Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Free dead things!?

For those who know me via tumblr, you'll know I'm very interested in Taxidermy, along with collecting other various oddities. I have also began doing my own taxidermy, so far I've only had one attempt, which, to be honest, ended pretty terribly due to a HORRIBLY blunt scalpel. Jake is genuinely afraid of it, I'm pretty sure it haunts his dreams.:P For reference, this is it:

So yeah, not the worst attempt I've ever seen, but pretty horrific. But now I have nice new surgical scalpel blades, pretty sure they're the kind used in veterinary surgery so they should be sharp. Need to go pick up the handles today.OwO Up until now my only option for taxidermy has been things that are sold as reptile food, so mice, rats, rabbits, etc. (Frozen, of course)

Now the really exciting news (well, for me anyway). I know a lot of people who keep a lot of pets, especially reptiles, so I asked if they happened to stumble upon any odd feeder mice specimens (for instance genetic mutations in which the mouse may have multiple limbs, heads, etc). Not only will quite a few people be keeping an eye out for these for me, I suddenly got bombarded with many other things.:D I've now been told that if any of their reptiles die (They have rooms FULL of tanks) I'm allowed to have them for taxidermy and wet specimens.:3

And, as heart breaking as it is, another friend has a farm, and sadly has to kill foxes sometimes because they eat his animals, along with things like crows etc. It seems horrible, but I can understand he needs to protect his own animals, and he said if hes going to have to kill things that hes not able to eat, he'd like me to have them so I can do something with them.

It'll break my heart seeing poor we dead foxes and crows at first, but I suppose I'll get used to it.>O< The rats made me really sad at first, but my snakes need food, and sometimes they decide they don't want to eat, so I may as well do something with them rather than throwing them out.

I'd love to try something like this! So cute

Just so we're clear - I'd never kill anything, or have anything killed for me just for me to stuff it. I've actually had that offer, but I've made it very clear I don't want anything killed for me.>__<

But yeah, I now have a great supply for all sorts of things.:3 First, I need to master the process with feeder rats, I don't want to ruin anything really amazing because I'm not good at it yet.

So apart from all of that, yesterday was spent having lunch in town, chatting with various people around town, then swimming again.^_^

I'm doing all this exercise and eating healthy, yet I feel like I'm getting fatter...T__T I know its not physically possible so I won't stress over it, but thats how it feels.>___< Will just have to keep working til I start seeing results, want to be nice and toned.:3

Also made a really nice pasta bolognese last night from scratch.OwO I don't even usually like bolognese but mine was awesome.;D No real recipe, just chopped tinned tomatoes, mince beef, and a good amount of my parsnip and butternut squash soup in a pot, cook on a high heat until cooked through, then little simmer for a little while longer, add to pasta, tada! I dont like mine full of chunks of onions and things.>O<

Hope everyones doing well!^__^ Byee


  1. Weight: muscles are heavier then fat ;)
    Taxidermy: be carefull with foxes. 1 on 2 foxes can have a "insect" (for lack of better word; thanks to my mother tongue) which is dangerous for humans (heard that from a fellow taxidermist). So just be carefull with that one ^^

  2. Ahh yeah I know, but I haven't actually weighed myself, its more, I LOOK fatter, like I seem squishier, which is the opposite of what should logically happen.>_O Haha

    Ahh probably a "parasite" then, will definitely be careful, I always used rubber gloves and I need to get some good dust masks just to be safe.:3 Will be a wee while anyway since the forms are quite expensive to buy and I can't make ones that large myself.>o< Thanks.:D

  3. Tell them story of the dead bird with its stitched in "love".

  4. Oh my god I forgot about that.:D I can't believe you threw my valentines gift in a hedge.¬-¬

    I should make you one in a jar so you can keep it forever.OwO

  5. What process did you try for the rat above?
    It looks like you're doing a skin stuffing (I wish I could remember at 1am, what it's called), did you get out all of the fat and grease?
    Otherwise it'll start to smell.
    I have ten birds, a rat (that died of cancer, a friends pet), and a mole.
    Nine dried birds, and the rest are in the freezer.
    I've been doing all sorts of crazy things with them, i'm implementing taxidermy and aspects of it into fine art.
    Have you talked to any local taxidermists?
    they're loaded with information, and you may be able to swing an internship.
    If anything, they can further explain to you the three (I believe it's three) main types of taxidermy, which includes freeze drying, which is really expensive.

    1. Yeah the skin is stuffed, I scraped all the fat and flesh off and rubbed in PLENTY of borax, so its fine, no smells.^_^ Its been there for like a month and there hasn't been a problem so all is well.:3

      Ahh wonderful.^o^ As far as Taxidermy goes all I have right now are my wonky rat and two little ducklings (didn't do those myself). Other than that I have a few skulls, and a very old pine snake preserved in a jar.:)

      I also plan on doing some more arty things as well now that I have access to a lot more animals, but my main focus at the moment is getting the typical taxidermy process correct. I'm pretty confident the second attempt will go much smoother with the proper scalpels.

      Unfortunately, I don't think there are any local taxidermists here, if there are it would just be people like me doing it as a hobby from their own home, definitely no businesses unfortunately.:( I can't even find any dermestid beetles.>_O

      Ahh I do like freeze drying, but its not something I'd be able to do right now.:P

    2. Good! I was hoping you knew about the grease and what not, I know for most people it isn't something you regularly think of.
      I didn't know till I called a taxidermist about it.
      I do a technique right now, that I haven't been able to find any information on so i'm winging it really, but it's to dry them out.
      Right now, i've only used small birds, the kind that run into windows.
      I use a shoe box, because it's a really good storage space for dead things it helps to contain the smell.
      Silica, like the kind you get at the craft store to dry out flowers.
      And then some of this drain cleaner, to eat the smell.
      It works really well, it takes a bit though.
      I have a hummingbird head from the hummingbird I dried and made a mold of.
      A lot of my birds are going to be used to make plaster molds, i've got one and some wax versions of it I can post today.
      I've got a lot of bones, and what not that i've accumulated over the years (i'm a shaman so most of mine are on my altar), i've got some crazy stuff like a Buffalo Jaw Bone, and owl pellets i've torn apart and kept the small pelvises and parts of skulls.

    3. However, it is a rather toxic process, because silica is poisonous to anything carbon based.
      And the drain cleaner burns human skin off.
      So I am trying to think of some tweaking or ways to make it less hazardous, but it works!

    4. Ooh! Is this just the skin you do this for, or do you put in a whole bird? Sounds interesting. What do the results look like?

      To keep my taxidermy rat smelling nice, since the form is made from wire and toy stuffing wrapped tightly with string, I put a few whole cloves inside the form haha.:') Not really necessary, but still!

      My new scalpel handles still aren't in.:( *flails* haha.

      What way do you use the drain cleaner?o_O That stuff will eat through anything

  6. Parasite! That was the word ^^
    Examens are killing my brains >_>

  7. The whole bird! Which is part of why I like it so much.
    I've got tons of photography ideas, and I want to do a bunch of drawings/paintings of them.
    They are soo light! Since birds have hollow bones, once they are completely dried it feels like lifting paper.
    Well it's this pebble like stuff *runs to the other side of the room to find the name, meanwhile tripping over packing boxes and other such things* I use 100% Lye.
    And it completely eats the smell, it solidifies and forms like a layer over the birds on top of the silica.
    What's interesting is that it doesn't effect the birds at all physically.