Monday, 23 January 2012

Confusion over style?

I actually originally posted this as a response to TheUltimateGothGuide 's post titled "Slipping away from goth" and thought it would be worth posting here as well, I've also added a little more to it.:)

I got into the alternative way of life (at the beginning, definitely through goth alone) at a VERY young age. I'm talking about 8/9 years old when it all began. I've always been very sure of my style.

When I was 10 the hair was dyed black, I got my undercut, by 11 the eyebrows were gone and I was a proud owner of my first pair of newrocks.

My best friend and I would sit in her room, which was decorated entirely by obscure song lyrics written all over the walls, incense lit, listening to Marilyn Manson (don't worry, even then we knew his music wasn't actually goth) and other darkly inclined bands.

So it all started very young for me. I've went through periods of being perhaps more towards one style. There have been times its been mostly goth, when I was 14/15 a lot of my wardrobe was a cyber goth's dream, plenty of deathrock influences, but I've never outright called myself "Goth" or "Cyber" or "Death Rock" because I like to mix and match styles too much.

One girl once told me I wasn't allowed to wear cyberlox with ripped tights because cyberlox were meant to be futuristic and cyber, and ripped tights were death rock. This girl was a good 8 years older than me, even I was amazed by how stupid she was being.

So I've always been perfectly happy with my style, but in recent months I found myself very unsure of what I wanted, and it was getting me down, until the other day it suddenly clicked in my head.

I've been reading so many articles and blogs recently, about the rules of different fashions and subcultures, whether it be goth, various types of lolita, etc etc, that without me realising its been programmed into my head that I can only wear one or the other at any given time.

When I realised this, my mind instantly went "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK" (pardon my language). I was actually very disappointed in myself for letting silly rules be programmed into my head without me realising, I'd essentially lost what has been making me, me for the past 10 years.

Why can't I wear dreads and ripped tights with a cute lolita dress and a billion decora themed accessories, goth inspired lacy bits and pieces and jewellery made from bones? 

Theres literally no reason why I can't. As long as I don't go out saying "This is Lolita" etc, then who cares about the silly rules, I've never been one to outright state "I am <insert subculture" anyway.

Since realising this I've felt a million times better, and I'm looking forward to getting a job so I can start making all the wonderful outfits I have planned.^__^

So if you want to try some other fun style, just remember, you don't have to stick to ONE thing. You can create something amazing for yourself, and no one else will look like you.:)

Word of warning - There are some exceptions to this. At the end of the day, some things are going to look stupid no matter what you do. If you look more or less like a clone of Justin Bieber but you're wearing a big ass pair of platform boots, it doesn't look good (actually saw this about three days ago).

Same way you can't really expect to wear a chavvy white Nike tracksuit, trainers, and a PVC underbust corset over the top and look good. Be creative, but you know, use a bit of common sense too!:P

(All pictures are of me, doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the looks I've done.:P )

Finally have a chance to post!

Hiyaa.^_^ Have barely been about, between the gym, hanging out with friends, trying to sort out jobs, and the fact that our bloody internet is disconnecting every five seconds!>__<

So bad news first - Didn't get the job, boo! Oh well. I did think I had it, I mean I signed the form agreeing to work when they want me and she kept saying "Alright, you'll be working X hours per week, this is the salary you'll receive" blah blah blah. Jake got it though so thats one bit of good news.:) And another friend who works there is going to see if he can find out why I didn't get it so we'll see.

I've applied for a bundle of other jobs too so we'll see if any of those go anywhere.

My knitting is coming along nicely.^_^ Learnt a couple of days ago and have been doing it since, going to make some arm warmers.:D

I've also ordered my new dreads, will be a while before they come through, I may die.XD I'm so impatient, I want them right this second.x__x Will feel so much better when I have them in.

Unfortunately I don't really have any pictures at the moment because I can't find the bloody charger for my camera battery.:C

(so heres one from this time last year instead...)

Anywho, still being going to the gym, did miss ONE day because there just wasn't enough time, but I plan on making up for it by going to the gym on one of my swimming days (as well as swimming obviously) so that'll be fine.

