Saturday, 3 March 2012

Outfit Post and upcoming posts..

Hello, thought I'd pop in and drop off a little picture of what I wore today, will try to do these a little more often!

In the next week or so I have two contact lense reviews to do (although I currently have an extremely blood shot eye for some reason so I'll have to wait until that goes away) so keep an eye out for that.:)

I also FINALLY dropped in a pair of new rocks a friend gave me to be sorted out. I'm a size 7 and the shoes are a size 6, I can fit into them but if I tried to actually wear them anywhere I'd be crippled within minutes, so I'm having them stretched out, hopefully that'll be enough for me to wear them comfortably.:) If so, then I'm going to customise them. May post progress pictures.^_^

Aaaand when I get a chance I'll sort through some video clips from the shoot the other day and stick them on youtube.^o^

Until then, my tumblr is always kept updated.:3 Byee <3

After the gym


  1. that really hiw the weather is like there already? I mean the grass is quite green and it seems quite warm....
    Here the snow hasn't melt and I tried to swich my thick winter coat for a spring coat but it's still way too cold for that...

    1. Yeah, but it changes.D; Today its quite nice and sunny, tomorrow it could be snowing.>_< Haha. Northern Ireland's weather is all over the place.