Monday, 26 March 2012

Popping in for a little update~

I do wish I could post more frequently, I just never know what to post about!>O< Buuut the warm weather is coming in, which means I won't be a cold sad little ball hiding in the house (instead I'll just be a melting pile of goop somewhere...) so I can start doing more stuff and make plans.^_^

Going to get a little planner and start keeping up to date with things that are going on around NI, and start arranging to do more stuff.:)

Met with a personal trainer yesterday to see where I'm going wrong, it was mostly information I already know, but he recommended some new classes and a few other bits and bobs to add to my workout, and I got this big folder and book full of information, some of which I've used to tweak my diet a little.:) So that may help.

And from now on I'm going to try to drink the right amount of water everyday.>_< I just find it really hard to get enough water, but I'm going to have to force myself because I think I have a lot of water retention due to dehydration which makes me very thick around the middle. And it'll clear up my skin a little bit more too.:)

Todays a rest day, feeling totally knackered and I've been in the gym pretty much every day for I don't know how long, so a wee rest was in order. Back in tomorrow, will try to get plenty done.^_^

It was lovely and sunny today so we went for a little walk to the park to see the swans and ducks and stuff.:) Shame its so far away, by the time we had walked there I was so knackered I could barely walk around the park.-__- Heat murders me lol.

Ooh also, new pictures. Sorry to anyone who doesn't want to see my pants.>O<

Thats all for now.:3 Bye lovelies~

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Suddenly extremely wrestless

I'm usually pretty content with not doing much, but I've suddenly been hit with a wave of extreme boredom. I want to get out and go places, I want to go on holiday or to a fashion show, or a gig, or some sort of wonderful party.

Ahhhhh. I wish I could win the lottery or something. Not even the whole lottery, just like £10,000 would do to clear up anything that still needs paid off, buy some treats and go on a REALLY nice holiday.

I dunno. I just definitely need to do something soon.D; I want to get dressed up and go places and have fun.

Its also been about a year since I've been to London, and I miss it so bad.D; I want to go to Gilgamesh and have cocktails with Pixel again, want to go explore Camden some more.. Want to meet other friends in that area that I still only know online. Humph.

Also desperate to visit Japan, and maybe Italy or something.

Don't suppose any of you have a private Jet I could borrow?-__-

Anywho, sorry for this incredibly negative post. Just feel like I'm going to explode.>_<

Another one from the other day <3

Other than that I had a pretty nice day, went up to my Grannies with my mum so the three of us could celebrate mother's day and have a nice dinner and everything.

Also got an acrylic nail set through in the post with all sorts of wonderful little bits and pieces, so I'm excited to play with that.:)

Thats about it. Hoooopefully going out for more pictures tomorrow, depends whether the Tripod boyfriend can be bothered.

Thats about it for now, sorry I don't have much interesting to say at the moment. Be sure to check my Circle Lens Review if you haven't already, and share it with your friends if you could.:) Thank you x

Monday, 19 March 2012

*Barbie Princess Eye Circle Lens Review*

Its finally here! My review of the Barbie Princess Circle Lenses in "Grey" from

Wearing the lenses

First up, the basic information on them:

Manufacturer: Vassen
Type of Lense: One Year Disposable
Material: 38% Poly2 HEMA
Packaging: 1 lens in a vial
Water Content: 42%

First thing I have to say - I love these lenses. Love love love them! They're 17.5mm, where as your average coloured contact lenses are around 14mm. That means these lenses make your eyes look HUUUGE. They give a really amazing big dolly eye effect, which is fantastic.

17.5mm Princess Eye Lens compared to a 14mm contact lens.

The grey is very dark, almost black, which I love. They give the full impact of black lenses with a little added interest, and since I was originally going to purchase the black versions, I was very happy with this.

They come in an absolutely adorable little case, its some sort of little animal, the lens cases are in his ears! The only problem I've found is you have to be careful to really put on the lids carefully as they have a tendency to leak a little if you're not careful.

The website itself was also fantastic, easy to deal with and absolutely fantastic customer service. They kept in contact with me, their replies to any of my emails were always fast, they helped me with any questions I had and were over all very friendly, I was extremely pleased with the service and would most definitely recommend them to anyone who is wanting to buy circle lenses.

They have a range of different styles on the site. I'll actually be reviewing another pair of lenses from shortly, so keep an eye out for that!

I find the lenses to be fairly comfortable for the majority of the day, they only become irritating if I leave them in for too long, as with any lenses.

And here are some pictures of the lenses showing the difference they make to your eyes:

One lens in: No make-up

Both lenses: No make-up

Both lenses: One eye make-up

Both lenses with full make-up

If you want to see the tutorial for this make-up (which I'm wearing the lenses in) click *here*

Over all, the only problem I could possibly find with this product was the ever so slightly lens case, which really isn't a big deal and if it bothered me I could easily buy a new one for about £1, so I give these lenses 9.5/10!

