Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ow ow ow!x__x

So the gym yesterday wasn't too bad, I didn't do a huuuge amount to be fair. Although I was exhausted since Jake had me up at 4am and then we were at the gym at 8am, when we came back here I passed out for ages, woke up and had a massive dominos.:P Healthy start to the new year eh? But I was feeling really sick and when I'm ill there are only certain foods I can eat.

By the way, I promise this blog won't all be about working out and crap, I'm just not doing much else right at this moment.:P

But yeah, today went into town to get proper stuff (New tracksuit bottoms and a sports bra since I do not own either. First ever time wearing a sports bra either, ick.) and the weather has been horrible all day. Really windy, cold, FREEZING rain, just generally horrible, so I really was not in the mood for the gym, but headed there anyway and REALLY worked my ass off, especially on the various weight machines.

Even though I didn't think I'd done much yesterday going on the ab weight machine actually quite hurt so I must've done something.

And right now, everything hurts.:P ALL the muscles in my legs were worked to death as well as my abs, so not fun.>O< But I suppose its a good thing! Means its working. Going swimming tomorrow!OwO Much more fun.

I kiiinda thought of something I want to do with my hair after I get bored of the new wig I ordered (although that won't be here for a while, coming from hong kong). Now I just have to hope none of my friends do it before me.x__x Thats been happening with everything recently.>_< lol

Random old one of me
I can't wait for my new stuff to start arriving in the post.^O^ Or to go feed the squirrels when the weather clears up.:3

Ah well, hopefully I'll have something more interesting to blog about soon, unless I drown tomorrow from my muscles being too sore haha.


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