Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year Lovelies.^__^

I'll be linking this blog today I suppose, although I'm confused as to how I ended up with 5 followers without telling anyone about this blog.o_O So hello to you lot! Haha!

So it is the first of January, technically I've done nothing today, but I've been doing lots of planning for my new years resolutions, and some other fun projects.^_^

I think most new years resolutions fail because its usually a flippant remark like "Oh I'm going to lose weight this year" and thats the only planning that goes into it, but you need to plan what you're going to do to make those changes.

So this year I have a tonne of plans, including losing a tiny bit of weight, toning up, getting healthy, getting a job (which will be key for a lot of my other resolutions), learning to drive, amongst others.

I'd like bigger boobs too, someone give me boobs.:P

But yes, I have a lot planned and I'm excited to get everything on the go.^-^ Tomorrow Jake and I are going for a run (I'm probably going to die. I can run for about 2 minutes without feeling like I'm going to be sick) and we should be doing some tidying shortly. We've also spent today planning a possible project that should be up and running later this month or perhaps early february if things work out.

I'm also going to put more effort into blogging and vlogging, I suppose with it being winter I haven't been doing much worth writing about really, its a miracle I'm not in hibernation.

Which I may as well be. Sitting here in my cupcake pyjamas, about to make myself some hot chocolate in my cupcake mug and snuggle up with a cupcake hot water bottle.;D Yeahh, party hard.

So I hope everyone is doing well, feel free to let me know what your resolutions are and how you plan on sticking to them!:) Bye lovelies, happy new year!

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