Monday, 31 December 2012

Practically 2013..

Toxic Tears
Fair warning, I'm just going to stick random pictures of myself from the past clatter of weeks through this post with no other reason than breaking up the text haha.

Where has the time gone? Its been about a year since I created this blog. One year and 56 posts.. Not even NEARLY as many as I'd hoped to do. I was planning at least double that! I suppose that can be one of my New Years Resolutions right?

Speaking of which, who is making some this year? I'll probably have a fair few myself! The first one being the same as half of everyone else making resolutions - LOSE WEIGHT haha. I've eaten so much over the Christmas period and I've definitely packed on the pounds, I don't dare weigh myself right now haha. I practically haven't stopped eating since about a week before Christmas, I feel very very heavy and sluggish.x_x Haha. So hopefully with eating the right things and some work outs I should be able to shift it off pretty quickly.

But thats enough with the resolutions, I plan on making a proper typical resolutions post when its actually the new year.:3

So for now, I guess its time to talk about Christmas.^_^ I don't have that many pictures from Christmas because I looked utterly hideous in almost every single one.-_- Humph.

So I'll probably post them at a later date when I can bring myself to look at them.XD

Christmas was actually really lovely. Went to mums on Christmas eve to spend the night and had party food and watched movies etc. We went to bed at around midnight but I don't think I managed to sleep until about 4am.x__x Which meant I woke up at like my latest ever on Christmas at about 11am.>O< We got up and went into the living room to open presents.^-^ I got some really lovely dresses, make-up, plenty of chocolate etc. Then I had to rush down and get a really quick shower, then we went to my uncle's house for Christmas Dinner.:3 Sat around watching movies and talking while we were waiting for everything to be cooked and you have NO idea how excited I was when it was finally dinner time.XD

Toto and I on Christmas Eve.:3 Incase you can't tell, shes a (currently very grouchy) bearded dragon.

I have a pretty awful record with Christmas, a whole tonne of them have been absolutely horrible, and in the space of about 5 years I think I had Christmas dinner twice. So this time I was the first one finished, despite being amongst my mum and nanny, my two 6ft+ uncles and Jake who usually eats at the speed of light. I had the same amount as everyone else but they still pretty much had full plates and I was completely finished haha.

Later we went back to my mums, everyone except me and my nanny had been drinking a loooot of wine so my mum and Jake both went and napped for a while, so I headed round to see my dad.:3 Spent some time there, exchanged gifts etc, then later I went back to mums. Jake was still pretty much dead to the world but me and my mum made more party food and sat in her room on the waterbed watching As Good As It Gets, which was actually quite a fun movie.^O^ Jake joined us later and we started watching How To Train Your Dragon but the player stopped working, so we all eventually went to bed at 4am and woke up suuuuper late the next day. So we got ready as quickly as possible and went to my uncles again for boxing day dinner, which all went pretty much the same as Christmas but without the presents and less wine haha.

Christmas Eve make-up.:3

My mum's friend came round later with her new baby, which I held and did not break, which for me seems quite the accomplishment haha.

So yeah, thats just a brief run down, otherwise it will probably BE 2013 before I'm done writing this.

I'll be back tomorrow or maybe the day after with a proper new years post.:) Until then, enjoy far too many pictures haha.:3 Bye lovelies, and Happy New Year!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Hair!

Hi, I'm Nightmare Barbie! I'll be terrorizing your dreams tonight!

Hellooooo! So most of you are probably already aware but oh well. NEW HAIR.:D I didn't actually dye streaks in my hair, I grew the shaved bits I have out to about 2 inches, bleached them, then had some blonde weave sewn in haha.:3

We went in last friday to get it done. We were going to head straight there, but we met an Irish Gypsy selling books on Hare Krishna yoga or something, but we didn't have any change, so we decided to go into the continental market and promised we'd come back and buy one. Obviously she hears that all the time and was convinced we weren't coming back. So we went in and split a massive german hot dog thing (bratwurst I think?) but it was like £4.50 so we still only had 50p change.>__< So we thought alright, we'll get some fudge. We literally only bought 4 little chunks of fudge and a strawberry lace thing, passed it to the woman for her to weight it. It cost £7.80 T________T What in the actual hell. I love that place but christ, its an absolute rip off. Ridiculous.>_O

So we headed back and she was ridiculously happy and impressed that we kept our promise, I loved her haha.:3

We headed down to get my hair done, but the woman was out and wouldn't be back until 5 (it wasn't even 4 yet) so we headed back into Castle Court (which is a shopping centre here) and wondered around eating expensive fudge, looking at make-up, etc. We went to otherside for a while to see Stu and chatted, then eventually it was almost 5 so we headed back. She wasn't there yet, but we waited for a while and she eventually arrived.

