Thursday, 16 February 2012

Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest..

I suddenly feel like I really need to get out of the city for a while. I live about a 10/20 minute walk away from Belfast City Centre, and right now I just want to be out somewhere with forests and countryside.. Right now I would literally like to be in the middle of a MASSIVE mossy forest, butt naked happily prancing through the trees like a pixie.

Maybe its my hippy steiner childhood resurfacing.:P Seriously though, I'd love to get away for a few days.

Jake and I's two year anniversary is coming up in April (infact I believe it falls on the same day as Easter this year) and we've been trying to find somewhere nice to go, so maybe some castle in Southern Ireland somewhere with a forest nearby ^O^ That would be perfect.<3

I also really can't wait for the summer, completely over winter now.x__x It didn't even snow this year and its just cold and damp and miserable. NEED WARMTH PLEASE.

I also seriously need a job, its not even funny. Every day I see about 5 new things that make me go "Ooh, I need to buy this when I get a job!", not to mention all the plans I have for the summer. Last summer sucked really bad, neither of us had jobs, we had like no money, so we didn't get to do any of the stuff I'd planned, and I'm pretty determined to make sure this year will be different. The first things I buy when I have some money about me, one way or another, will be a new camera and HD Camcorder.

I have so many ideas for pictures, videos, projects etc that I want to do, and no way of doing them properly, and its driving me nuts. So that seriously needs to change.

I may actually have a little project that might make me a wee bit of money, but I can't imagine it would be a lot, and thats if it works out at all.>_> Will wait and see before I go blabbing about it.

Another thing that needs to happen this year, that I'm super excited about, is moving to a new place.^_^ Somewhere this much more space, hopefully in a nicer location (maybe in the country or near a forest??OwO) etc.

We've already found the bed we'll be getting and its AMAZING, seriously can't wait. Another big plus is that it will have a garden, which is a good thing before I even explain anything, buuut it means I'd be able to set up suitable housing for me to start doing falconry.:) Its something I actually really want to do, so I've found out exactly what I'd need to do it.^_^ I need to find a full license holder to train me, and in the first two years I'm only allowed to keep a Kestrel or a Buzzard, but I'm happy with that.:3 Hopefully it'll all work out.

Tomorrow I don't have anything that I need to go out and do (unless the post office will let me come collect my package thats apparently waiting) so I'm going to have a lovely day all to myself, drinking cup-a-soup, reading about fairies, sketching out something to paint on my new canvas, and maybe watching some some fun movies.^-^ All up in my cosy little attic.:D

Now I can't concentrate on what I'm typing anymore because I'm watching the big bang theory, so that'll do.^-^ Hope everyones doing well. Byeee ~


  1. If you want to go on an adventure with Jake, you should head up to Cairnwood. It's a huge forest with a quarry and stuff in it. Probably the biggest one in the vicinity.
    You can get to it from going a way up behind Holywood. Me and Pete were going to go, but we found a country road that led straight into Helen's Bay, and the beach sounded funner.
    If not, head out towards Castlewellan, there's loads of forests and countryside. We used to have a holiday home out there on a road called Ballywillwill Road. Can't remember the forests name, but it's not too far from there.

    1. Ooooh, which direction do we go?;o

    2. Up Church Road to the very top, there's a cross roads at the top with the choice to go straight, left or right. And a sign post for Dundonald aswell. You turn left and keep walking, and eventually come to a small area of houses. There'll be a road Whinney Hill or something on your left, but you go right. And you can see the forest from there. Quite a trek to get there though.

  2. will you show us pics of the new flat when youre done? (ok, even if it will be in quite some time *lol*)

    and hope you can get a nice job soon, all girls should be able to buy those pretty things that we 'TOTALLY NEED!!'.

    1. Definitely!^_^ We're hoping for a house with at least 3 bedrooms and 2 receptions, and a garden.:D <3

      Haha me too.;o; Too many expensive pretty things </3