One last picture wearing the lenses!

New Make-up Tutorial

Give it a watch, let me know what you think.:)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Recent Pictures

Hiyaa.:3 Yes yes I promised a circle lens review and it IS coming, I'm just having trouble getting a decent video of the lenses, the lighting in here at night shows up SUPER yellow on my camera and looks crap and I forgot to get one during the day.

Aaand since my nails are really long I have to get Jake to take out my lenses for me and he kinda jabbed me in the eye last night, so now one is a bit blood shot, which wouldn't look great on video.x__x Using eyedrops, hopefully it'll be cleared up by tomorrow and then I can FINALLY finish the review!

Anywho, I realised I forgot to post some pictures from last week here, and I also got a handful of new ones yesterday, so I thought I'd share them here.:) So I'm very sorry to those of you who are sick of seeing my face!>O< Haha

Just finished my breakfast (Bacon, Sausage and Watercress Sandwich with scrambled eggs and croissants, YUM.) So here you go! Pictuuuures.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Hello Lovelies!

Just stopping in to say hello since I haven't posted anything in a while! Haven't done a huge amount the past few days, mostly the gym and what not. I can definitely FEEL more muscle in my legs and arms, but I still can't see a huge difference in my body to be honest. More cardio me thinks! I did do 5K on the cross trainer yesterday (finally got it feeling like it works, had to put it up to level 12 first though).

Going to try to do it more often. I'd say every day but we'll see, its pretty hard on the ol' leg muscles!

One thing I definitely want to do soon is open up a website.:/ Blogger is great and all, but I'd like my own website that I have more control over, plus I hate relying on shitty google adsense, they're major fuck ups and I'm done with it.>:C

Buuut I basically don't know anything about that sorta thing, so it'll take a while to do some research into it. I have dreamweaver and kiiinda know how to use it, but other than that, I'm clueless haha.

Wanting to get out for a shoot today but its been raining constantly and its getting late, don't know if its going to happen.:/

But I hope to get a vlog, circle lense review and perhaps a make-up tutorial done, then maybe go out for a little shoot tomorrow if the weather has perked up by then.

So I SHOULD be back later with some of that, until then I just thought I'd let you know I'm still alive.^_^ Byee x

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Not a huge amount to say..

But I got my new camera!:D And not the one on my wishlist, an actual DSLR OwO Makes me happy.^_^ I've got a few quick snaps with it so far, which I'll put in this post. Not many, and they haven't been great because they've either been quick snaps in the house, or the ones today, at which point the light was fading unfortunately, but I should be going out earlier tomorrow to get more and learn more about the camera.^-^ Enough blabbing, pictuuures.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

A very enjoyable sunday!

I had a lovely day today, went for a little trip to Holywood for lunch and a walk around the forest that I spent most of my time in around the ages of 10/11. It was really nice to go up there, I was always in Holywood when I was younger since thats where my school was and most of my friends lived up there, and I practically lived at their houses at weekends and holidays.^-^

Make-up today.:)
Mind you, it certainly could have been a better day. Jake insisted on going to the gym beforehand, so we didn't get there until really late and it being sunday, everything was closed, so we'll have to go up another day soon so I can visit all the places I had planned.:3

Got the train up and had a little look around, once I realised everything was closed, we went for lunch. Just in Nero's, next time when we actually get up on time I definitely want to pop into a little place I remember going when I was younger.:)

Got a really tasty chicken pesto panini and a hot chocolate, was so good.^_^

After that we popped down to the leisure centre to see if they had any martial arts classes for Jake, and they actually do Tae Kwon Do which is what he does now, so we got a contact number for that.

And after that, it was off to the forest!

Outfit today.:)
Had a nice walk around, showed Jake all the places I used to hang out. Me and my friends used to sit by the river and light a camp fire every single night and just sit and talk, listen to music and generally have a good time. Some of my fondest memories are from this place.^_^

Also collected some different flowers to press.:D Its something I used to do when I was a kid, think I'll take it up as a hobby again.^-^ Had a good walk around the place, the hills nearly killed me though, being doing a lot of work in the gym to tone up my bum, and my ass is KILLING me now haha!

Picture from the forest..
After that we walked down a road I haven't been on before, the houses are actually AMAZING. There was one particular house I really wanted to take a picture of, it had a huuuge drive way, amazing old fashioned lamps, fountains, and a massive custom gate with the letter "F" on it, which I'm assuming is someones initial. Like I said, was going to take a picture, but there were security cameras at the gates so I thought I better not, but if you go to google maps and type in something along the lines of "134 church road Holywood BT18 9BZ" and go to street view, you should be able to find it. Holy wow, I so badly want to live there! I want to know who owns it, surely it can't just be any random person.o_O Anyone know how I can make a lot of money!? haha

I'd honestly really like to live in Holywood. Its such a nice area, definitely something to look into for the future.