She started feeling around in the back of my hair to take out my "extensions" and was completely shocked when she realised I wasn't wearing any and that it was all my own hair.:P She spent ages playing with it and telling me that in all her time being a hair dresser she hasn't seen anyone with hair like mine haha.:D

So she started cornrowing my hair (which was kinda sore.>O<) lol. One of the kids there was watching me for a while and I didn't seem like a huge wimp by showing it hurt, but it backfired and I probably just looked insane since I tried to smile instead but my eyes were all wide so I probably kinda looked like this OuO Lmao.

It was sewn into the braids with a needle and thread and was all done pretty fast to be honest.^-^ So now the under part of my hair is all blonde and stuff.:3

Went to Cornucopia the next night but didn't end up staying long because Jake was in a crappy mood, he seems to have some sort of undying hatred for Cornucopia.T_T lol

So thats all really~ Now I'll just spam you with pictures and a video.:3 BYE.


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Shameless picture spam

This is pretty much just going to be a spam of a tonne of pictures haha.:) Yesterday I redyed my hair black and on Friday I should be getting something slightly new done with it (don't worry, I'm not cutting it off!)

I also had dinner with my dad yesterday. I looked very very casual for it, so I took a couple of pictures, and the response over the past 24 hours has been.. strange.O-O

About 50 people have referred to me as a "doll" in some way, whether it be saying I look like a doll, dollfie, comparing me to the Ukrainian living dolls and Valeria Lukyanova and Anastasiya Shpagina etc, and one strange guy even said I look like a sex doll..D: *hides*

Someone said I look like a human sex doll in this picture and that its "a huge compliment".... Help?D:

I mean, its certainly a compliment, dolls are made to look, well, perfect, but I'm just kinda like... Whut? LOL. Like, I've dressed up "dollish" before, for instance for this photoshoot but like, these pictures were just me looking super super normal. Especially since I have very minimal make-up and my skin and the lighting were good so they're practically untouched in terms of editing.XD Oh well, not complaining!^__^ Its just so odd.:) But I'm hugely flattered :3

Oh well~ Aside from the creepy sex doll comment, most people seemed to really like them, so I thought I'd try to re-do the make-up etc today (Although I decided I was too tired and cold to get properly dressed) so I took about 5 million pictures, all of which kiiinda look the same.XD

I'm sorry I look like.. really sad or half asleep in all of them.O-O I took a bunch smiling but I just look insane.

If you're interested, you can see them by clicking through to read more.:3

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Me and Dr. Haze :3 I look.. derpy haha

It is time for me to finally do this post because it has been... 20 days! Since I went and saw it, and I keep putting it off and I need to just sit down and do it. I have such a short attention span, its awful haha.

SO! On the 8th, Jake and I went to a show called The Circus of Horrors. I'll get straight to it and just say - WOW. I really, REALLY enjoyed it! I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I always say I'll do these things and never get around to going or buying tickets or whatever, but I got the tickets on the day. (was surprised at how decent our seats were considering! Could have been better, but they could have been far worse!)

So Jake and I got ready and walked into town, which went much smoother than I expected considering the area we live in and the fact that I was dressed for the occasion haha!

We got there early so we hung around the venue for a while. They were selling merchandise and stuff but we were totally broke so he just waited. We were one of the first people through the door so we found our seats and sat down. While we were waiting for everyone to get into their seats, they had a fog machine on and the whole stage and surrounding area was completely filled with fog and they had strange creepy music playing with absolutely delighted me and really got me in the mood.>:3

Click the "Read More" link below this to read the full story and see more pictures~

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Daily Bike Rides~


Hellooo~ I meant to do this post yesterday so I could do my Circus of Horrors post today but I immediately forgot. So I'll attempt this now.:)

Nothing majorly exciting, just little updates. So every day since Monday (Yeah ok, only three days so far, but it will continue) I've been going for a cycle in the park.:) Jakes decided its time to get fit again, so he goes for a run and I got for a ride on my bike, usually between 4 and 6 miles a day.:3

Should hopefully get me in better shape, but its also fun because I love being out with all the trees and crunchy leaves, plus I get to say hello to everyone's adorable dogs there.>O<

And I never got over that stage in life where seeing a squirrel is just like the most exciting thing in the world, and have nearly fallen off my bike about 15 times because I've spotted a squirrel and been like "OHMAHGOOSH!"

