Saturday, 25 February 2012


I wish I could post a lot more often than I do, I just don't have a huge amount to talk about right now! I don't want to only be posting about gym stuff, since I'm sure a lot of you couldn't care less, but to be honest thats where I'm spending most of my time haha.

Earlier this week..

Other than that, I haven't been doing a HUGE amount, but I'm trying to get a little more motivated. This house is bloody freezing, so thats been a problem, but I'm trying to just ignore it and get on with things.:3

For instance, after chatting with a friend I was struck with inspiration to finally sort out my clothes. I have a bundle of stuff that I wear often downstairs ready, but I suddenly realised its not a lot, and I often find myself thinking "I have nothing to weeaaar!", even though I have a lot of clothes..>_> Then I remembered, the vast majority of these clothes are in the spare room. Like you basically had to wade through them.

SO, I stuck on some Vivaldi and started sorting them into different piles to be washed.^O^ Darks, lights, pyjamas, underwear, and things that need dry cleaned. I've made a hefty dent in it so far, so I should be done soon.:3 Hopefully will be able to come up with some nice outfits from what I salvage haha.

I also finally got a sewing machine, I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm really hoping this one isn't possessed by Satan (pretty sure the other one I have here is.:|) so I might actually be able to start making my own stuff.^O^

My dreads haven't arrived yet, which is actually really starting to annoy me.  Haven’t been able to leave the house for two days because I’ve been waiting for them, will now not be able to leave the house on monday because I’ll have to wait for them, and god knows when I’ll actually have them installed because tomorrow was Jakes only day off and theres no post on sundays.¬-¬

Fuck youuuu.-__-
Other than that, I'm not doing too bad though. Some unexpected money has come my way, which meaaaaans I can get my camera next week hopefully.:D Which means a lot more pictures to come (Sorry!:P) I'm actually really excited.:3 Gotta go have a look at it and stuff to make sure its what I'll need, but I asked a few people and it seems like it should be grand for what I want to do, so yeah.^O^

Still no luck with jobs, just gotta keep trying.D; Also need to start doing some decent cardio in the gym, I'm starting to see a teeeeeny bit of muscle tone, but not that much because I haven't actually lost any fat as far as I can tell, so any muscle tone I am gaining, you can't actually see it.T___T Muay Thai actually seems like pretty damn good cardio, I was almost dead after the warm up, but its only once a week. May have to begin the dreaded running..</3

I've also been learning about some different styles.^-^ Especially Gyaru. Its not something I can ever see myself doing (although I'd certainly add elements of it to my own style) but I like reading about it and looking at pictures, it seems very fun.^-^ I love Japanese fashion, and take a lot of inspiration from it for my own outfits. *Note to self, take more outfit pictures..*

I'm kiiiinda considering getting tickets to one of the fashion shows at Belfast Fashion Week, but it will depend on money, and whether or not I can find a suitable outfit. When Jake and I do these things, we've decided we always have to come up with an outfit that will outshine the models.;D Perhaps a little rude, but good fun. Certainly worked at the Illamasqua launch party. I had people asking me all night if I was one of the models or make-up artists, which was always followed by "WHY NOT?D:" haha.:3

So yeah, thats about it for the moment! Now I will leave you with a video of me in the gym, trying to learn a front hand spring (I've improved since the video) and a picture of me and Toto.:3 Byee!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Made a new post on tumblr, suppose it should go here too.:)

Hello Tumblahhh Blogahhhhh.:3
Currently on the couch all cosy, watching interview with a vampire, and I have a Strawberry and Lime Kopparberg ^_^ Happy Happy~
Not totally sure what the plan is today. Currently waiting for the pasta to cook so I can make a nice pasta salad for later, may or may not be going into town with my mum, then later Jake and I have.. A class.. some sort of fighting or martial arts.. Sounds like Mai Tai? Something along those lines haha.
Most of my workouts these days are probably from fighting Jake (not like, arguing, literally practising punches, kicks, throwing him to the ground etc..XD) and I’m actually starting to feel a teeeeny tiny bit of muscle under my arm squidge.:3
Also been doing some weights, just to tone of course, if I see my arms or anything looking like they’re going to get bigger I will be stopping immediately.D:< So I was in the free weights room yesterday. All the MASSIVE muscle dudes didn’t seem to know what to make of the little girl with pig tails invading their territory, but ah well.:P 
Actually starting to enjoy going to the gym now, since I’ve found things that I enjoy.:3 Still a little frustrated that I’m not even nearly seeing the results I want though, but I’ll just have to keep going. It’ll happen.
And Jake managed to say something last night that actually made me feel a million times better about everything.<3
So yeah, thats my little update for the moment. Oh, and my dreads still aren’t here, don’t even know if they’ve been sent out yet. Eurgh.T__T
Bye lovelies <3

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest..

