Monday, 13 February 2012

Everything hurts.. ;o;

Hiyaa, sorry I haven't posted in a while. Well, I thought I'd be in pain this morning, but I really underestimated how much..x_x I can't really walk, my ass is killing me, my neck hurts, my hands still hurt from when they were literally bleeding, my head kinda hurts...

Was I in some sort of fight? No no (Well.. Not really lol) I was at the gym.

I did some of my usual work-outs, power plate and stuff, works out your abs but its usually alright, but then we realised that the big room various classes are held in was free, so we went in there. So lets see, why do different sections of me hurt..

Well the over all body pain is pretty obvious. Jake and I beating the crap out of eachother.XD Practising Taekwondo and stuff..x_x Which mean a lot of kicks, and trying to get eachother to the ground haha. Also practised on the big standing punching bag type thing, turns out I was unknowingly doing some kind of Ninjitsu x__x Haha

Hands bleeding? Doing various things using ropes attached to the ceiling.

Head hurting? Got too cocky while trying to teach myself to do a front hand spring, landed on my head.XD

I also may have spent some time crawling across the ceiling singing "I'm a sloth I'm a sloth I'm a sloth..."

I may have to record some of this next sunday.>____> Haha

Oh, and my legs and ass hurting? I legpressed 120KG!O__O That is literally more than twice my weight. Bloody proud.OwO But now I'm dying..x_x

Meant to be going back to the gym today too.. might die.D;

Alright, good news for those of you who don't care about the gym, that portion of the blog is over.OwO

So, I've been job hunting a lot lately, but still haven't got anything, which is really sucky! Especially since I now have two things that I very much want to buy!

The first two items on my wishlist, which can be found here:

So thats the camera and camcorder.

Why? Well, I want to improve the quality of my vlogs, so I could really do with an HD camcorder. I'm also teaching myself to use Adobe After Effects. Its bloody hard.:/ It'll be especially handy for reviews and stuff, since my current camera's quality just isn't enough.>__<

And the camera! Well, I absolutely want to start modelling again since I took a bit of a break from it. But I'd also really like to be able to take my own high quality images. There are only so many photographers in this place, and stuff will start looking very samey after a while I guess.

Where as with my own camera, I have SO many ideas, some of which I'd be able to do much better by myself than with a photographer, I'd be more free to experiment, etc. I already have a lot of things I plan on doing the second I get it!<3

I also made a deviant art last night.^_^ It'll take a while to upload all my pictures, but I'm getting there. I wish I hadn't resized them though, because I'm having so much fun making them available as mugs and prints and stuff.XD I know its not likely anyone will buy them, but its still really fun.:D

AND if by chance stuff does get bought, I'll keep all the money and put it towards my camera so I can produce more stuff.^-^<3

My deviant art is:

So feel free to check that out.:3 Thats about it for now really. I'm going to start taking a notepad out with me, I always think of things to blog about while I'm out then forget them.>___<

Bye lovelies!


  1. ...Your face on a mug. Sounds appealing. XD

    1. Baha well if you ever want one you know where to go.XD I'd say people are more likely to buy a picture of me to throw darts at or something though.:P