So yeah.^-^ Also took my camera the past two days. I took like a million pictures but most were blurred because they were just while I was zooming past on the bike, but I got some nice ones. Including a few where I've been pestering the local wild life.>-< Haha. Yet to get any decent squirelly pictures because I can't get close enough, I need to get some sort of ultra mega zoom lens of squirelly doom.

So yeah, click the "read more" link at the bottom of this post for pictures and whatnot.:3 <3

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Got more Sclera lenses!:D

Just some random pictures with no particular place to go, so here ya go!;D Click the "Read More" link at the bottom of this entry for all of 'em!:D

Monday, 12 November 2012


Ok, I'm finally doing it. I finished resizing pictures and I've been procrastinating by sobbing over season two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but I am finally doing it, so yeah! So, if anyone actually makes it the whole way through this, could you perhaps leave a comment? Because with all the picture resizing this has taken foreverrr.:3 You don't even need an account to comment, it can be done anonymously now.:D

So lets begin shall weee? So, Halloween was supposed to begin the Friday before with a trip to Funderland, followed by all sorts of fun and a shoot in Holywood on the Saturday, but then on friday just before we started getting ready to go, Jakes dad phoned and suddenly announced Jakes sister was flying over and staying on saturday night, so aaaaaaall the plans went flying out the window since we had to tidy up and sort out the guest room. Pretty sucky because funderland is only here once a year and I haven't been since I was about 16, but it was nice seeing Phoebe anyway. We went in to pick her up on saturday and we got there before her. We were waiting and I was meant to go and get her when they arrived so Jake wouldn't have to deal with his mum, but I ended up getting mobbed by a massive group of the sweetest chinese tourists everrrr and got caught up taking pictures with them for ages so I didn't even see them arrive, oops.D; Awkward situation was only brief though and we headed off.

She had to leave on Sunday which was a shame. About an hour before she left I got a call from a friend asking if we'd come to a Halloween party, which left like, an hour to get ready for it and I did not have any sort of costume so I stuck some gore to my forehead quickly and Roseanna came and picked us up.

I'm going to warn you, under the "read more" link at the bottom of this post (I can't figure out how to make it bigger and more noticable on here) there will be much more of the story and A LOOOOT of pictures, so be prepared!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


But I'll get to that~ Its taking me aaaages to write this because I'm constantly being distracted and can't seem to focus on any one thing for more than 30 seconds. Which is why I don't blog nearly as often as I intend to!x_x 

Anywho! Yesterday Jake and I set out on the fairly long walk into Belfast to head to craft world because I've been seriously been needing some halloween crafty time. The walk in would have been ok, but about half way there I think I took some sort of reaction to the stockings I was wearing, which is odd because I've worn them before with no problem. But my legs started getting really itchy, like REALLY bad. Tried to ignore it because I didn't want to be fussing with my stockings walking down a main road haha.

Finally got to craft world and it got A MILLION times worse, I couldn't even think of what I was there to get. My legs were really burning, it felt like they were on fire, it was utterly unbearable.D:

Managed to focus through it long enough to pick up the bits and pieces I wanted and paid for them (YAY FOR FANCY NEW PAYPAL CARD) and immediately rushed off to primark to buy some new cheap tights.x_x The ones I got were actually very pretty. Luckily there was no queue for about the first time ever so I bought them then rushed off to the changing room to put them on. When I took my stockings on my legs were bright red and patchy (not to mention covered in pretty deep scratches from me trying to stop the itching), it looked an absolute mess! Popped on my new tights, legs still felt a little bit odd but it was a million times better, you have no idea.

After that we headed to Pound World, which is the best place ever, especially at halloween, to pick up some spooky snacks for our halloweeny craft night. I also got these, which I wore the whole way home

Crazy eyes.o-o I can see forever..

I don't know what makes it creepy, but it was good.

So we watched Harry Potter while eating our snacks and making things, it was a lovely night.^w^

Later on however I got extremely weepy, I don't know what set it off, but the flood gates had opened and I was crying at pretty much everything. I was talking to my mum on facebook and mentioned that I'd started crying because I thought I'd bought wotsits earlier and I'd just remembered that I infact had not (I REALLY like cheesy things ok??)

There was no reply after that message so I figured she'd gone to bed since it was about 4am. About 20 minutes later there was a knock on our window (and considering the area we live in, I assumed it couldn't possibly be anything good, but I got up to investigate anyway)

There was my mum standing at the door with a HUGE multipack of wotsits! Not to mention 3 shopping bags filled with other goodies, including the most amazing teeny tiny halloween cupcakes ever.O-O

So that was adorable.;o; My mum is amazing haha. And I finally got my wotsits.<3

Was actually going to write the blog entry after that but it was like 4:30 so I ended up crashing into bed and passing out instead.

