Monday, 23 January 2012

Confusion over style?

I actually originally posted this as a response to TheUltimateGothGuide 's post titled "Slipping away from goth" and thought it would be worth posting here as well, I've also added a little more to it.:)

I got into the alternative way of life (at the beginning, definitely through goth alone) at a VERY young age. I'm talking about 8/9 years old when it all began. I've always been very sure of my style.

When I was 10 the hair was dyed black, I got my undercut, by 11 the eyebrows were gone and I was a proud owner of my first pair of newrocks.

My best friend and I would sit in her room, which was decorated entirely by obscure song lyrics written all over the walls, incense lit, listening to Marilyn Manson (don't worry, even then we knew his music wasn't actually goth) and other darkly inclined bands.

So it all started very young for me. I've went through periods of being perhaps more towards one style. There have been times its been mostly goth, when I was 14/15 a lot of my wardrobe was a cyber goth's dream, plenty of deathrock influences, but I've never outright called myself "Goth" or "Cyber" or "Death Rock" because I like to mix and match styles too much.

One girl once told me I wasn't allowed to wear cyberlox with ripped tights because cyberlox were meant to be futuristic and cyber, and ripped tights were death rock. This girl was a good 8 years older than me, even I was amazed by how stupid she was being.

So I've always been perfectly happy with my style, but in recent months I found myself very unsure of what I wanted, and it was getting me down, until the other day it suddenly clicked in my head.

I've been reading so many articles and blogs recently, about the rules of different fashions and subcultures, whether it be goth, various types of lolita, etc etc, that without me realising its been programmed into my head that I can only wear one or the other at any given time.

When I realised this, my mind instantly went "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK" (pardon my language). I was actually very disappointed in myself for letting silly rules be programmed into my head without me realising, I'd essentially lost what has been making me, me for the past 10 years.

Why can't I wear dreads and ripped tights with a cute lolita dress and a billion decora themed accessories, goth inspired lacy bits and pieces and jewellery made from bones? 

Theres literally no reason why I can't. As long as I don't go out saying "This is Lolita" etc, then who cares about the silly rules, I've never been one to outright state "I am <insert subculture" anyway.

Since realising this I've felt a million times better, and I'm looking forward to getting a job so I can start making all the wonderful outfits I have planned.^__^

So if you want to try some other fun style, just remember, you don't have to stick to ONE thing. You can create something amazing for yourself, and no one else will look like you.:)

Word of warning - There are some exceptions to this. At the end of the day, some things are going to look stupid no matter what you do. If you look more or less like a clone of Justin Bieber but you're wearing a big ass pair of platform boots, it doesn't look good (actually saw this about three days ago).

Same way you can't really expect to wear a chavvy white Nike tracksuit, trainers, and a PVC underbust corset over the top and look good. Be creative, but you know, use a bit of common sense too!:P

(All pictures are of me, doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the looks I've done.:P )


  1. speaking of pvc underbusts.. where did you get yours that you are wearing on one of the photoshoot pictures?

    1. I don't think I'm wearing a PVC underbust in any of those pictures.;o I have two PVC corsets, one I don't remember the name of the site but its not great anyway, the other came from I believe.^__^

      I also recently got a corset from and it was quite good quality, but I haven't tried their PVC ones. Hope that helps!^_^

      (What Katie Did also does lovely corsets, but I doubt they have anything PVC)

  2. To my brothers wedding I wore a Black Loli dress (admittedly not the most high quality) and my cowboy boots. Its looked pretty great. :)

  3. Glad you finally clicked back into place.
    I'll get there, eventually.

    1. So am I! Was not amused when I realised haha.:P

      You having those problems too?>O< You will get there, you just have to figure out whats holding you back.:3

    2. Somewhat, yeah. I think mid-2012 is going to be my time.

  4. perfect. i was not as young as you (i was 10/11) and tried to 'stick to the rules' until i was... i think 19 but then i decided to try and play because noone should tell you what to wear. i now have a huge mirror to check if my outfit & if i think it matches.

    love the 1st pic best btw :-D