Saturday night we had a friend over, but he was already completely pissed when he got here, felt really ill, perked up for about half an hour before he was ill and kinda passed out so we put him up into bed, so Jake and I just sat up after that, was still a lot of fun.^_^

Last night we ended up going out for a while, somehow ended up drinking with the professional Northern Irish Rugby team o___O These guys were HUGE. I was wearing my platforms and one guy we were talking to was still practically twice my height, and his arms were almost as thick as my waist.o-O Theres now a picture of me "waltzing" with him on someones phone.>_< Lmao

After that headed round to a different bar for a while with one of our friends, had a drink then we all headed back here, which was fun. Second person in a row to pass out pretty early though.:P

AND I ended up eating a whole pizza, half a kebab and a chinese.XD And was still extremely hungry, I was in "eat everything" mode. Ack well, its been almost a month since I had anything like that and I've been doing well in the gym, I think I deserved it, and I plan on working extra hard this week anyway. One night of junk food won't make a difference.:3

I SHOULD be going to London in June, so by that point I hope to have my body exactly how I want it.^_^ By the way, of any of the lovely alternative bloggers on here are from anywhere near London, I'm definitely hoping to get a bundle of tumblr people to meet up around that time, so blogger people are free to come along too! Really hope I manage to save up enough.x-x Come onnnn job! lol

Alright, thats all for now, I'm exhausted and typing a load of crap.>o<

Hope everyones doing well ~

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Feeling good!:3

Didn't post for a few days because I've been in a pretty horrible mood. Been REALLY down about my looks, and everything has been making me irritable. While I'm still not feeling any better about my appearance, other things have at least brightened me up a bit!

So to begin with, my extremely pissy mood actually helped my workout last night. I ended up in a really bad mood, and I REALLY worked my ass off in the gym, pretty sure I worked like three times harder than I usually would. Heres most of what I did:

30 minutes on the exercise bike
140 crunches (On the weighted machine, weight was set at 20 for some, 25 for the last handful. I'm assuming thats measured in pounds but I don't know)
60 leg presses (weight at 50)
20 minutes doing various core workouts using the power plate (Which absolutely wreck me..x__x)
Some time on the treadmill, unsure how long

So yeah, that may not seem like a huge amount to some people, but I'm practically allergic to exercise, could barely stand up by the end of it. But I was proud of myself.^_^

Sure as hell paid for it this morning though. Woke up and could hardly move, every muscle ached, AND I had cramps, and a job interview to head out to. GOODIE.-__-

But I had my breakfast, went in and did it all. Now I've been assuming the whole way along I would not be getting this job, so I wasn't feeling confident.

On the way to the interview though an old couple stopped us to gush about how much shes loves our looks and even called us "works of art", and basically just made me blush horribly for a good five minutes, which was so lovely and put me in a good mood.>w< Was surprised though, I was dressed for the interview and thought I looked pretty boring!

Random of picture of me for no other reason than to break up text.>_<

Got in, did the test/assessment, which was painfully easy.o_O I was kinda staring at it thinking "..Is this some sort of trick question? SURELY that can't actually be what they're asking me.."

But apparently I passed it with no problem what so ever so I guess not, then I went in for the interview, which mostly went well I think!

I'm about 90% sure I have the job, EEE!:D I'm not going to get my hopes up TOO much just incase, but things are looking good.>w< Pretty positive Jake and I both got it, so we'll be working together, and combined we'll be earning about £2000 a month, perhaps a bit more if we hit bonus, so thats great.OwO

I so so so hope I'm right in thinking I've got it!

Bought myself some really adorable socks today as a bit of a celebration.^-^

I've had a pretty healthy day today. Went to the gym again even though every inch of me was screaming "DON'T YOU DARE!!", but didn't work myself quite as hard as last night, probably would have died haha.

For food I had:

Breakfast: Bacon, egg, one piece of toast
Snack: Some sort of pastry... thing
Lunch: A salad with cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and pesto
Dinner: Egg noodles with plenty of salad (could NOT be bothered cooking a proper big dinner)
Desert: Grapes and Strawberries drizzled with honey ^__^

Not bad considering there are two massive delicious strawberry iced doughnuts in the cupboard with my name on them!

Hopefully I'll stop feeling so utterly depressed about my appearance soon.:/ Nothing I can do about my face, but I'm just going to keep working on my body, and I'll be ordering my new dreads on friday, so we'll see.

Will try to get some new pictures soon, maybe when I won't smash the camera.>O<

Hope everyone is doing well.OwO Byee xx

Saturday, 14 January 2012

New wig and other ramblings..