Today was semi-productive, got a few things sorted that I'd been meaning to for ages, about to make some more crafty things now, and I'm just after watching Casper for the first time in years. MY HEART PHYSICALLY HURTS.

Really enjoyed walking about today, the leaves are beautiful and you can really feel the excitement of halloween in the air. That sounds cheesy, but honestly, it just feels different. 

So thats it for now! Sorry for the crappy boring pictures! I shooould if all goes to plan be doing a little "photoshoot" this week, so stay tuned for that!^_^ Also have some other fun things coming up if fundages allow for it.

BAIIII lovelies!OwO

Sunday, 21 October 2012


By the time this was taken my dreads were all over the place in a giant mess on top of my head from rollin around on the floor like a tortoise

So, this is the result of a mixture of things. First the explanation for why I'm in some wasteland in the middle of the night.

So I got a bike recently (did I mention on here I got a bike?o_O I definitely posted on tumblr and facebook, but just incase, some incredibly kind anon bought the bike off my wishlist!*w*)

SO, the past few nights I've been going out on little cycles. Kinda limited in areas I could go because there are quite a few bars in our area, and LOADS of chavs, and goth + bike draws a lot of attention, particularly on friday and saturday nights when all the scumbags are drunk and out on the streets.

Buuuut last night, I decided to venture in a direction I've never ever went in my two years of living here. So I set off, kinda looking like a lanky wednesday addams with striped tights and platforms. Went zooming around trying to remember what direction I'd came because I didn't want to get lost. I was near some strange fancy building when a taxi pulled over and asked if I knew if it was the <insert strange name> building. I was just like "I have no idea, I've never been here...D:" He already looked concerned but after that he rolled up his window and drove away haha. Escaped mental patient on a bike? Yep.

So I was zooming by this big ply wood.. fency wall thing when I noticed there was a conveniently Kaya sized hole in it so I peaked inside. I decided that from what I could see in the pitch black, it might be an interesting place for a photoshoot, but I had no torch or place to put my bike, so I kept it in mind, explored the area a little more then came home (Oooh the hill on the way back nearly killed me. My legs were burning and I couldn't breathe. When I got back to the house and got off the bike I could barely walk, my legs felt like jelly)

So tonight since its a sunday and all the chavs are hungover and hiding under their rocks Jake and I ventured out into the night to explore the place I'd found, and this time I brought my phone so we could use the camera light.

It does indeed, from what we could see, look like a place that would work perfectly for one of my little "photoshoots", so I'll be going back there fairly soon I think! Preferably during the day. We'd been inside the place for about 30 seconds before I stood on a rock or piece of rubble and fell right over. Literally didn't even try to stop myself, I felt the wobble and accepted my fat. Apparently it looked hilarious because Jake was laughing his ass off despite being worried I'd hurt myself. Just a bit of a scraped up knee, but I didn't get any holes in my stockings. SUCCESS.

State of yeee~ *Belfast references*

As for my outfit, I'm planning on maybe making some new dreadfalls soon. I used to literally live in them but in recent years started irritating me. But I think I'm ready to welcome them back into my life. However these dreads are like the first ever pair I got when I was 13/14 and have definitely seen better days. They're all lumpy and fuzzy and velcro-like haha. I want some nice long thick red/black/blonde ones I think.:)

But since I was wearing my old faithful dreads and was hit with a massive wave of nostalgia I decided to dig out the ol' fluffies again too!:') I think some day soon I'll dress up as my former self properly, complete with the make-up, lenses and ripped tights galore. I rather miss it.:3

Thats it for nowww~  Except one more thing under the cut, go click!;D

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Already a week into October!

Where is the time going? Everything is happening much to fast and I don't like it at all! However, I do love October! Which is why I wish it would slowwww down! How has everyone elses October been so far?^_^

For me, everythings been pretty good.:) Started off on the 1st with a nice healthy day. Good healthy fresh food and swimming! On our way walking to the pool is started absolutely pouring down, which briefly dampened my mood (ho-ho-ho!) until not one, but TWO huge beautiful rainbows showed up in the sky! The stronger of the two was the brightest I'd ever seen a rainbow, it really looked like someone had painted the sky. It was absolutely stunning and just made me unnecessarily happy haha!

Swimming was good fun, I adore being in the water.^-^ I think I managed to do about 20 lengths (in a 25m pool). I wanted to do more but Jake wanted to go home so I eventually got out of the pool against my will.

The day after that, I, for some reason, seemed to be having some sort of early mid life crisis and was miserable all day, thankfully it only lasted a day haha! On wednesday I spent most of the day trying to organise a camping trip, and its going pretty well so far!:) I just need to sort out a day with everyone and we'll be ready to go!