I suddenly feel like I really need to get out of the city for a while. I live about a 10/20 minute walk away from Belfast City Centre, and right now I just want to be out somewhere with forests and countryside.. Right now I would literally like to be in the middle of a MASSIVE mossy forest, butt naked happily prancing through the trees like a pixie.

Maybe its my hippy steiner childhood resurfacing.:P Seriously though, I'd love to get away for a few days.

Jake and I's two year anniversary is coming up in April (infact I believe it falls on the same day as Easter this year) and we've been trying to find somewhere nice to go, so maybe some castle in Southern Ireland somewhere with a forest nearby ^O^ That would be perfect.<3

I also really can't wait for the summer, completely over winter now.x__x It didn't even snow this year and its just cold and damp and miserable. NEED WARMTH PLEASE.

I also seriously need a job, its not even funny. Every day I see about 5 new things that make me go "Ooh, I need to buy this when I get a job!", not to mention all the plans I have for the summer. Last summer sucked really bad, neither of us had jobs, we had like no money, so we didn't get to do any of the stuff I'd planned, and I'm pretty determined to make sure this year will be different. The first things I buy when I have some money about me, one way or another, will be a new camera and HD Camcorder.

I have so many ideas for pictures, videos, projects etc that I want to do, and no way of doing them properly, and its driving me nuts. So that seriously needs to change.

I may actually have a little project that might make me a wee bit of money, but I can't imagine it would be a lot, and thats if it works out at all.>_> Will wait and see before I go blabbing about it.

Another thing that needs to happen this year, that I'm super excited about, is moving to a new place.^_^ Somewhere this much more space, hopefully in a nicer location (maybe in the country or near a forest??OwO) etc.

We've already found the bed we'll be getting and its AMAZING, seriously can't wait. Another big plus is that it will have a garden, which is a good thing before I even explain anything, buuut it means I'd be able to set up suitable housing for me to start doing falconry.:) Its something I actually really want to do, so I've found out exactly what I'd need to do it.^_^ I need to find a full license holder to train me, and in the first two years I'm only allowed to keep a Kestrel or a Buzzard, but I'm happy with that.:3 Hopefully it'll all work out.

Tomorrow I don't have anything that I need to go out and do (unless the post office will let me come collect my package thats apparently waiting) so I'm going to have a lovely day all to myself, drinking cup-a-soup, reading about fairies, sketching out something to paint on my new canvas, and maybe watching some some fun movies.^-^ All up in my cosy little attic.:D

Now I can't concentrate on what I'm typing anymore because I'm watching the big bang theory, so that'll do.^-^ Hope everyones doing well. Byeee ~

Monday, 13 February 2012

Everything hurts.. ;o;

Hiyaa, sorry I haven't posted in a while. Well, I thought I'd be in pain this morning, but I really underestimated how much..x_x I can't really walk, my ass is killing me, my neck hurts, my hands still hurt from when they were literally bleeding, my head kinda hurts...

Was I in some sort of fight? No no (Well.. Not really lol) I was at the gym.

I did some of my usual work-outs, power plate and stuff, works out your abs but its usually alright, but then we realised that the big room various classes are held in was free, so we went in there. So lets see, why do different sections of me hurt..

Well the over all body pain is pretty obvious. Jake and I beating the crap out of eachother.XD Practising Taekwondo and stuff..x_x Which mean a lot of kicks, and trying to get eachother to the ground haha. Also practised on the big standing punching bag type thing, turns out I was unknowingly doing some kind of Ninjitsu x__x Haha

Hands bleeding? Doing various things using ropes attached to the ceiling.

Head hurting? Got too cocky while trying to teach myself to do a front hand spring, landed on my head.XD

I also may have spent some time crawling across the ceiling singing "I'm a sloth I'm a sloth I'm a sloth..."

