Monday, 19 March 2012

*Barbie Princess Eye Circle Lens Review*

Its finally here! My review of the Barbie Princess Circle Lenses in "Grey" from

Wearing the lenses

First up, the basic information on them:

Manufacturer: Vassen
Type of Lense: One Year Disposable
Material: 38% Poly2 HEMA
Packaging: 1 lens in a vial
Water Content: 42%

First thing I have to say - I love these lenses. Love love love them! They're 17.5mm, where as your average coloured contact lenses are around 14mm. That means these lenses make your eyes look HUUUGE. They give a really amazing big dolly eye effect, which is fantastic.

17.5mm Princess Eye Lens compared to a 14mm contact lens.

The grey is very dark, almost black, which I love. They give the full impact of black lenses with a little added interest, and since I was originally going to purchase the black versions, I was very happy with this.

They come in an absolutely adorable little case, its some sort of little animal, the lens cases are in his ears! The only problem I've found is you have to be careful to really put on the lids carefully as they have a tendency to leak a little if you're not careful.

The website itself was also fantastic, easy to deal with and absolutely fantastic customer service. They kept in contact with me, their replies to any of my emails were always fast, they helped me with any questions I had and were over all very friendly, I was extremely pleased with the service and would most definitely recommend them to anyone who is wanting to buy circle lenses.

They have a range of different styles on the site. I'll actually be reviewing another pair of lenses from shortly, so keep an eye out for that!

I find the lenses to be fairly comfortable for the majority of the day, they only become irritating if I leave them in for too long, as with any lenses.

And here are some pictures of the lenses showing the difference they make to your eyes:

One lens in: No make-up

Both lenses: No make-up

Both lenses: One eye make-up

Both lenses with full make-up

If you want to see the tutorial for this make-up (which I'm wearing the lenses in) click *here*

Over all, the only problem I could possibly find with this product was the ever so slightly lens case, which really isn't a big deal and if it bothered me I could easily buy a new one for about £1, so I give these lenses 9.5/10!

One last picture wearing the lenses!


  1. hey! thanks for writing me. would you tell me your tumblr? just write me an email to: nymphali_dae [at] hotmail [dot] com

  2. these look awesome on you. I have been thinking about getting a pair for myself. I think I will now :)

  3. Wow, they are great! My lenses have 15 mm and I am very happy with the effect, and these, with their 17 mm... I have to try them, or similar ones :O