I'm so unbearably excited about it! I haven't been camping in years and I adore it.:) Its just so hard to find people who'll go because everyone whines about it being too cold or not having straightners, blah blah, crap excuses! Personally I can't wait.:)

Out for lunch!

Thursday was a really nice day! Went for lunch in town in a place I've been dying to go for ages because it looks so nice from outside. It was so strange! It served hot food and amazing ice cream and all sorts of other tasty things, but it also sold American groceries and candy (which, in the UK is very bizarre). So odd! But the food was great and I got some laffy taffy, a three musketeers truffle crisp bar and amazing ice cream.>w<

After that we went around town and I got some nice new cuddly PJs and big soft fuzzy slipper socks.:D So ridiculously cosy!

So I haven't been doing a huge amount, but I'm happy.^_^ Ooh also, I got some new Jeffrey Campbell Damsels!:D Loooove them!

So thats about it really for now!:) I'd love to know, what kind of posts would YOU like to see? Let me know and I'll do my best.:)

Bye lovelies!

Click below for more pictures!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Glad to be back!

I've missed my laptop and my blog so very much, and I'm excited to get into the swing of things! I've been keeping myself busy since I've been away, but now that its time to write about things, I find myself very lost and I can't quite seem to remember anything I've been doing! But I'll try my very best, at the end of the day, this post will probably mostly be pictures!

So, I suppose one of the more notable things happened RIGHT after my laptop died. People from tumblr etc will already know, but incase theres anyone reading who isn't aware, we got some new additions to the family!:) Two baby rats!^O^ I say babies. They were when I got them, but they're growing up so fast! Picture time!:D

First day home! Look how teeny!

Baby brother and sister!

Aha, FOOD is how you make them pose for a picture!

So hard to get them to stay still! 

Dear lord, I'm sorry about the messy picture arrangement.XD I really have to see if I can find some sort of tutorial because I can NEVER get my pictures to sit how I want them to!>O< Haha

Technically, both rats are female. However, I was told they were male (LIARS) and although I managed to come to terms with the fact that Bambi is female, Pon has just always felt like a little boy, so he will forever be referred to as "He" haha! 
Oh goodness, what else.. I did a short vlog recently, short mostly because it ran out of battery without me realising, so here is that, since I update a little in there:

I'm sorry this blog is so messy!XD I promise I'll try to make future ones a little more organised.:3

The vlog probably sums it up about as much as I really can think, so I'll stop my rambling and leave you with a dangerous amount of pictures.:D Bye lovelies, will post a new blog very soon!^-^<3 Also, I've just figured out how to use the "read more" feature, so I neatened up my blog a little, always look out for a "read more" link at the bottom of posts for more pictures.:3

Click the "Read More" link below for LOTS more pictures!:)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hilarious Late Night Adventures!

I'M BAAAACK!:D My laptop is FINALLY back, let the blogging begin ! I'll try my best to get a kinda proper blog about whats been going on lately with lots of pictures soon, but for now, I need to tell you all a story about last night.XD

So, yesterday I went off to pick up my laptop. The place that was fixing it was weeeiiird.o_O It wasn't a proper shop, and it was in this huge medical park. Kinda a hospital but spread out over lots of buildings in these huge wooded grounds. So basically the perfect setting for a horror movie haha.

When I first dropped it off we were driving in like "...This can't be the right place.. There are nurses and doctors everywhere, they're going to think we're stupid.." buuut apparently it was the right place! Its a place that usually deals with insurance and the guy couldn't figure out how we'd found them lol.

So I picked that up, came back here and of course remained glued to the screen for the rest of the night.

I happened to be browsing facebook at about 1am and noticed a friend of mine (one of those people you know, but you've never ACTUALLY went and hung out with) had posted she wanted a driving buddy for late night adventures, so I was like "Aww that sounds fun, if you're ever heading anywhere count me in". A while later another friend of mine, who I was best friends with years ago and we used to have all these insane adventures, also commented. One thing led to another and next thing I know, friend number two (Aka Roseanna) is on the phone telling me her and Suzie (friend number one) are coming to pick me up.

So off we went at around 2am, and the first place we headed, of ALL the weird places I could end up at twice in one day, was the weird hospital place. We were barely in the place when the first heart attack of the night happened, a suicidal rabbit hopped out infront of the car with a mouth full of grass and other tasties, got confused and ran around in circles, so we were all screaming, thankfully he found his way and hopped away unharmed. Not far down the road the exact same thing happened again. Suzie was convinced she hit that one, especially when she saw something lying on the road on the way back up, thankfully it was just horse poo.

