Friday, 16 March 2012

Hello Lovelies!

Just stopping in to say hello since I haven't posted anything in a while! Haven't done a huge amount the past few days, mostly the gym and what not. I can definitely FEEL more muscle in my legs and arms, but I still can't see a huge difference in my body to be honest. More cardio me thinks! I did do 5K on the cross trainer yesterday (finally got it feeling like it works, had to put it up to level 12 first though).

Going to try to do it more often. I'd say every day but we'll see, its pretty hard on the ol' leg muscles!

One thing I definitely want to do soon is open up a website.:/ Blogger is great and all, but I'd like my own website that I have more control over, plus I hate relying on shitty google adsense, they're major fuck ups and I'm done with it.>:C

Buuut I basically don't know anything about that sorta thing, so it'll take a while to do some research into it. I have dreamweaver and kiiinda know how to use it, but other than that, I'm clueless haha.

Wanting to get out for a shoot today but its been raining constantly and its getting late, don't know if its going to happen.:/

But I hope to get a vlog, circle lense review and perhaps a make-up tutorial done, then maybe go out for a little shoot tomorrow if the weather has perked up by then.

So I SHOULD be back later with some of that, until then I just thought I'd let you know I'm still alive.^_^ Byee x

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