pretty content with not doing much, but I've suddenly been hit with a wave of extreme boredom. I want to get out and go places, I want to go on holiday or to a fashion show, or a gig, or some sort of wonderful party.

Ahhhhh. I wish I could win the lottery or something. Not even the whole lottery, just like £10,000 would do to clear up anything that still needs paid off, buy some treats and go on a REALLY nice holiday.

I dunno. I just definitely need to do something soon.D; I want to get dressed up and go places and have fun.

Its also been about a year since I've been to London, and I miss it so bad.D; I want to go to Gilgamesh and have cocktails with Pixel again, want to go explore Camden some more.. Want to meet other friends in that area that I still only know online. Humph.

Also desperate to visit Japan, and maybe Italy or something.

Don't suppose any of you have a private Jet I could borrow?-__-

Anywho, sorry for this incredibly negative post. Just feel like I'm going to explode.>_<

Another one from the other day <3

Other than that I had a pretty nice day, went up to my Grannies with my mum so the three of us could celebrate mother's day and have a nice dinner and everything.

Also got an acrylic nail set through in the post with all sorts of wonderful little bits and pieces, so I'm excited to play with that.:)

Thats about it. Hoooopefully going out for more pictures tomorrow, depends whether the Tripod boyfriend can be bothered.

Thats about it for now, sorry I don't have much interesting to say at the moment. Be sure to check my Circle Lens Review if you haven't already, and share it with your friends if you could.:) Thank you x

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