SPEAKING OF HORSES. That was our first stop of the night, and by far the funniest thing that has ever happened in the history of ever.

We found a horse field and spent some time patting them and stuff. Then roseanna tried to get on one, but couldn't get herself up because it was too high. Me being all gangly and lanky attempted and I actually hopped up and onto the horses back perfect. I sat there, feeling pretty damn triumphant. This feeling lasted exactly 3 seconds.

The horse suddenly realised it was not wearing any sort of saddles, restraints etc.

It started to walk and I was like "...Hm. If this thing doesn't stop walking, how will I get off?"

Then it started to speed up and I was like "........I've made a terrible mistake"

Next thing I know the horse starts running off down the dark field at full speed and I'm there on its back without any sort of reigns or saddle, haven't been on a horse since I was about 9, like "Well, I'm going to die tonight".

I don't know what made me think the best idea would be to try to slide off the back, but it seemed like a perfectly good idea when I was travelling at high speed on some random horse at 3am towards a dark foresty side of the field.XD So I tried to shimmy my way down to the horses bum. Just as I was starting to have doubts about this plan, the horse bounced its butt up into the air and I went sailing off into the night.

Apparently I actually managed to briefly land on my feet before falling down to my bum. Ended up skidding/bouncing along on my bum about 5 feet down the field after the horse.XD

Of course this all caused me to nearly go into cardiac arrest, but that didn't stop it being the funniest thing in the entire world. All three of us were unable to breathe from laughing, I thought my heart was going to explode.XD

I don't think any night out will EVER manage to top that!

So after we'd stopped crying with laughter we eventually got back in the car and decided to go to a play park. Headed to park number one. To get to the play park bit, you had to walk through this big forest with no lights, so we were walking along using our phones as torches, getting fairly far in, when Roseanna starts talking about The Walking Dead (which I haven't seen, but I know enough about it to be like DAMNIT ROSEANNA! lol) so we were like oh god why did you have to bring that up. I swear, it was literally the MOMENT I said "Yeah, I'm just waiting to hear the weird noises now-" that we heard  big crack in the trees. We all looked at eachother until someone finally said "did you hear that?" That was it, we went SPRINTING all the way back to the car, and not a single one of us is in shape, so it nearly killed us.XD

We left and found another park that wasn't in the middle of a forest. After a while of messing around there and being huge kids we remembered that there was an outdoor paddling pool aaaall the way in Bangor. SOOOO to bangor it was! Got there and walked to the place only to find that our beloved childhood paddling pool that was full of memories has recently been filled in.;o; Heart broken!

We found another little park next to the sea and spent some time playing and talking there, then found the sweetest little silver tabby cat ever.;o; For some reason he hated Roseanna and Suzie and wouldn't let them anywhere near him, but he loooooved me!^O^ SO CUTE. I wanted to take it home so bad.;o;

So other than more driving around everywhere and lots of talking, that was my friday night.XD Got in at about 5am with a very sore bum, but it was a hilarious night.^-^ More adventures in the future are in store!:D Haha

Glad to be back, hopefully someone missed me!:P

Byeee! xx

Saturday, 11 August 2012


I'm so sorry I've been gone so long, and I'm afraid I'll be gone a little longer.;o; For anyone who doesn't follow me on tumblr, my laptop is broken.x_x Which makes blogging impossible, which is why I've been gone so long (and my blog views have PLUMMETED). I'll be back as soon as possible!;o; I just need to get the money together to get my laptop fixed, which is proving difficult right now, but I'll try to think of all sorts of stuff to write about when I come back, and I'll have a tooonne of pictures.:3

Sorry guys!;o; I'll be back asap! <3

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Hello lovelies.^_^ So sorry for not posting sooner! (Was actually meant to post yesterday then was told I had like 3 hours to get ready for a photoshoot out of nowhere..x_x) Buuuut I'm here now.^-^

Basically the past while I've just been quite busy.o-o Friends have been over a lot, been out and about in town, etc.:3

It was my birthday at the weekend too, it was quite fun.^-^ Went up to my mums and had party food, saw my Granny and opened presents, then in the evening Aaron, Brittany and Chris came over. Brittany and I made cupcakes and a cake (plus the cake my mum made me.. LOTS OF CAKE) aaand then me, Brittany and Aaron practised our dance.>_> We're trying to learn this:

I'm sooo unco-ordinated, makes it really hard.XD But its so much fun.:3

After that the boys played video games and Brittany and I went upstairs, ended up staying up until 8am x__x. We were listening to old cheesy 80s and 90s songs, old school rave, punk covers of traditional Irish music and goodness knows what else. Some good examples would be "Cotton Eye Joe", "The Witch Doctor", some Cher songs, Whitney Houston, Cindy Lauper, Aqua, The Venga Boys, "Hey Baby (Will you be my girl)", "Country Roads"... Yeaahhh, you get the picture!

