Saturday, 14 January 2012

New wig and other ramblings..

Hello.^-^ Well my new wig finally came through, although I definitely need a wig cap because without one it just doesn't sit right (probably because I have a massive amount of hair that needs to be tucked under). I have no idea where all my old wig caps are!>O<

One of the only semi-decent pictures I could manage
Haven't been doing a huuuge amount recently, took two days off of the gym because suddenly springing that much exercise on my body wasn't a good idea haha, went swimming as planned though.^-^ Will go back to the gym tonight though, and I'm dreading it. -___- Haha

Also, might be getting a job! Going to the interview type thing on wednesday, Jake and I are both applying (there are like 30 positions available). He would be more likely to get the job than me because he has the experience, but they provide full training so its still possible for me to get it.:) Fingers crossed anyway, as soon as I'm into a job all my plans can start taking off!

And a new one has been added to the list - Getting a new house.

The one we're in is fine, but as it turns out, a two bedroom house just isn't enough space for us, and this area is kinda shitty, so we want to move somewhere a bit nicer.^_^ We're going to look into getting a four bedroom house, three would maybe do as well, and assuming we both get the job we've seen plenty of stunning ones that would be in our price range, so hopefully we'll get the jobs and once we're ready to start house hunting there will still be some nice ones around.:)

I've got how I want to decorate it all planned out perfectly!>w< I'd say some of my friends may be a little afraid of it though, taxidermy, skulls, pinned insects and things in jars everywhere haha. Oh well, regardless of what happens its a nice thought to look forward to.:3

Also really excited to learn how to drive, I keep getting urges to go off on random adventures at like 3am haha. Lack of car is the only thing stopping me.>w<

Went for a nice walk yesterday, unfortunately I'm guessing all the squirrels were hibernating since I didn't see any around.:( I brought nuts and everything. But I always enjoy walks through that park so its alright.^_^

I seriously seem to have lost all ability to take a moderately decent picture.:| 
And after the walk we went swimming again which is always fun. Although this time was significantly less fun due to the massive amount of kids.:/ We're going to have to start going during the day when children are at school because I can't stand the little *beepity beep beep beeps* haha.

Thats all for now, sorry it wasn't particularly interesting. I'm hoping to go to the museum tomorrow if I'm able to drag Jake out, wish me luck!:P <3

OOH also, realised why I've been so convinced I'm getting fatter - Didn't realise I'm close to the end of my pack of Pills, I always get really bloated and retain a lot of water at this time, hence me looking massive.>_O Hopefully next week or so the problem should be gone haha.:3


  1. good luck on getting the jobs! i will have an interview on tuesday :-D
    and that wig color looks great on you!