Sunday, 8 January 2012

Week 1 Over

Been a few days since I've posted because all this exercise has me exhausted in the evenings.x__x Its only been one week so my body isn't used to it yet.:P Today is our "Day Off" so I've been able to just sit around doing nothing, which is much more enjoyable.^_^

Asides from the gym and swimming we've been in and out of town for different stuff, and I ended up buying a stupidly expensive teddy bear from this odd little shop down an odd little shopping centre meets ally type place. His name is Charlie, it didn't feel right to rename him haha

I'm definitely going to add some nicer lace to the bottom of this dress.>___<

Hes one of the proper old style ones with moving arms and legs etc.OwO I'm just a big old kid haha. But I'm going to get a better picture of a video or something of him soon because hes really pretty.>_>

We also have a new family member!

This is Kokoa the baby Boa ^__^ Shes a wee sweet heart. Although Jakes first ever encounter with her wasn't great. He woke her up and she swiftly bit him on the knuckle and started hissing, and holy hell can she hiss. I've heard Burmese Pythons who aren't as loud as her.O_O Its almost like a growl haha.

But ever since then shes been nothing but lovely, even so, I waited for a day or so before I gave her a kiss on the nose, don't want a baby snake firmly latched to my nose!:P

Shes only small now, but one day she'll be around 12ft long. :3

We've decided to go swimming on Mondays and Thursdays from now on, we went yesterday and the place was full of kids and its more expensive on Saturdays.>O< It was still super fun though.:P

We're such idiots, trying to recreate the Lake Scene from dirty dancing, doing some sort of weird crab dance, and many other odd things.:| Haha I love it though.^_^

Can't wait til my wig comes through so I can get some new pictures and vlogs.>O<  In the mean time there are a tonne of pictures and videos on my tumblr (The pictures of me link) and youtube.

Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to write about soon, now I'm off to make to make steak for dinner.OwO Yum yum. Also looking forward to swimming again tomorrow.>w< I'll grow gills at this rate haha.

Bye! x

Last minute recipe 
Chicken Pasta Bake

Did you try making some of the soup in my previous recipe and now you have some left over? Well it also makes a really tasty sauce for pasta bakes.^_^ Cook some chicken breasts with a little butter and garlic and make some pasta. When everything is cooked pour pasta into a casserole dish and dice the chicken breast, mix the chicken and left over soup (it should be thick enough) with the past. Grate over some cheese and even add some crispy bread crumbs if you life and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes, done! ^___^

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  1. Snakes <3
    I used their scales as inspiration for my first jewelry assignement I had. Love those creatures.