I may have to record some of this next sunday.>____> Haha

Oh, and my legs and ass hurting? I legpressed 120KG!O__O That is literally more than twice my weight. Bloody proud.OwO But now I'm dying..x_x

Meant to be going back to the gym today too.. might die.D;

Alright, good news for those of you who don't care about the gym, that portion of the blog is over.OwO

So, I've been job hunting a lot lately, but still haven't got anything, which is really sucky! Especially since I now have two things that I very much want to buy!

The first two items on my wishlist, which can be found here:

So thats the camera and camcorder.

Why? Well, I want to improve the quality of my vlogs, so I could really do with an HD camcorder. I'm also teaching myself to use Adobe After Effects. Its bloody hard.:/ It'll be especially handy for reviews and stuff, since my current camera's quality just isn't enough.>__<

And the camera! Well, I absolutely want to start modelling again since I took a bit of a break from it. But I'd also really like to be able to take my own high quality images. There are only so many photographers in this place, and stuff will start looking very samey after a while I guess.

Where as with my own camera, I have SO many ideas, some of which I'd be able to do much better by myself than with a photographer, I'd be more free to experiment, etc. I already have a lot of things I plan on doing the second I get it!<3

I also made a deviant art last night.^_^ It'll take a while to upload all my pictures, but I'm getting there. I wish I hadn't resized them though, because I'm having so much fun making them available as mugs and prints and stuff.XD I know its not likely anyone will buy them, but its still really fun.:D

AND if by chance stuff does get bought, I'll keep all the money and put it towards my camera so I can produce more stuff.^-^<3

My deviant art is:

So feel free to check that out.:3 Thats about it for now really. I'm going to start taking a notepad out with me, I always think of things to blog about while I'm out then forget them.>___<

Bye lovelies!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Start of a new week!

Admittedly not off to the best start, missed my spinning class today because I was still feeling pretty under the weather this morning and I've heard they're pretty intense, but thats alright, they're on multiple times during the week so I'll make up for it.^_^ This week I plan to work REALLY hard on my body.OwO

Had a bit of a sleep after waking up this morning, and I'm feeling a million times better, cold is about 97% gone, perfect.^-^

I'm booked in with a personal trainer later on today so I'll be figuring out a good work-out and eating plan with them to get the results I want. I've also bought some Sculptress Diet shakes, which you can read more about by clicking the link. I have no idea if they'll be any good, but at the very least it'll give me more energy and a good dose of protein, so I'm excited about that.:)

I'd like this sort of tummy/waist shape. But you know, without the tan.x__x  Snow white skin only for me!
Tomorrow I'll have to get up early to go off hunting through Belfast to find the place I need to go, boo.:C

But over all, I'm really excited for this week, and lifes pretty damn good at the minute.:) Feeling good, things are better than ever with Jake, we have tonnes of fun plans for this year, like moving house and learning to drive amongst many others, all is well.:D

Aaaand I have a bunch of ideas for vlogs I'll be doing when I get my camera charger through, so stay tuned for that!

Byee! x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Immune system has failed me

Hello m'dears.^o^ As the title suggests, I'm ill.>__< Despite being all healthy, eating well, etc, my immune system is crap, got a massive mouth ulcer and a really really bad cold all at once.:c Just as Jake started in his new job so I have no one here to look after me.>:C Lol

Despite being sick I've still been heading to the gym though, dedication! Saying that I haven't been doing a huge amount. I can barely breathe at the minute as it is, so cardio is out of the question, so I've mostly been using the power plate and doing some stretching and weight work. Also getting some protein shake thing on friday.^_^

Been craving one of these so bad.D:<

I finally got around to ordering my circle lenses, and if all goes to plan, them, my new dreads, and the charger for my camera should all be arriving in about two weeks time, so I'll be vlogging again.:3 Got quite a few video ideas, AND I'm most definitely taking suggestions, so if theres anything you'd like to see a vlog about feel free to drop a suggestion here or on tumblr (even if you don't have an account on tumblr you can still leave a message, its

I'll also be able to take some new pictures.^_^

Going to be pretty busy for a while, still job hunting, and I plan on beginning to learn to drive soon. Going to begin learning the theory and pick up papers for a provisional license tomorrow.:3 AAAND my Granny said I could have her sewing machine, so I'll finally be able to begin making pretty things.^o^

I don't have much else to say at the moment unfortunately, just popping in to say hello I suppose! Hope everyone is doing well~ xxx