Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I thought I'd make a little introduction post here so its ready when I actually tell people about this profile. My name is Kaya Lili Brown. Thats my full real name, I was born with it. (Some people seem to think I've made it up.>o<)

I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with my boyfriend. I'm an alternative model, and as soon as the new year hits I'll be trying my hardest to find a more stable job so I can start getting things done! I have quite a large list of resolutions, which I may post at some point on here.

Other significant profiles are:

If theres anything you want to know, feel free to ask. I'm not sure how messages work on here yet, but you can leave a question on tumblr with or without an account.:)

As for right now, I'm not exactly feeling the holiday spirit. Theres no snow, facebook is filled with people breaking up or dying, and over all nothing feels very jolly. Not to mention Jake is over in Wales visiting family for Christmas, which has left me feeling like a mopey old scrooge, particularly reading about couples decorating trees together or baking cookies etc. Blah blah selfish, I know, but as long as I'm not hurting anyone and just having a mope to myself, it doesn't matter.

I was meant to be going over too but Jake was being awkward and isn't booking the return flight until tonight, and I would only be going if I KNEW I'd be back here before new years, and with flights costing STUPID amounts at this time of year it wouldn't be certain.>_< Hopefully he'll be back on boxing day or the day after. And next year he owes me an epic christmas haha. Haven't posted about it on tumblr because some people have been epicly creepy lately so I won't be mentioning it until he comes back.>____> Unfortunately I deal with a lot of strange people!

After this I'll probably do a bit of sketching, I'm hopefully getting a new sewing machine for Christmas, and as soon as I've gotten used to using it, I have a bundle of pretty clothes in mind I want to make, including a lot of lolita inspired dresses and things.^__^ Hopefully it'll cheer me up a bit so I'm not sitting here being bitter and bah-humbugging away to myself.:P

Probably doing a bit of shopping tomorrow too so that may cheer me up.>o<

I suppose thats about all for now. This is me by the way:

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