Monday, 26 March 2012

Popping in for a little update~

I do wish I could post more frequently, I just never know what to post about!>O< Buuut the warm weather is coming in, which means I won't be a cold sad little ball hiding in the house (instead I'll just be a melting pile of goop somewhere...) so I can start doing more stuff and make plans.^_^

Going to get a little planner and start keeping up to date with things that are going on around NI, and start arranging to do more stuff.:)

Met with a personal trainer yesterday to see where I'm going wrong, it was mostly information I already know, but he recommended some new classes and a few other bits and bobs to add to my workout, and I got this big folder and book full of information, some of which I've used to tweak my diet a little.:) So that may help.

And from now on I'm going to try to drink the right amount of water everyday.>_< I just find it really hard to get enough water, but I'm going to have to force myself because I think I have a lot of water retention due to dehydration which makes me very thick around the middle. And it'll clear up my skin a little bit more too.:)

Todays a rest day, feeling totally knackered and I've been in the gym pretty much every day for I don't know how long, so a wee rest was in order. Back in tomorrow, will try to get plenty done.^_^

It was lovely and sunny today so we went for a little walk to the park to see the swans and ducks and stuff.:) Shame its so far away, by the time we had walked there I was so knackered I could barely walk around the park.-__- Heat murders me lol.

Ooh also, new pictures. Sorry to anyone who doesn't want to see my pants.>O<

Thats all for now.:3 Bye lovelies~


  1. You're so pretty!!

    These photos are so sexual o.O I like. Tehehe!!

    I also love how every piece of body jewellery is black ^__^ that's what I *tried* to do.. but I love green and rainbow captive rings too much :D!!

  2. you're such a beautiful, beautiful girl. i'm so glad you followed me so i could find you blog! <3