Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Immune system has failed me

Hello m'dears.^o^ As the title suggests, I'm ill.>__< Despite being all healthy, eating well, etc, my immune system is crap, got a massive mouth ulcer and a really really bad cold all at once.:c Just as Jake started in his new job so I have no one here to look after me.>:C Lol

Despite being sick I've still been heading to the gym though, dedication! Saying that I haven't been doing a huge amount. I can barely breathe at the minute as it is, so cardio is out of the question, so I've mostly been using the power plate and doing some stretching and weight work. Also getting some protein shake thing on friday.^_^

Been craving one of these so bad.D:<

I finally got around to ordering my circle lenses, and if all goes to plan, them, my new dreads, and the charger for my camera should all be arriving in about two weeks time, so I'll be vlogging again.:3 Got quite a few video ideas, AND I'm most definitely taking suggestions, so if theres anything you'd like to see a vlog about feel free to drop a suggestion here or on tumblr (even if you don't have an account on tumblr you can still leave a message, its

I'll also be able to take some new pictures.^_^

Going to be pretty busy for a while, still job hunting, and I plan on beginning to learn to drive soon. Going to begin learning the theory and pick up papers for a provisional license tomorrow.:3 AAAND my Granny said I could have her sewing machine, so I'll finally be able to begin making pretty things.^o^

I don't have much else to say at the moment unfortunately, just popping in to say hello I suppose! Hope everyone is doing well~ xxx

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  1. Hope you get well! I love your blog to bits and very much adore your style dear! -Boots