Hello.^-^ Well my new wig finally came through, although I definitely need a wig cap because without one it just doesn't sit right (probably because I have a massive amount of hair that needs to be tucked under). I have no idea where all my old wig caps are!>O<

One of the only semi-decent pictures I could manage
Haven't been doing a huuuge amount recently, took two days off of the gym because suddenly springing that much exercise on my body wasn't a good idea haha, went swimming as planned though.^-^ Will go back to the gym tonight though, and I'm dreading it. -___- Haha

Also, might be getting a job! Going to the interview type thing on wednesday, Jake and I are both applying (there are like 30 positions available). He would be more likely to get the job than me because he has the experience, but they provide full training so its still possible for me to get it.:) Fingers crossed anyway, as soon as I'm into a job all my plans can start taking off!

And a new one has been added to the list - Getting a new house.

The one we're in is fine, but as it turns out, a two bedroom house just isn't enough space for us, and this area is kinda shitty, so we want to move somewhere a bit nicer.^_^ We're going to look into getting a four bedroom house, three would maybe do as well, and assuming we both get the job we've seen plenty of stunning ones that would be in our price range, so hopefully we'll get the jobs and once we're ready to start house hunting there will still be some nice ones around.:)

I've got how I want to decorate it all planned out perfectly!>w< I'd say some of my friends may be a little afraid of it though, taxidermy, skulls, pinned insects and things in jars everywhere haha. Oh well, regardless of what happens its a nice thought to look forward to.:3

Also really excited to learn how to drive, I keep getting urges to go off on random adventures at like 3am haha. Lack of car is the only thing stopping me.>w<

Went for a nice walk yesterday, unfortunately I'm guessing all the squirrels were hibernating since I didn't see any around.:( I brought nuts and everything. But I always enjoy walks through that park so its alright.^_^

I seriously seem to have lost all ability to take a moderately decent picture.:| 
And after the walk we went swimming again which is always fun. Although this time was significantly less fun due to the massive amount of kids.:/ We're going to have to start going during the day when children are at school because I can't stand the little *beepity beep beep beeps* haha.

Thats all for now, sorry it wasn't particularly interesting. I'm hoping to go to the museum tomorrow if I'm able to drag Jake out, wish me luck!:P <3

OOH also, realised why I've been so convinced I'm getting fatter - Didn't realise I'm close to the end of my pack of Pills, I always get really bloated and retain a lot of water at this time, hence me looking massive.>_O Hopefully next week or so the problem should be gone haha.:3

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A picture I'm in the process of making

I'm not really sure what else I'll be doing with it, but its definitely not finished. Did it all myself, except some parts of the moon, and of course I used some photoshop brush presets for some basic shapes, but mostly my own stuff.:3

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Free dead things!?

For those who know me via tumblr, you'll know I'm very interested in Taxidermy, along with collecting other various oddities. I have also began doing my own taxidermy, so far I've only had one attempt, which, to be honest, ended pretty terribly due to a HORRIBLY blunt scalpel. Jake is genuinely afraid of it, I'm pretty sure it haunts his dreams.:P For reference, this is it:

So yeah, not the worst attempt I've ever seen, but pretty horrific. But now I have nice new surgical scalpel blades, pretty sure they're the kind used in veterinary surgery so they should be sharp. Need to go pick up the handles today.OwO Up until now my only option for taxidermy has been things that are sold as reptile food, so mice, rats, rabbits, etc. (Frozen, of course)

Now the really exciting news (well, for me anyway). I know a lot of people who keep a lot of pets, especially reptiles, so I asked if they happened to stumble upon any odd feeder mice specimens (for instance genetic mutations in which the mouse may have multiple limbs, heads, etc). Not only will quite a few people be keeping an eye out for these for me, I suddenly got bombarded with many other things.:D I've now been told that if any of their reptiles die (They have rooms FULL of tanks) I'm allowed to have them for taxidermy and wet specimens.:3

And, as heart breaking as it is, another friend has a farm, and sadly has to kill foxes sometimes because they eat his animals, along with things like crows etc. It seems horrible, but I can understand he needs to protect his own animals, and he said if hes going to have to kill things that hes not able to eat, he'd like me to have them so I can do something with them.

It'll break my heart seeing poor we dead foxes and crows at first, but I suppose I'll get used to it.>O< The rats made me really sad at first, but my snakes need food, and sometimes they decide they don't want to eat, so I may as well do something with them rather than throwing them out.

I'd love to try something like this! So cute

Just so we're clear - I'd never kill anything, or have anything killed for me just for me to stuff it. I've actually had that offer, but I've made it very clear I don't want anything killed for me.>__<

But yeah, I now have a great supply for all sorts of things.:3 First, I need to master the process with feeder rats, I don't want to ruin anything really amazing because I'm not good at it yet.

