Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Feeling good!:3

Didn't post for a few days because I've been in a pretty horrible mood. Been REALLY down about my looks, and everything has been making me irritable. While I'm still not feeling any better about my appearance, other things have at least brightened me up a bit!

So to begin with, my extremely pissy mood actually helped my workout last night. I ended up in a really bad mood, and I REALLY worked my ass off in the gym, pretty sure I worked like three times harder than I usually would. Heres most of what I did:

30 minutes on the exercise bike
140 crunches (On the weighted machine, weight was set at 20 for some, 25 for the last handful. I'm assuming thats measured in pounds but I don't know)
60 leg presses (weight at 50)
20 minutes doing various core workouts using the power plate (Which absolutely wreck me..x__x)
Some time on the treadmill, unsure how long

So yeah, that may not seem like a huge amount to some people, but I'm practically allergic to exercise, could barely stand up by the end of it. But I was proud of myself.^_^

Sure as hell paid for it this morning though. Woke up and could hardly move, every muscle ached, AND I had cramps, and a job interview to head out to. GOODIE.-__-

But I had my breakfast, went in and did it all. Now I've been assuming the whole way along I would not be getting this job, so I wasn't feeling confident.

On the way to the interview though an old couple stopped us to gush about how much shes loves our looks and even called us "works of art", and basically just made me blush horribly for a good five minutes, which was so lovely and put me in a good mood.>w< Was surprised though, I was dressed for the interview and thought I looked pretty boring!

Random of picture of me for no other reason than to break up text.>_<

Got in, did the test/assessment, which was painfully easy.o_O I was kinda staring at it thinking "..Is this some sort of trick question? SURELY that can't actually be what they're asking me.."

But apparently I passed it with no problem what so ever so I guess not, then I went in for the interview, which mostly went well I think!

I'm about 90% sure I have the job, EEE!:D I'm not going to get my hopes up TOO much just incase, but things are looking good.>w< Pretty positive Jake and I both got it, so we'll be working together, and combined we'll be earning about £2000 a month, perhaps a bit more if we hit bonus, so thats great.OwO

I so so so hope I'm right in thinking I've got it!

Bought myself some really adorable socks today as a bit of a celebration.^-^

I've had a pretty healthy day today. Went to the gym again even though every inch of me was screaming "DON'T YOU DARE!!", but didn't work myself quite as hard as last night, probably would have died haha.

For food I had:

Breakfast: Bacon, egg, one piece of toast
Snack: Some sort of pastry... thing
Lunch: A salad with cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and pesto
Dinner: Egg noodles with plenty of salad (could NOT be bothered cooking a proper big dinner)
Desert: Grapes and Strawberries drizzled with honey ^__^

Not bad considering there are two massive delicious strawberry iced doughnuts in the cupboard with my name on them!

Hopefully I'll stop feeling so utterly depressed about my appearance soon.:/ Nothing I can do about my face, but I'm just going to keep working on my body, and I'll be ordering my new dreads on friday, so we'll see.

Will try to get some new pictures soon, maybe when I won't smash the camera.>O<

Hope everyone is doing well.OwO Byee xx


  1. Don't deel down about your looks. You are a pretty princess. -nod- And you can't disagree with me, coz I am a cat. No one disagrees with the whiskers.

    1. Haha awh.<3 Thank you.>o< Might just wear my tiara all day now.>___> Haha <3