At one point I looked at the floor and was like "Well thats an awful lot of blood.."o_o And then realised I had managed to slice my foot open while dancing to the cha cha slide, so the room was pretty much painted in my blood, and THEEEEEN I cut open the other one while dancing to either S Club 7 or Back street boys. Can't remember which.

Argh blood!D:

I'm pretty sure at about 6am Brittany and I were bouncing on the bed screaming "OMG I NEVER WANT TO SLEEP, WE NEED TO DOOO SOMETHING, LETS GO FOR A RUN IN THE PARK!!"

So yeah, was a fun night.XD

Aaaand I got a new snake for my birthday! Honestly, I can't imagine many of you want to sit and read my rambling, so I will now leave you with pictures!^-^ LOTS OF THEM. K, byeee <3

Click the "Read More" link below for LOTS more pictures!:)

Friday, 15 June 2012


Well, kinda tomorrow, but its past midnight so wheee, birthday! I'll do a proper post after the weekend about it and what else I've been doing for the past while, until then, you can read about my last birthday here:

^_^ I kinda look like a dude in those pictures.;o; There was no time for fancy make-up or making an effort >_< Lol.

Me on my last birthday!

I do really miss my dreads though..;o; Might put them back in soon. But I've got two wigs on the way from Hong Kong so it would be a bit silly..T^T Bah, we'll see!

Hope everyone is doing well and I'm sorry for not posting much, have just been busy, will try to update asap! <3


Monday, 4 June 2012

Pictures By The River

Just a couple of pictures from the other day, didn't get many good ones, the weather was bad and it ruined my hair before I could even take any.;__;

Thursday, 31 May 2012

BBQ Picnic Fun.^O^

We were being.. rappers.. or something. I didn't have time to style my hair, and I'm STILL depressed about it.;o;

Hiiii guys!^_^ Not sure when I'll get posting this since the internet is dead AGAIN, but right now it is Tuesday.>_< Haha.
Sunday was a super lovely day! I was up pretty early cooking because it was PICNIC DAY! I made a really yummy tofu pasta salad, something similar to tamagoyaki, and prepared lots of veggies and eggs and stuff.^_^

So we waited for Chris, Aaron and Britney to arrive. Nipped over to the shop and brought Yuki with us because it was such a warm day and the shop is literally at the end of the street. He was very well behaved.^_^
Everyone arrived so we headed to Tesco for sweets, baps, dips, drinks etc, then to Iceland for disposable BBQs and a massive bag of BBQ meat.
Not sure what was going on here!

Got everything down to the house then headed out to the park.^O^ Bit of a walk when its as warm as it was and you have to carry a tonne of stuff, but we got there eventually, and there was (almost) no one in the spot we'd chosen. We had our own little clearing. Unfortunately there was some creepy half naked guy and some guy with him, but they were far enough away not to bother us, at least there were no kids or anything.
Jake was bench pressing me and I fell.>O<
We put down the blanket (purple satin, such goffs.) and set up the BBQs. Chris and Jake abandoned their man duties and poor Aaron ended up tending to the food for most of the day.>_< Lmao
Everything was super tasty though. I ate wayyyyy too much but it was all just too good!
We spent ages eating, drinking and being merry, then somehow ended up cartwheeling, front flipping, and generally being twats.XD I'm pretty sure the guys were being sumos at one point.>_>
Britney couldn't stay because she had work the next day, so she had to go home, the rest of us went back to me and Jake's house to stay over. Where we continued eating. I felt like I was going to be sick by the end of the night.x__x
So yeah, over all it was an awesome day.^O^ Next stop: BEACH TRIP I DO BELIEVE.
And now, I will leave you with more ridiculous pictures.

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Updates and LOTS of new pictures!

人間の人形 化妆

Hiyahh! Thought it was about bloody time I did another blog post! I've been surprisingly busy!o-o Its going to be kinda hard to right this because Yuki is zooming around the couch and likes to slam his face off my keyboard, but he'll tire himself out soon and curl up for a cuddle. Which by the way, means that YES, hes finally home with us! But I'll get to that.:3

So, last saturday a bunch of people ended up coming over.:) Guys from Jakes band, one of their girlfriend's, and her friend (both of which I already know from years ago in Belfast). Was actually a very nice night.^O^ Listened to music, watched anime, played with Kagura and everyone loved her. No one was quite as willing to hold Kokoa haha.