So apart from all of that, yesterday was spent having lunch in town, chatting with various people around town, then swimming again.^_^

I'm doing all this exercise and eating healthy, yet I feel like I'm getting fatter...T__T I know its not physically possible so I won't stress over it, but thats how it feels.>___< Will just have to keep working til I start seeing results, want to be nice and toned.:3

Also made a really nice pasta bolognese last night from scratch.OwO I don't even usually like bolognese but mine was awesome.;D No real recipe, just chopped tinned tomatoes, mince beef, and a good amount of my parsnip and butternut squash soup in a pot, cook on a high heat until cooked through, then little simmer for a little while longer, add to pasta, tada! I dont like mine full of chunks of onions and things.>O<

Hope everyones doing well!^__^ Byee

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Week 1 Over

Been a few days since I've posted because all this exercise has me exhausted in the evenings.x__x Its only been one week so my body isn't used to it yet.:P Today is our "Day Off" so I've been able to just sit around doing nothing, which is much more enjoyable.^_^

Asides from the gym and swimming we've been in and out of town for different stuff, and I ended up buying a stupidly expensive teddy bear from this odd little shop down an odd little shopping centre meets ally type place. His name is Charlie, it didn't feel right to rename him haha

I'm definitely going to add some nicer lace to the bottom of this dress.>___<

Hes one of the proper old style ones with moving arms and legs etc.OwO I'm just a big old kid haha. But I'm going to get a better picture of a video or something of him soon because hes really pretty.>_>

We also have a new family member!

This is Kokoa the baby Boa ^__^ Shes a wee sweet heart. Although Jakes first ever encounter with her wasn't great. He woke her up and she swiftly bit him on the knuckle and started hissing, and holy hell can she hiss. I've heard Burmese Pythons who aren't as loud as her.O_O Its almost like a growl haha.

But ever since then shes been nothing but lovely, even so, I waited for a day or so before I gave her a kiss on the nose, don't want a baby snake firmly latched to my nose!:P

Shes only small now, but one day she'll be around 12ft long. :3

We've decided to go swimming on Mondays and Thursdays from now on, we went yesterday and the place was full of kids and its more expensive on Saturdays.>O< It was still super fun though.:P

We're such idiots, trying to recreate the Lake Scene from dirty dancing, doing some sort of weird crab dance, and many other odd things.:| Haha I love it though.^_^

Can't wait til my wig comes through so I can get some new pictures and vlogs.>O<  In the mean time there are a tonne of pictures and videos on my tumblr (The pictures of me link) and youtube.

Hopefully I'll have something more interesting to write about soon, now I'm off to make to make steak for dinner.OwO Yum yum. Also looking forward to swimming again tomorrow.>w< I'll grow gills at this rate haha.

Bye! x

Last minute recipe 
Chicken Pasta Bake

Did you try making some of the soup in my previous recipe and now you have some left over? Well it also makes a really tasty sauce for pasta bakes.^_^ Cook some chicken breasts with a little butter and garlic and make some pasta. When everything is cooked pour pasta into a casserole dish and dice the chicken breast, mix the chicken and left over soup (it should be thick enough) with the past. Grate over some cheese and even add some crispy bread crumbs if you life and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes, done! ^___^

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Well I had a lovely day.:3

Except I had a rather rude awaking. Happily sleeping, cosy and warm inbetween my satin sheets, when the door knocked, and it wasn't a nice *rap rap* it was like *THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD* I seriously thought it was the police or something, shot up out of bed like "WHAT HAVE WE DONE??O_O" went shooting down the stairs and no no, just a really cunty post man apparently.>_O Nearly gave me a heart attack. Buuuuut it was my new shoes.:D So that made me happy <3 Don't know why it took me so long to order them, I've been eyeing them up for years.:3 Its these ones:

So went back up and went on tumblr in bed for a while and eventually got up.^-^

I've had a MOSTLY healthy day. Didn't start off too well, had left over pizza for breakfast.:P But now all the unhealthy stuff is gone, so its alright.:)

Lunch was salad with bacon and the white of a boiled egg, because I can't stand the yolk.

