Monday, 23 January 2012

Finally have a chance to post!

Hiyaa.^_^ Have barely been about, between the gym, hanging out with friends, trying to sort out jobs, and the fact that our bloody internet is disconnecting every five seconds!>__<

So bad news first - Didn't get the job, boo! Oh well. I did think I had it, I mean I signed the form agreeing to work when they want me and she kept saying "Alright, you'll be working X hours per week, this is the salary you'll receive" blah blah blah. Jake got it though so thats one bit of good news.:) And another friend who works there is going to see if he can find out why I didn't get it so we'll see.

I've applied for a bundle of other jobs too so we'll see if any of those go anywhere.

My knitting is coming along nicely.^_^ Learnt a couple of days ago and have been doing it since, going to make some arm warmers.:D

I've also ordered my new dreads, will be a while before they come through, I may die.XD I'm so impatient, I want them right this second.x__x Will feel so much better when I have them in.

Unfortunately I don't really have any pictures at the moment because I can't find the bloody charger for my camera battery.:C

(so heres one from this time last year instead...)

Anywho, still being going to the gym, did miss ONE day because there just wasn't enough time, but I plan on making up for it by going to the gym on one of my swimming days (as well as swimming obviously) so that'll be fine.

Saturday night we had a friend over, but he was already completely pissed when he got here, felt really ill, perked up for about half an hour before he was ill and kinda passed out so we put him up into bed, so Jake and I just sat up after that, was still a lot of fun.^_^

Last night we ended up going out for a while, somehow ended up drinking with the professional Northern Irish Rugby team o___O These guys were HUGE. I was wearing my platforms and one guy we were talking to was still practically twice my height, and his arms were almost as thick as my waist.o-O Theres now a picture of me "waltzing" with him on someones phone.>_< Lmao

After that headed round to a different bar for a while with one of our friends, had a drink then we all headed back here, which was fun. Second person in a row to pass out pretty early though.:P

AND I ended up eating a whole pizza, half a kebab and a chinese.XD And was still extremely hungry, I was in "eat everything" mode. Ack well, its been almost a month since I had anything like that and I've been doing well in the gym, I think I deserved it, and I plan on working extra hard this week anyway. One night of junk food won't make a difference.:3

I SHOULD be going to London in June, so by that point I hope to have my body exactly how I want it.^_^ By the way, of any of the lovely alternative bloggers on here are from anywhere near London, I'm definitely hoping to get a bundle of tumblr people to meet up around that time, so blogger people are free to come along too! Really hope I manage to save up enough.x-x Come onnnn job! lol

Alright, thats all for now, I'm exhausted and typing a load of crap.>o<

Hope everyones doing well ~


  1. Very interested in this meet-up, if you wouldn't mind possibly having me along!

    1. Pfft, mind? I'd love it!^O^ I've always thought you seemed like someone who would be fun to hang out with. I'd love to arrange a big picnic or something, perhaps a night at one of the clubs or something.OwO When I know for sure whether I can make it or not it will be easier to organise.^_^