Friday, 2 March 2012

Spring is here!

The spring has finally began creeping in! I went for a walk in the park today with my mum, the dog and Toto (my bearded dragon, who spend the entire time eyeing up the birds suspiciously) and it just smelled like spring.^__^ And the flowers have begun popping up, it makes me happy.:D

Have actually been a little more productive than usual the past few days!

On wednesday our internet cut off, I nearly cried.-__- But I found other ways to occupy myself anyway. Went out to lunch with my granny in Holywood, went to a place called The Dirty Duck, which despite the name is LOVELY (if a tad expensive..). Had really nice Oak Smoked Haddock. After that we had a walk around the shops in Holywood, saw a few cute places with things I want to buy, a few places I'd like to take Jake, and had a hunt for something to get my mum for her birthday next weekend. Was a really lovely day.^_^

Then when Jake got back from work we nipped up to Tesco, played some Tekken (and I got so frustrated that I nearly kicked him in the head) then settled down to watch Howl's Moving Castle, install my dreads which FINALLY arrived, and eat some chocolate.OwO

Glad to finally have my dreads in, we were up until about 3am doing them.>_< They're really nice.:3 And although I love how stiff they are, I do hope they kinda soften up eventually, since I'm very limited in the styles I can do with them at the minute..
As you can see, even a simple pony tail isn't a sensible option with dreads this stiff..

So the next morning, about 10am, I'm still practically unconscious and someone knocks the door. Stumble down the stairs like a zombie only to find Aska (first photographer I ever worked with) at the door demanding I be ready to shoot in 20 minutes.x___x Lmao

So rushed to get ready, spent about 10 of my 20 minutes trying to get my bloody circle lenses in, and I was out the door. Jake took a little longer though.-__- haha

Askas pictures aren't always exactly flattering, they're certainly not designed to make you look pretty, but they are always interesting pictures and I love the shoots.^-^

After the shoot Jake and I went to the bank and sorted everything out, then went for lunch in town, had a lovely day.:) Also have a dead goliath tarantula in the freezer that someone gave me to try to assemble and pin.>_> Definitely going to wear gloves and a mask while doing it, and maybe even goggles.. those hairs are the MOST irritating thing ever.

"I swear if you don't smile, I'll photoshop a really stupid smile on you..."

Today was just the walk with mum and then the gym as usual. Ordered some proper trainers so once they arrive I'll finally be able to start running, need a bit of proper cardio if I'm going to burn any fat.

Ooh also, in terms of getting a new camera, I'm definitely getting one, but I have to wait a teeeeny bit longer. I made the mistake of telling Aska I was getting a new camera and of course he wanted to know what kind, and basically said "No. Is shit. We find you a Nikon D80" x_x Haha. So just waiting to see if he can find one I can afford, then he says he can give me some lenses for it. So if that works out, it'll actually be really really good.:D Since I wanted a DSLR anyway.:P

Although I know fine rightly he'll be hell bent on teaching me basically everything he knows about photography ("A LOT" would be an understatement) my poor brain.>_< Haha. Blah can't wait for new camera.:D And then I can start doing all the shoots I've been planning.>:D

So thats what I've been doing recently.:3 Hope everyone is well and enjoying the arrival of spring.:3 <3

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