Watched some family guy and whatnot then we finally headed out for SWIMMING!OwO I swear, I love swimming. I'm not particularly good at it, I mostly doggy paddle or swim on my back, but I really love it.^__^

We decided to take a shortcut and got COMPLETELY lost, hadn't a clue where we were and it was pouring down. We had my see through umbrella (these ones:)

But it kinda broke and the wind was awful so it ended up as more of a shield, so Jake and I ended up pretending it was our car and went walking down all these little back roads "brooming" and what not, bit dorky but it was really silly and fun.^__^ Eventually ended up in the arsehole of nowhere and found someone to ask for directions, turned out we somehow ended up on the road that the swimming pool was on.:D Of course by this point we were so wet we looked like we'd just gotten out.

Had a great time swimming, we were in for almost 2 hours, did a bunch of lengths, messed around, jumped off the diving boards etc, generally just had a really good time. Swimming doesn't even feel like exercise to me, its just an excuse to go and splash about, but I know I got a really good work out from it because now ALL my muscles really ache, but again, its a good sign.^__^

So we headed back and nipped into tesco for a few bits and pieces and headed back to make some really tasty soup.:D I think its the best soup I've made yet, so I'll post the recipe at the end of this entry, AND I think its pretty healthy too so anyone who has found this blog while looking for weightloss tips, this is a really lovely rich soup with basically no fat that I know of!

So yeah, got in and dried off and got all warm and toasty and Jake helped me chop and peel the vegetables, put it all on, then sat down with the soup, crusty seeded bread rolls and chicken salad to watch madagaskar 2 ^_^

All in all a lovely day, and I can't wait to go swimming again.:) We're planning on going AT LEAST once a week, but preferably twice a week, wednesdays and saturdays will be our swimming days.:3 Then down to the gym every other day except sunday.^-^

Going to have an awesome body in no time!:P

So now I'm sitting cuddled up all warm with my duvet listening to the wind and rain, and I feel great.^-^

Now, onto the soup recipe! Its a bit rough, I never really measure things when I'm cooking but I estimated for the sake of this recipe.

Parsnip and Butternut Squash Soup
4 Parsnips
1/2 Butternut Squash
1 large onion
Butter or Margarine
Chicken and/or vegetable stock
Cream (optional)
(Roughly 4 servings)

First, peel and chop your butternut squash. I used the bottom portion, so this bit:

Then just save the rest for another meal.:) Chop it into fairly small cubes, and then slice up your parsnips. They don't have to be wafer thin but don't make them TOO chunky.

Put your parsnip and squash in a large pot, and add your stock, which one you use is entirely up to you. Obviously for a vegan soup, only use vegetable. It took around about 2 pint glasses full, so I used one glass of chicken stock and one glass of vegetable stock.:)

Put it up to a high heat, put the lid on and let it bubble away, but keep an eye on it so it doesn't reduce too much! If it looks like it needs more liquid just top it up with a little water.^_^

While its bubbling, peel and chop your onion and garlic, but keep them seperate for now! How much garlic you use is up to you, I LOVE garlic a bit too much, I think I used about 4 or 5 cloves and to be honest, I think it could have done with much more, but its entirely down to personal taste.

Take a little of your butter, margarine or equivalent (low fat heart healthy options are the best) and put a knob of it in a frying pan and add your onions, fry until soft and just starting to brown slightly, then add your garlic for no more than a minute or so. Add this mix to your pot of vegetables, and let it continue boiling until the parsnip is nice and soft, it should practically melt in your mouth!

Now, you're pretty much done! Put everything in a large blender, mine had JUST enough room to fit it all in nicely.:) Blend until completely smooth.

At this point your soup will already have a very creamy texture, and you didn't even have to add any cream, good news for those watching their waist line!;) If you wanted this soup to be EXTRA rich you can add some cream and blend it in, but it honestly doesn't need it. I don't add any salt either, the salt from the stock is enough.

So over all, a pretty healthy soup, and DAMN is it tasty! Sorry theres no picture, I was so anxious to eat it I burnt my mouth.xP


Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ow ow ow!x__x

So the gym yesterday wasn't too bad, I didn't do a huuuge amount to be fair. Although I was exhausted since Jake had me up at 4am and then we were at the gym at 8am, when we came back here I passed out for ages, woke up and had a massive dominos.:P Healthy start to the new year eh? But I was feeling really sick and when I'm ill there are only certain foods I can eat.

By the way, I promise this blog won't all be about working out and crap, I'm just not doing much else right at this moment.:P

But yeah, today went into town to get proper stuff (New tracksuit bottoms and a sports bra since I do not own either. First ever time wearing a sports bra either, ick.) and the weather has been horrible all day. Really windy, cold, FREEZING rain, just generally horrible, so I really was not in the mood for the gym, but headed there anyway and REALLY worked my ass off, especially on the various weight machines.

