Saturday, 25 February 2012


I wish I could post a lot more often than I do, I just don't have a huge amount to talk about right now! I don't want to only be posting about gym stuff, since I'm sure a lot of you couldn't care less, but to be honest thats where I'm spending most of my time haha.

Earlier this week..

Other than that, I haven't been doing a HUGE amount, but I'm trying to get a little more motivated. This house is bloody freezing, so thats been a problem, but I'm trying to just ignore it and get on with things.:3

For instance, after chatting with a friend I was struck with inspiration to finally sort out my clothes. I have a bundle of stuff that I wear often downstairs ready, but I suddenly realised its not a lot, and I often find myself thinking "I have nothing to weeaaar!", even though I have a lot of clothes..>_> Then I remembered, the vast majority of these clothes are in the spare room. Like you basically had to wade through them.

SO, I stuck on some Vivaldi and started sorting them into different piles to be washed.^O^ Darks, lights, pyjamas, underwear, and things that need dry cleaned. I've made a hefty dent in it so far, so I should be done soon.:3 Hopefully will be able to come up with some nice outfits from what I salvage haha.

I also finally got a sewing machine, I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm really hoping this one isn't possessed by Satan (pretty sure the other one I have here is.:|) so I might actually be able to start making my own stuff.^O^

My dreads haven't arrived yet, which is actually really starting to annoy me.  Haven’t been able to leave the house for two days because I’ve been waiting for them, will now not be able to leave the house on monday because I’ll have to wait for them, and god knows when I’ll actually have them installed because tomorrow was Jakes only day off and theres no post on sundays.¬-¬

Fuck youuuu.-__-
Other than that, I'm not doing too bad though. Some unexpected money has come my way, which meaaaaans I can get my camera next week hopefully.:D Which means a lot more pictures to come (Sorry!:P) I'm actually really excited.:3 Gotta go have a look at it and stuff to make sure its what I'll need, but I asked a few people and it seems like it should be grand for what I want to do, so yeah.^O^

Still no luck with jobs, just gotta keep trying.D; Also need to start doing some decent cardio in the gym, I'm starting to see a teeeeeny bit of muscle tone, but not that much because I haven't actually lost any fat as far as I can tell, so any muscle tone I am gaining, you can't actually see it.T___T Muay Thai actually seems like pretty damn good cardio, I was almost dead after the warm up, but its only once a week. May have to begin the dreaded running..</3

I've also been learning about some different styles.^-^ Especially Gyaru. Its not something I can ever see myself doing (although I'd certainly add elements of it to my own style) but I like reading about it and looking at pictures, it seems very fun.^-^ I love Japanese fashion, and take a lot of inspiration from it for my own outfits. *Note to self, take more outfit pictures..*

I'm kiiiinda considering getting tickets to one of the fashion shows at Belfast Fashion Week, but it will depend on money, and whether or not I can find a suitable outfit. When Jake and I do these things, we've decided we always have to come up with an outfit that will outshine the models.;D Perhaps a little rude, but good fun. Certainly worked at the Illamasqua launch party. I had people asking me all night if I was one of the models or make-up artists, which was always followed by "WHY NOT?D:" haha.:3

So yeah, thats about it for the moment! Now I will leave you with a video of me in the gym, trying to learn a front hand spring (I've improved since the video) and a picture of me and Toto.:3 Byee!

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  1. well that actually sounds as if there is a lot more than just gym right now :-D are you still in contact with that dreads-seller? hope you will get them! and again, good luck getting a job!!