The other night, was very grumpy.XD

This week has been boiling hot.x_x Sunday, wasn't so bad, we were in town job hunting (and I got a cute new lingerie set.^-^) and it was quite a nice temperature. Monday was ok too, and a very exciting day!OwO

We went into town to drop off some more money on Yuki (the Burmese) and it turns out we thought we had to pay more than we actually did, so that was him paid off!:D And since Kokoa (the baby boa) is in a massive 5 foot tank, which isn't needed for a teeny baby of her size, we decided to bring Yuki home that day! (We're getting him his own tank next week). We originally put him in with Kokoa, and WOW was she excited. He went straight in and squished himself right into the water dish and spilt water EVERYWHERE (after us playing with him for a while), then we popped Kokoa in. She usually just sits on her branch, but she just wouldn't leave poor Yuki alone.XD She kept spying on him, crawling over him, climbing on the branch above his head then falling on top of him, sitting on his face, and eventually when she tired herself out, curled up beside his water dish. Awhhh I think someone has a crush!XD

Me and Yuki last night, my face was icky so I was hiding it! lol

(Real time update - Yuki just stuck his tongue in my mouth, and now he has strapped my arms to my side so I can just about type, but my nose is itchy.D; lol)

We decided to pop Kokoa in with Kagura overnight, simply because Yuki is so much bigger than her, we were afraid he might sit on her and squish her.x_x

Found Kokoa and Kagura all curled up together in the hide the next morning.>w< Shes in another wee tank now until we get Yuki's next week.

Getting Yuki home was fun though.x_x Had to carry him home, and its a fair walk. Yuki is HEAVY.

So glad to have him back though.<3

Outfit from the other day!

On tuesday two of Jakes band members came round for a sort of mini practise, AAAND dropped a new snake off for us.^_^ We've named him Oogie. Hes a californian king snake. The old owners gave him to us because he bites too much, so they didn't want him.

I actually managed to get him out quite a few times without a single bite, but this morning he got me.XD Literally didn't feel it though. But just as I was writing this, he got Jake by the finger and WOULD NOT LET GO. He was attached to him chewing away for about 10 minutes before we finally got him off, and he probably would have stayed there much longer.x__x Haha. Was trying to take pictures but they weren't very good coz Jake kept yelling at me to help get him off.>_<

I love him to bits though, hes a funny wee thing! Hes (usually) fine when you have him out, but if you come near his tank, its a different matter. I mean, hes not even doing it defensively. He will hunt you down. When I walk past the tank he chases my feet.XD Bawh.<3

Writing this is actually taking ages because I'm super tired from how warm its been recently.x__x

Yesterday we went out to take some new pictures. They aren't great, because the location doesn't fit the outfit, but it was the only nearby place we could get to yesterday.;o; Oh well! The pictures will all be at the end of this post (and scattered through it).

Today was nice.^_^ Went into town, got this really cute playsuit/romper type thing from Primark. Its actually from the PJ section, but I've seen similar things on some Japanese fashion websites for a lot more money.o_O So I will probably end up wearing it out and about.XD Plus it'll be great for this weather, its really light and amazingly comfy <3

After that we headed to the reptile shop for a while. Theres a poor wee beardy in there who has a really deformed spine that leaves a massive hunch in it.;o; I want to take him home and call his Quasimodo and love him forever.<3 I might actually get him when hes older if he continues to eat well and lives ok. Found the poor wee thing stuck on his back today and he couldn't get up!!D: But I rescued him.<3

Yesterdays outfit.

After that we headed towards the Asian Market, but it was suuuuper hot so we nipped into Filthy McNasty's (yes, that is the ACTUAL name of the bar..) and I got a nice cold Strawberry and Lime Kopperberg.<3 Yum yum!

So good on a hot day!

Then it was time to brave the heat again.D: Finally got to the market, by which point I thought I was going to faint and it felt as if my lungs were collapsing.;^; I don't do well in the cold, but I'm certainly not built for heat. I get sick, dizzy, lose my appetite and can barely move.>O<

Its suuuper late now (got caught up watching Kawaii International) so I'll probably finish this post tomorrow~

Fast forward to today (saturday) and I'm back! So yeah, got stuff from the market then headed home, but we stopped in the park for a nibble.^_^

LOOK WHAT I FOUND! Frickin love Hello Panda.

Today we were in town for a while, no pictures because it was just too hot for me to make any effort so I looked crap.T^T lol. We're hoping to have a nice BBQ/Picnic tomorrow in the park with a few people, so that should be nice.^_^

Thats really it for now! So I will leave you with pictures.:3 Bye lovelies.<3

Click the "Read More" link below for LOTS more pictures!:)