Even though I didn't think I'd done much yesterday going on the ab weight machine actually quite hurt so I must've done something.

And right now, everything hurts.:P ALL the muscles in my legs were worked to death as well as my abs, so not fun.>O< But I suppose its a good thing! Means its working. Going swimming tomorrow!OwO Much more fun.

I kiiinda thought of something I want to do with my hair after I get bored of the new wig I ordered (although that won't be here for a while, coming from hong kong). Now I just have to hope none of my friends do it before me.x__x Thats been happening with everything recently.>_< lol

Random old one of me
I can't wait for my new stuff to start arriving in the post.^O^ Or to go feed the squirrels when the weather clears up.:3

Ah well, hopefully I'll have something more interesting to blog about soon, unless I drown tomorrow from my muscles being too sore haha.


Sunday, 1 January 2012


Jake couldn't sleep so I've been awake since about 4:30 am, its now 5:50am and hes cooking us breakfast.:)

Its the first day of the week, second day of the year, so we're going to make it a good 'n' healthy one.

Breakfast is French Toast and Bacon, which may or may not be a healthy breakfast but hey, when you're awake at this time you need something to get you going!

Going to head to the gym today and work my ass off, probably until I faint or throw up haha. Which could possibly happen in about 5 minutes to be honest, I'm so out of shape. Ack well! I plan on doing lots of cardio and some.. weighty type things to tone my stomach, arms and bum up.^_^

I'm really bored of.. me at the moment, need to change things up a bit but I don't know what I want to do.>_< Especially my hair, eurgh. I ordered a new wig so hopefully that will cheer me up a bit, I really really wanted to finally get a nice red one but ended up deciding against it for multiple silly reasons.>O<

So I ended up ordering this one:

I really have no idea if this colour will suit me AT ALL but Jake suggested it, I'd been considering it, and someone on tumblr suggested it so I figured I may as well give it a go!

My style is also a bit all over the place at the moment too, more so than usual.:P

I have a bunch of cute bits and pieces ordered, so I can't wait for it to arrive.:3 To be fair a lot of it is underwear but theres other stuff in there too haha.:3  I can't wait til my new wig and shoes come. For some reason I really want to get dressed up pretty and go for a nice walk in the park and feed squirrels ^w^

I haven't taken new pictures in aaaages. I meant to take some over christmas but literally every time I came down here I forgot to bring my camera to my mums.T___T Blah! I'll get some new ones soon anyway.

But yes, breakfast, probably a movie, then off to the gym.^_^ Also going to do some cleaning today, haven't decided on lunch but I'm going to make a lovely pasta salad for dinner, so I'm looking forward to that. I love my food way too much.:P Also going to try to force myself to drink 8 glasses of water today, I hate hate hate water and have such a hard time drinking it.D;

Alright, 6am and I really don't know what I'm rambling about, breakfast time. I've got my red berry tea and a hot water bottle so I'm pretty content.^_^

Bye lovelies.OwO <3

Happy New Year Lovelies.^__^

I'll be linking this blog today I suppose, although I'm confused as to how I ended up with 5 followers without telling anyone about this blog.o_O So hello to you lot! Haha!

So it is the first of January, technically I've done nothing today, but I've been doing lots of planning for my new years resolutions, and some other fun projects.^_^

I think most new years resolutions fail because its usually a flippant remark like "Oh I'm going to lose weight this year" and thats the only planning that goes into it, but you need to plan what you're going to do to make those changes.

So this year I have a tonne of plans, including losing a tiny bit of weight, toning up, getting healthy, getting a job (which will be key for a lot of my other resolutions), learning to drive, amongst others.

I'd like bigger boobs too, someone give me boobs.:P

But yes, I have a lot planned and I'm excited to get everything on the go.^-^ Tomorrow Jake and I are going for a run (I'm probably going to die. I can run for about 2 minutes without feeling like I'm going to be sick) and we should be doing some tidying shortly. We've also spent today planning a possible project that should be up and running later this month or perhaps early february if things work out.

I'm also going to put more effort into blogging and vlogging, I suppose with it being winter I haven't been doing much worth writing about really, its a miracle I'm not in hibernation.

Which I may as well be. Sitting here in my cupcake pyjamas, about to make myself some hot chocolate in my cupcake mug and snuggle up with a cupcake hot water bottle.;D Yeahh, party hard.

So I hope everyone is doing well, feel free to let me know what your resolutions are and how you plan on sticking to them!:) Bye lovelies, happy new year!