So yes, I had a wonderful day, I was planning on going to the beach too but it was very windy so we decided against it. The weathers getting better, but the wind is still bitter cold. Will get back some day soon so I can do everything I had planned.:)

So thats about it for now! I'll leave you with a few more pictures from today. Hope everyone is doing well~ x

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Outfit Post and upcoming posts..

Hello, thought I'd pop in and drop off a little picture of what I wore today, will try to do these a little more often!

In the next week or so I have two contact lense reviews to do (although I currently have an extremely blood shot eye for some reason so I'll have to wait until that goes away) so keep an eye out for that.:)

I also FINALLY dropped in a pair of new rocks a friend gave me to be sorted out. I'm a size 7 and the shoes are a size 6, I can fit into them but if I tried to actually wear them anywhere I'd be crippled within minutes, so I'm having them stretched out, hopefully that'll be enough for me to wear them comfortably.:) If so, then I'm going to customise them. May post progress pictures.^_^

Aaaand when I get a chance I'll sort through some video clips from the shoot the other day and stick them on youtube.^o^

Until then, my tumblr is always kept updated.:3 Byee <3

After the gym

Friday, 2 March 2012

Spring is here!

The spring has finally began creeping in! I went for a walk in the park today with my mum, the dog and Toto (my bearded dragon, who spend the entire time eyeing up the birds suspiciously) and it just smelled like spring.^__^ And the flowers have begun popping up, it makes me happy.:D

Have actually been a little more productive than usual the past few days!

On wednesday our internet cut off, I nearly cried.-__- But I found other ways to occupy myself anyway. Went out to lunch with my granny in Holywood, went to a place called The Dirty Duck, which despite the name is LOVELY (if a tad expensive..). Had really nice Oak Smoked Haddock. After that we had a walk around the shops in Holywood, saw a few cute places with things I want to buy, a few places I'd like to take Jake, and had a hunt for something to get my mum for her birthday next weekend. Was a really lovely day.^_^

Then when Jake got back from work we nipped up to Tesco, played some Tekken (and I got so frustrated that I nearly kicked him in the head) then settled down to watch Howl's Moving Castle, install my dreads which FINALLY arrived, and eat some chocolate.OwO

Glad to finally have my dreads in, we were up until about 3am doing them.>_< They're really nice.:3 And although I love how stiff they are, I do hope they kinda soften up eventually, since I'm very limited in the styles I can do with them at the minute..
As you can see, even a simple pony tail isn't a sensible option with dreads this stiff..

So the next morning, about 10am, I'm still practically unconscious and someone knocks the door. Stumble down the stairs like a zombie only to find Aska (first photographer I ever worked with) at the door demanding I be ready to shoot in 20 minutes.x___x Lmao

So rushed to get ready, spent about 10 of my 20 minutes trying to get my bloody circle lenses in, and I was out the door. Jake took a little longer though.-__- haha

Askas pictures aren't always exactly flattering, they're certainly not designed to make you look pretty, but they are always interesting pictures and I love the shoots.^-^

After the shoot Jake and I went to the bank and sorted everything out, then went for lunch in town, had a lovely day.:) Also have a dead goliath tarantula in the freezer that someone gave me to try to assemble and pin.>_> Definitely going to wear gloves and a mask while doing it, and maybe even goggles.. those hairs are the MOST irritating thing ever.

"I swear if you don't smile, I'll photoshop a really stupid smile on you..."

Today was just the walk with mum and then the gym as usual. Ordered some proper trainers so once they arrive I'll finally be able to start running, need a bit of proper cardio if I'm going to burn any fat.

Ooh also, in terms of getting a new camera, I'm definitely getting one, but I have to wait a teeeeny bit longer. I made the mistake of telling Aska I was getting a new camera and of course he wanted to know what kind, and basically said "No. Is shit. We find you a Nikon D80" x_x Haha. So just waiting to see if he can find one I can afford, then he says he can give me some lenses for it. So if that works out, it'll actually be really really good.:D Since I wanted a DSLR anyway.:P

Although I know fine rightly he'll be hell bent on teaching me basically everything he knows about photography ("A LOT" would be an understatement) my poor brain.>_< Haha. Blah can't wait for new camera.:D And then I can start doing all the shoots I've been planning.>:D

So thats what I've been doing recently.:3 Hope everyone is well and enjoying the arrival of spring.:3 <3